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GI Joe Classified Series Shockwave In Hand Review

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In what is turning out to be an incredible new wave of figures, we GI Joe’s S.W.A.T specialist Shockwave for in hand review! He is a stunning homage to his vintage counterpart, complete with blue digital camo and all! Being in the S.W.A.T Team means that Shockwave is a special weapons and tactics team member. S.W.A.T is a generic term for a police tactical unit that uses specialized or military equipment and tactics. They really captured to the classic look of Shockwave but also brough him into the modern age. So with that, let’s dive right into this GI Joe Classified Series Shockwave In Hand Review!


Shockwave looks amazing in his bright blue digital camo gear, matching hat, and a very detailed dark blue flack jacket. With tons of pockets, pouches, and holsters, he has a very cool look to him. Not a repaint of Beach Head, but you can see that he has an all new face sculpt and torso design.



The GI Joe Classified Series Shockwave comes packed in the same windowless packaging as the previous waves. With stunning artwork of him in a cliff side scene with what looks to be a train crossing a bridge but starting to explode! You can also see his pack out illustrated as well. The back shows the height of the figures, included accessories and some cool features. Here they point out his cool bullet pouch on his chest and his face sculpt with removeable hat.


The right side of the box has an illustration of a close up of Shockwave’s face. The left side shows he is number 105, with a QR code to scan for his file card info.


Packed inside is Shockwave with the same side illustration done in black and white behind the strapped in figure. He also includes a faux footlocker with his accessories in it. Here we can see the included accessories that Shockwave comes with and his illustrated backdrop. He includes his removeable hat, two semi automatic pistols with ammo clips, two knives, a night stick and a large S.W.A.T shield.


Shockwave up close and personal

Here we get a great look at Shockwave from all four sides. You can see his vintage inspired outfit complete with blue digital camo, flack jacket and matching camo hat. So let’s take a closer look at Shockwave in more detail below.



Taking a look at Shockwave’s face sculpt, you can see how they gave him a brand new sculpt and not just a reuse of Beach

I really like how they did his eyes, eyebrows because they have a lot of expression on them since you can’t see the rest of his face.


You can also display him without his hat and he looks cool that way as well. You will notice the nice, ripped detail of his ski cap face mask It looks very similar to that of Beach Head but in blue.



Shockwave is wearing a dark blue flack jacket, but it looks more like an 80’s puffer vest. It has several pockets on the front side of it, a knife sheath, and a bullet pocket as well. On his left shoulder is the Joe communicator device.

On back side you will see the ribs of his puffer flack jacket and he also has a peg hole in his back for a backpack, even though he didn’t come with one.



His arms are in his blue digital camo sleeves all the way down to his hands, He has a small pocket on each side of his shoulders. The ends of his sleeves have a nice ribbed design as well. He is wearing fingerless black gloves.



Shockwave is wearing blue camo pants with the same digital camo design as on his shirt. He has matching gun holsters on each of his hips. He has black knee pads and black boots with shin guards and boot straps. He also has a blue knife sheath on his left ankle.



Shockwave’s accessories include:

  • 2 semi automatic pistols
  • 2 ammo packs
  • 2 knives
  • night stick
  • S.W.A.T Sheild
  • removeable hat




Shockwave ARAH Vintage Figure

I really loved this version of Shockwave, there was always something so cool about his digital blue camo design that intrigued me. He was originally released in the A Real American Hero line in 1988. Being a later release, he came on the digital burst explosion card back. He came packed with a back pack, pistol, knife and rifle with silencer.

He was later repainted and released with Lightfoot as part of the Night Force in in 1989. Then another version of Shockwave followed in 1992 as part of the Drug Elimination Force line. A 25th Anniversary version was released in 2008 in a two pack with Destro, but he was renamed Shockblast due to licensing issues.

Finally another version was released in 2009 in yet another two pack, this time with Night Creeper as part of the Rise of Cobra line.

SHockwave vintage ARAH GI Joe
SHockwave vintage ARAH GI Joe MOC

Shockwave Official Images

Shockwave in his classic colors. He includes a swat shield and a removable hat. He has digital style cammo.

Shockwave-GI-Joe-Classified-Series-SDCC-2023-Dio 2
Shockwave-GI-Joe-Classified-Series-SDCC-2023-Dio 3

GI Joe Classified Series Shockwave dio shot 6
GI Joe Classified Series Shockwave dio shot 5

GI Joe Classified Series Shockwave dio shot 4
GI Joe Classified Series Shockwave dio shot 3

Shockwave-GI-Joe-Classified-Series-SDCC-2023-package rear



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