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Iron Grenadier BAT GI Joe Classified Series Rumor and Future Waves

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Special thanks to The Full Force Podcast (and @chaztheguru on Instagram for tip off) as their is now a rumor of an Iron Grenadier B.A.T. coming to the GI Joe Classified Series. We wouldn’t put it past the Joe team to reuse the heck out of the Battle Android Trooper figure buck as it looks like Destro has enlisted them to serve in his Iron Grenadiers army! The Iron Grenadier B.A.T. is also rumored to be joining a wave of GI Joe Classified Series figures that include Alpine and the Iron Grenadier. You can check out the slip of tongue from The Full Force Podcast below as I don’t think he spilled the tea on purpose! This rumor adds to the growing list of future GI Joe Classified Series figures that have been leaked via prototype parts and name only reveals! So let’s take a look at Iron Grenadier and the BAT that are rumored to be coming to the GI Joe Classified Series!

Future GI Joe Classified Series Wave

The Full Force Podcast reported (well…slipped) and dished on a future wave of GI Joe Classified Series figures that will include the Iron Grenadier, who has been name only revealed, and Alpine, which was digitally render revealed at Hasbro Pulse Con 2023. Since there have been prototypes of Alpine (supposedly his head sculpt), Torch, and Gnawgahyde, and possibly Airborne, floating around the internet, this would make 6 figures total and we know that the Joe Team typically puts out 5 figures in a wave! We know that Gnawgahyde will be a deluxe figure so we could be looking at a couple future GI Joe Classified Series waves that consists of the following figures:

  • Iron Grenadiers
  • Iron Grenadier BAT
  • Alpine
  • Airborne
  • Torch
  • Night Creeper
  • Ferret Scout with Ferret

Iron Grenadiers BAT

We are not surprised that the there might be an Iron Grenadiers BAT in the works as that figure has become the new Snake Eyes! We are not complaining as the BAT is a killer figure and an army builder so it makes total sense that he would join Destro’s ranks! We did come across a custom Iron Grenadiers BAT so we can visualize what he might look like.

Source: Reddit
Source: Reddit

Iron Grenadiers

The Iron Grenadiers represent the first of a new generation of private armies. When most men in that type of company tend to be satisfied by simply being paid for their services, Destro does one better by making them active participants for his growing arms business. Not content to be merely hired infantry, these men are encouraged to come up with devious ways to convince the clients that their sales and services are needed. If successful in the transaction, their commission is a percentage of gross sales.


Iron Grenadiers were first released carded as part of the 1988 series of A Real American Hero toys.

Source: 3DJoes
Source: 3DJoes

File Card Bio: The Iron Grenadiers are handpicked from Destro’s personal bodyguards. They are the spearhead of Destro’s incursions into new territory. The Iron Grenadiers, acting as agents, provocateurs, saboteurs or outright terrorists, impel an unsuspecting country towards chaos and turmoil, thereby creating new markets for Destro’s weapons where none existed before. Their pay is a percentage of gross sales.

“Imagine the slickest used car salesman you’ve ever met. Now imagine that he’s also the trickiest accountant in the world. Got that? Try to picture what he would be like if that guy was also a highly trained commando with expertise in explosives, small arms and hand-to-hand combat. Top it off with the fact that no other mercenary group in the world wants them because of their history of turning on their superiors. That’s what an Iron Grenadier is…”

Source: 3DJoes

Iron Grenadiers GI Joe Classified Series Concept

Stronox Customs has created a perfect GI Joe Classified Series scale Iron Grenadiers figure and this is likely what a figure would look like! I love the real chair that was used to hang the sword sheath from the belt and the overall aesthetic of the figure.

Torch, Gnawgahyde, Alpine, Night Creeper, and Ferret Scout Prototypes

Special thanks to @gi_shark for posting newly discovered head sculpts by way of Leo Law on Facebook! Torch’s head as well as what looks like Alpine can be seen in the image below. Alpine was announced as a name only reveal during the GI Joe Classified Series panel at New York Comic Con 2023. Torch will continue the line of Dreadnocks, as we already have Zartan, Zarana, Buzzer and Ripper. Gnawgahyde, recently announced during the Hasbro Pulse Con 2023 , was yet another head sculpt was also discovered and will be yet another addition to the team of Dreadnocks! Check that one out on our other article: Night Creeper, Gnawgahyde, Airborne, & Ferret Scout GI Joe Classified Series Protypes Discovered. So let’s take a look at these Torch and Alpine GI Joe Classified Series head sculpts that were discovered!

