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Masters of the Universe Origins Tung Lashor In Hand Review

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Continuing the Rise of the Snake Men, Tung Lashor comes to the Masters of the Universe Origins line and we managed to get a hold of him early for an In Hand Review! When I saw him perched in the Eternia display at SDCC last year, I could not wait to get this figure in hand, his bright colors and happy looking face, make him one of the cutest and most fun of all the Snake Men!




In classic MOTU Origins fashion, Mattel did an amazing job capturing the charm and vintage look of the figure. Looking more like a poison dart frog, then anything in the Snake family, Tung Lashor was the brightest and cutest of all the Snake Men! His bright pink skin color, purple strips and gecko like hands make him look so adorable in my opinion! He looks great all geared up with his crossbow and purple snake staff! As you can see, there is no dial on his back, so we get a nice clean sculpt for his MOTU Origins figure.



Tung Lashor is featured on the Rise of the Snake Men card, like others in Wave 12. It has the cool Rise of the Snake Men logo over the classic Masters of the Universe logo, and the added scales sculpted on the front of the plastic blister bubble. The rear of the package features card art with Tung Lashor in a boggy swamp, locked in a duel with none other than the yellow and blue heroic tornado, Sk-Klone. Let’s hope this is a tease that perhaps Syklone is coming to the line? Be sure to check out our Wave 12 card art teaser article for more insight: MOTU Origins Wave 12 Card Art Teases Two Bad, Sy-Klone, & Bashasaurus (


Per Roy Juarez on Instagram:

With a paralyzing toxin secreting from his tongue, Tung Lashor is the Snake Men’s most feared soldier. (Swipe to see full artwork)

The usual suspects for Origins:
Art Direction and Graphic Design by @manuel_eduardo_caritas
Artwork by @axel.gimenez & @fetch.franciscoetchart
Toy Design by @katanarama333
Copywriter: @yesreallyrob
Story by @joshuaskywriter

Roy Juarez on Instagram:

Tung Lashor up close and personal


Tung Lashor’s head just like his vintage counterpart. With the bright pin skin, purple striped accents, yellow piercing eyes and fangs at his smirking mouth, he really captures the look and charm of the vintage figure.


Like most of the new Origins figures, Tung Lashor did not retain his action feature like the vintage Masters of the Universe figure, and this seems to be the trend where Mattel is going with this figure line. This is unfortunate, because that action feature was the signature trait of the vintage Tung Lashor and made him so fun to play with! Instead, you insert a tung into a slot in his mouth, unlike the MOTU Classics version that used alternate heads. The tongue is made of a soft flexible plastic, so it hangs naturally from his mouth.


Chest and Back

Tung Lashor’s chest is a bright orange color, sporting the Snake Men logo in green on his chest. His back is the same bright pink skin color with various reptilian texture and markings molded on his back. Unlike the vintage figure, this version of Tung Lashor does not include the dial on his back to make his tongue lash out. Rather, we now get a smooth and uninterrupted look to his back.


Arms, Waist and Legs

Arms: Tung Lashor uses the standard MOTU Buck shoulders and fore arms, but when it comes down to his lower arms, those are a new sculpt for the Origins line! His arms are in the same bright pink color with purple strips throughout. But his wrists and hands resemble that of a tree frog or gecko with a three fingred, webbed design in black.


Waist: Tung Lashor has the standard MOTU waist and belt buck. With the surry loin cloth and stanard belt, all molded in a black plastic.


Legs: Tung Lashor has the standard MOTU upper legs in the bright pink skin color with the purple, but his feet have a new sculpt that resemble the vintage Tung Lashor figure.



Tung Lashor includes two of his signature accesories; his snake staff in a teal color and a dragon fly shaped cross bow. You also get the removeable tongue that inserts into the slot on Tung Lashor’s mouth.


Cross Bow

Tung Lashor’s cross bow resembles that of the vintage figure. It resembles a dragon fly, which is typically something that frogs eat. It is molded in a teal plastic color, and has a stick handle for him to hold onto it.


Snake Staff

Tung Lashor comes with the standard issue Snake Staff that the rest of the Snake Men usulally come with. It is molded in a bright purple plastic color.


