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Road Pig, Nemesis Enforcer, Starduster and Heart Wrencher GI Joe Classified Series Rumor

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The rumor mill is still spinning as @chaztheguru on Instagram reports that t_wan_toy is hinting that Road Pig, Nemesis Enforcer, Star Duster and Heart Wrencher are coming to the Classified Series line! He also appeared to have to confirm @thefullforcepodcast ‘s reveal of a an Iron Grenadier B.A.T. (which he lists at a “steel” B.A.T.) which we covered in our Iron Grenadier BAT GI Joe Classified Series Rumor and Future Waves article this morning. This rumor adds to the growing list of future GI Joe Classified Series figures that have been leaked via prototype parts and name only reveals! So let’s take a look at this Road Pig, Nemesis Enforcer, Starduster and Heart Wrencher GI Joe Classified Series Rumor!

Future GI Joe Classified Series Wave

Besides the slip of the tongue by The Full Force Podcast of future wave of GI Joe Classified Series figures, we now have these added characters to the list. So it looks like our future waves will now include Road Pig, Nemesis Enforcer, Starduster, Heart Wrencher, the Iron Grenadier, who has been name only revealed, and Alpine, which was digitally render revealed at Hasbro Pulse Con 2023. Since there have been prototypes of Alpine (supposedly his head sculpt), Torch, and Gnawgahyde, and possibly Airborne, floating around the internet, this would make 10 figures total that we think will be coming to future waves. This new Road Pig, Nemesis Enforcer, Starduster, and Heart Wrencher Rumor is really exciting as this source is said to be very reliable! We know that Gnawgahyde will be a deluxe figure so we could be looking at a couple future GI Joe Classified Series waves that consists of the following figures:

Newly rumored:

  • Road Pig
  • Nemesis Enforcer
  • Starduster
  • Heart Wrencher

You can check out our coverage on these below at: Iron Grenadier BAT GI Joe Classified Series Rumor and Future Waves

Previously rumored or reported:

  • Iron Grenadiers
  • Iron Grenadier BAT
  • Alpine
  • Airborne
  • Torch
  • Night Creeper
  • Ferret Scout with Ferret

Road Pig

Road Pig is yet another Dreadnock to continue the long line of Dreadnocks we have thus far. He has a chonky body so it will be cool to see the new buck they will use for this figure! The ranks of the Dreadnocks are really getting filled out and he will be another shirtless Cobra!

Road Pig was originally released as part of the ARAH line in 1988. He came with a large hammer weapon, a wrist cross bow, a wrist guard and a backpack.

Road_Pig_GI Joe ARAH 1988
Road_Pig_GI Joe MOC ARAH 1988

Here we can see an incredible custom by YoJoeARAH (@yojoearah), and they give us a great idea of what a Classified scale Road Pig might look like!

According to Road Pig (RAH) | Joepedia | Fandom:

Of all the Dreadnoks, Road Pig may be the most fearsome of them all. With his immense strength, violent temper and antisocial behavior, he should have been a natural member of that infamous group of bikers. Yet, he was considered as too obnoxious and smelling worse than the other Dreadnoks care to be. He should have of gotten the boot right from the get go but, like the outlaw gang that took him in before them, they found it hard to say no to him. To placate him, they had to put him in “probationary status”, making him the only member to have ever undergone this process. Right now, he’s so obnoxious that they would like to kick him out but they still have yet to figure out how.

Road Pig (RAH) | Joepedia | Fandom

Nemesis Enforcer

The first of the Cobra-La figures, Nemesis Enforcer is an exciting addition to this rumored list! That means that we might be getting more Corba-La characters in the Classified Series line in the future!

The first of the GI Joe the Movie figures to be named for the Classified Series line, Nemesis Enforcer was part of the Cobra-La Faction.

Acoording to Nemesis Enforcer (RAH) | Joepedia | Fandom:

In G.I. Joe: The Movie he is the elite guard that protects Golobulus. He does not speak, but rather has a grunt & growls like a monstrous animal. He is a humanoid with large wings, capable of flight and large, extendable spikes on his forearms that are strong enough to pry open even the strongest doors.

He is first seen in a flash when he bursts up from under the ground to flip a GI Joe vehicle when the team pursues Cobra forces into Cobra-La. When the Joes are captured, Cobra Commander approaches the hulking monster, only to be ordered into custody himself by the Enforcer.

Nemesis Enforcer Sunbow GI Joe The Movie Cartoon

Nemesis Enforcer is later sent to the Joes compound to free Serpentor, who had been captured in the battle defending the Broadcast Energy Transmitter. After leading a small task force of Cobra-La guards and the Dreadnoks into the prison chamber. When the Dreadnoks’ weapons are unable to penetrate the dome covering Serpentor’s cell, the Enforcer pushes them all aside and easily pries open the two halves of the dome with his forearm spikes. He then deflects the lasers of Serpentor’s cage with one of his wings, allowing the emperor to escape.

He is seen in the final battle fighting against Sgt. Slaughter, who has a personal score to settle with the monster. He ultimately meets his doom at the hands of Sgt. Slaughter when he gets thrown into a spike walled pit, unable to fly out as Slaughter had broken one of his wings.

Nemesis Enforcer (RAH) | Joepedia | Fandom
Nemesis Enforcer GI Joe Artwork
Nemesis Enforcer GI Joe ARAH

Here we have a 1/18 scale custom of Nemesis Enforcer by the incredible Stronox Custom Figures> Even though he is a smaller scale, this highly articulated custom gives us a great idea at what a Classified scale version of Nemesis Enforcer would look like.


Starduster is another fan favorite that we are happy to be added to this rumored list! As you recall, Star Duster was a mail away figure from the vintage ARAH line. Frequently shown with the Jump Jet pack, this is an easy one for the Hasbro Team to do as we recently got the Steel Corp 2 pack that used the Jump Packs. I could see Starduster being another deluxe figure release.

The vintage Starduster figure was first available as a mail-in exclusive figure from G.I. Joe Action Stars Cereal back in 1987. Then in 1988 Starduster was also available as a mail-in offer from Hasbro Direct. He appeared to have several variants until he was discontinued in 1991. He is a very sought after vintage figure and will make a great addition to the Classified Series line!

Starduster ARAH GI Joe
Starduster ARAH GI Joe artwork

Here we can see an incredible custom by YoJoeARAH (@yojoearah), and they give us a great idea of what a Classified scale Starduster might look like! He would be an incredible addition to the line!

Heart Wrencher

We have yet another Dreadnock to the mix, but this time it is a female with Heart Wrencher. I can see this one easily reusing some of the parts that were used for Zarana! She is a very deep cut as there is not a lot of history about here.

Heart Wrencher was part of the Collector’s club released in 2018. According to Heart-Wrencher | Joepedia | Fandom:

Heart-wrencher’s first, and only, appearance was in G.I. Joe Frontline #18.

Heart-Wrencher | Joepedia | Fandom
Heart-Wrencher-GI-Joe-collectors club file card
Heart-Wrencher-GI-Joe-collectors club

Here we can see an another incredible custom by YoJoeARAH (@yojoearah), and they give us a great idea of what a Classified scale Heart Wrencher might look like!

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