GI Joe Classified Torch & Alpine Head sculpts
Source: G.I. ShArK (@gi_shark) • Instagram photos and videos


Torch has been pipeline revealed during SDCC 2023 We are always exciting to see new Dreadnoks coming to the Classified Series as they are one of the most unique characters in a faction. Roel was spot on with designing the figure with his classic vest and he even added some chains around the shoulders that makes the vest completely pop! His facial hair and head sculpt are updated as he also gave him a more modern pair of sunglasses. The weapons are resued from the vintage figure as we are guessing he would come packed with that black tubing that was made for the GI Joe Classified Series Barbecue.

Source: Roel Robles

According to Joepedia, If Buzzer is the smart aleck of the Dreadnoks, then Torch is the witless stooge of the team. Not quite smart (he’s illiterate!) and never really aspiring to be anything higher, Torch only does what he is told. To that effect, he is valuable not for his brains but for his penchant for sudden and unexpected violence. Perhaps, his only bright spot is his skill with the acetylene torch which he has modified into an actual functioning flamethrower weapon. Torch was a juvenile delinquent who joined the merchant marines and became a sure hand with a cutting torch. With that knowledge, he began running chop shops, gutting and remodeling stolen cars, sometimes getting too carried away with his work and transforming a hot car into a smoldering scrap pile. A former member of the Melbourne Maulers, he joined the Dreadnoks after the latter gang absorbed the former. A stupid, unrepentant thug, he is tolerated by the others for his skill in motorcycle repair.

Source: 3DJoes
Source: 3DJoes

Torch’s file card comes in 3 flavors, two of them being a light peach and a darker peach and the classic gray color the file cards were transitioned to. His file card reads, “Subject was remanded to Borstal* at age fourteen. Escaped and went to sea in the Merchant Marine where he learned the use of the cutting torch. Later rode with the Melbourne Maulers M.C.**Torch is an illiterate, unrepentant thug whose penchant for sudden and unexpected violence is matched only by the utter depth of his stupidity. Specialty and M.O.***: Works with Oxy-Acetylene torch as a general cutter mostly on remodeling stolen cars and occasional safe crackings. Scavenges the swamps for fun and profit.
*Reform school
**Motorcycle Club
***Modus Operandi

Source: 3DJoes

Torch Custom Concept

Here is another incredible custom concept from the talented @YoJoeARAH to show you what this figure might look like when it is actually produce!

GI Joe Classified Series custom conceprt Torch YoJoe ARAH 1
Source: @YoJoeARAH
GI Joe Classified Series custom conceprt Torch YoJoe ARAH 2
Source: @YoJoeARAH

GI Joe Classified Series custom conceprt Torch YoJoe ARAH 5
Source: @YoJoeARAH
GI Joe Classified Series custom conceprt Torch YoJoe ARAH 3
Source: @YoJoeARAH
GI Joe Classified Series custom conceprt Torch YoJoe ARAH 4
Source: @YoJoeARAH


A new name only reveal dropped at the GI Joe Classified Series panel during New York Comic Con 2023, and that was Alpine! Alpine has always been one of the classic Joes and the Roel nailed the render for his head sculpt! We don’t see many Joes with baseball caps and I am imagining that this hat could be removable. He is also rendered with a realistic rope across his chest, very similar to the Shipwreck was made in the Classified Series. The coloring on his is a little darker than the vintage figure but it’s a great look nonetheless! Below is an incredible custom render done by a very talented individual Roel Robles! If you want to check out more of his work, take a look at our Future GI Joe Classified Series Figure Concepts article.

Source: Roel Robles

We also have an incredible custom by YoJoeARAH of Alpine to give us a better idea of what the actual figure will look like.

GI Joe Classified Series Alpine Custom by ARAH 2
Source: YoJoeARAH
GI Joe Classified Series Alpine Custom by ARAH 3
Source: YoJoeARAH
GI Joe Classified Series Alpine Custom by ARAH 5
Source: YoJoeARAH
GI Joe Classified Series Alpine Custom by ARAH 6
Source: YoJoeARAH
GI Joe Classified Series Alpine Custom by ARAH 4
Source: YoJoeARAH
GI Joe Classified Series Alpine Custom by ARAH 1
Source: YoJoeARAH

Alpine has always been one of the classic Joes and the fun factor was all of climbing gear he came with. Alpine came with a tan mountain pack, a black GR8-88 grappling launch line, a black Barretta SMG-12 submachine gun, a black climbing axe, and two black grappling hooks connected by black string.