Mini Comic

A new mini comic comes packed with this wave called Assasin’s Aim and features all the characters of this wave including the Hypno, the newest members of the Rulers of the Sun line. Below are all the pages of the mini comic if you would like to read it. You will notice that one vehicle is heavily featured in this mini comic, yes that the Talon Fighter! If you haven’t read our article on the leak for the Talon Fighter and point Dread, you can read it here: MOTU Origins Talon Fighter & Point Dread leak – (





Tung Lashor Vintage Figure

Tung Lashor, first introduced by Mattel in 1986, was the first of the Snake Men to be released. He was made of all new parts and resembled the look of a poison dart frog, more than a snake. He featured a unique 3 figured hand design that resembled a tree frog. His bright pink and purple colored body really stood out and he sported a green Snake Men logo on his chest. He come with his own distinct action feature, his signature lashing tongue! This action feature was activated by rolling the wheel on his back and it made the tongue dart in and out of Tung Lashor’s mouth. He came with a purple snake staff and teal colored dragon fly cross bow.

According to the Wiki Grayskull

Tung Lashor was introduced into the MOTU toyline in 1986. He first appears in the “King of the Snake Men” minicomic, in which he and Rattlor are called from another dimension by King Hiss. When they appear, Kobra Khan says they “are from the Evil Horde on Etheria!”, but both Snake Men swear allegiance again to their former leader King Hiss, explaining that after his banishment they felt they had nowhere to go other than to serve the Horde.

Although the Snake Men as a group never appear on the toy-line’s accompanying cartoon series Tung Lashor appears in She-Ra as a member of the Evil Horde. He is one of several newer characters from the toy line to be featured on the She-Ra’s Princess of Power cartoon series in order to promote the toy in the absence of the He-Man series, discontinued to make way for She-Ra.

Tung Lashor | Wiki Grayskull | Fandom
Masters of the Universe Tung Lashor Illustrated image
Masters of the Universe Tung Lashor
vintage illustrated image
Source: Wiki Grayskull
Masters of the Universe Vintage Tung Lashor side
Vintage Tung Lashor Masters of the Universe Action Figure
Tung Lashor Masters of the Universe Vintage Figure Front
Vintage Tung Lashor front view
Tung Lashor Masters of the Universe Vintage Figure Side View
Vintage Tung Lashor side view
Tung Lashor Masters of the Universe Vintage Figure Back
Vintage Tung Lashor back view
Tung Lashor Masters of the Universe Vintage Figure Geared Up
Vintage Tung Lashor geared up
Masters of the Universe Vintage Tung Lashor MOC
Masters of the Universe Vintage Tung Lashor
front card back

Source: The Toys of He-Man and the Masters of the Universe
Masters of the Universe Vintage Tung Lashor rear MOC
Masters of the Universe Vintage Tung Lashor
rear card back

Source: The Toys of He-Man and the Masters of the Universe

Origins vs. Vintage & Classics Comparison

As you can see, Mattel did an excellent job in recreating the look and charm of the vintage Tung Lashor figure, but with modern MOTU Origins 16 points of articulation. The one glaring difference between the two is the lack of the action feature on the MOTU Origins one. Obviously, the design of the new Tung Lashor now has a ball jointed neck so he can look up, down and all around, where the vintage’s head didnt move because the tung action feature was activated through the mouth by scrolling the wheel on his back. So, in one case we get a fun tongue “lashing” action feature on the vintage figure, but on the other hand, we get all the modern posing and interchangeable parts we have come to expect and love out of the MOTU Origins figures. So, which do you prefer? Guess to each their own. For me, the jury is still out!



Here we can see the MOTU Origins Tung Lashor next to the MOTU Classics version. They are very similar in style, both without any action feature, but the Classics version came with swappable heads, rather than a tongue insert. But in either case they both resemble their vintage counterpart.



Toy Photography fun

If any of you follow our Toy Habits Instagram page and The Toy Sorceress Instagram page, you will see the Toy Sorceress loves Toy Photography, so here are some photographs for your enjoyment and inspiration! The new Tung Lashor figure was so muh fun to photograph he got to finally join the rest of his Snake Men buddies! Enjoy!!!




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Snake Armor Skeletor
Tung Lashor
Mini Comic Roboto

Here is the UPC for Tung Lashor so you can locate the figure at your favorite retailers!

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