Source: 3DJoes
Source: 3DJoes

His bio reads’ “From the middle of the flat dusty Snake River Plain where Alpine was born he could see the mountains on the horizon in almost every direction like a physical barrier between him and the world he wanted. He took up mountain climbing during college and continued as a recreational climber during his brief tenure as an accountant for a large publishing firm. The G.I. Joe team gave Alpine the most hazardous of all conditions: With COBRA shooting at him! Graduated Ranger School, Fort Benning. Qualified Expert: M-16, M-14, M-60, M1911A1. The quote on his file card reads, “Every time Alpine scales a sheer cliff face piton by piton, overcoming granite and gravity with muscle and persistance, he is symbolically climbing out of the quagmire of his past. That’s why we send him up first on vertical assaults. He doesn’t take to being knocked down too easily.”

Source: 3DJoes

Special thanks to @gi_shark for posting newly discovered head sculpts by way of Leo Law on Facebook! The Night Creeper and Gnawgahyde was recently announced during the Hasbro Pulse Con 2023 event. Gnawgahyde was also recently teased on the box reveal for the Metal Head deluxe figure as well! It looks like the Night Creeper will be getting two head sculpts and will most likely be a deluxe figure. In the lower right image, we can also see the head sculpt for Gnawgahyde! The middle image also shows the Ferret Scout helmet, which is the figure that will be coming with the Cobra Ferret vehicle.


The obvious tease was on the front of the package art, and it is in it’s bright blue mail away color as well! As you know, the Ferret and Scout Driver was a name only reveal at this year’s 2023 Pulsecon event, so I can’t wait to see if we are actually going to be the bright blue version in the line! It also looks like there is a unique Ferret driver standing next to the vehicle as well!

GI Joe Classified Vamp with Clutch official image 3
GI-Joe-Classified-Vamp-with-Clutch-ferret tease 1

Gnawgahyde’s hat is also pictured below:


The original purple and maroon suit with gray and maroon camouflage pants. This suit includes a silver visor and breast plates. Night Creeper came with a black crossbow, a black kris sword, a black barbed sword, and a maroon backpack.

GI Joe Vintage Night Creeper package
GI Joe Vintage Night Creeper

Here is a concept by the insanely talented @YoJoeARAH as this could very well be what we see for a Classified Series Night Creeper.

GI Joe Night Creeper Yojoe ARAH Custom 2
Source: YoJoeARAH
GI Joe Night Creeper Yojoe ARAH Custom 1
Source: YoJoeARAH

Thanks to the Full Force Podcast, It’s amazing that we get to see the new window display boxes for the GI Joe Classifies Series! So far, from London Comic Con 2023, we’ve seen teases of the Cobra Ferret and what we think is the Stinger Driver and Stinger.


Now that we have an image of the back of Metal-Head’s box, there is a very tiny image of a Dreadnok standing on an exploding train who is clad in a yellow and blue outfit, which can only mean one thing! Gnawgahyde’s cloths have a distinct look them and it’s great to see him teased on the Metal-Head’s box!


Gnawgahyde & Boar

Gnawgahyde was released in 1989 and this was right before the GI Joe line went completely off the rails in the 1990’s. It’s great to see another Dreadnok added to the line! Gnawgahyde came with a black rifle, a black bipod, a silver machete, a silver knife, a black bow, a black quiver, a tan hat, and a brown boar.

GI Joe vintage Gnawgahyde card bacl

Here is a concept by, you guessed it, @yoJoeARHA and we will likely see a packout like the Croc Master, who also came with a pet.

GI Joe Gnawgahyde Yojoe ARAH Custom 1
Source: YoJoeARAH
GI Joe Gnawgahyde Yojoe ARAH Custom 4
Source: YoJoeARAH


According to gi_shark, this looks to be the lower legs of the forthcoming Airborne figure.


Airborne is in his classic O-Ring color scheme. The optics can plug onto his helmet. He is really geared up with a layered look to his helmet and gear. Airborne will be released before the Dragonfly.. He is the G.I. Joe Team’s helicopter assault trooper and debuted in 1983. It’s super cool to finally see his digital render to envision what a Classified Series figure of Airborne would look like. His real name is Franklin E. Talltree, and his rank is that of sergeant E-5. Airborne was born in a Navajo Reservation in Arizona. His primary military specialty is an airborne infantryman, while as his secondary military specialty he is a helicopter gunship gunner.

Check Out GI Shark’s Coverage on YouTube!

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