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Iron Grenadiers GI Joe Classified Series Concepts

As you may or may not know, we feature the amazing work of talented customizers as stand-ins for figures that are name only revealed so we can visualize what future figures might look like. Today, we are focusing on the amazing work of Ferry Deworkaholic, a customizer who focuses on the GI Joe Classified Series. With Metal-Head being the first release in the Iron Grenadiers faction, we can assume that more figures are the way in 2024. In fact, there was a rumor of an Iron Grenadiers B.A.T. making the rounds last November 2023. Give that the B.A.T. has become the Snake Eyes of the Cobra faction, we are happy to see repaints of this amazing army builder figure (unlike Snake Eyes). To sweeten the deal, there is a new leaked list of GI Joe Classified codenames that will line up with future releases. Hopefully, there are some Iron Grenadiers figures coming to the line in the back half of 2024. With the name only reveal of the Iron Grenadiers trooper, this is the only figure that is known. It would stand to reason if the GI Joe Classified Series is making this very cool sub-faction for the line, Destro, the leader of the Iron Grenadiers surely would be on the list as they already have the head sculpt and can reuse some of his tooling. Since we don’t know other figures beyond the Iron Grenadiers trooper and the rumored B.A.T., we are turning to Ferry Deworkaholic for some inspiration.

Iron Grenadier BAT and Viper

Donning the classic black, red, and gold paint app are two mainstay repaints and army builders for the GI Joe Classified Series! The Joe Team is treating the BAT and the Viper like Snake Eyes and repainting them every chance they get! With the Classified Series diving into the Iron Grenadiers faction, we are likely to see a repaint of the BAT in the classic Iron Grenadiers rank and file colors. The reds and gold are all in the right places and the faction logo looks amazing on the BAT’s chest plate. The gold paint apps are on point and bring out some of the detail that might get lost on an all black uniform. The Viper has the faction logo on the left shoulder and the pops of red bring the uniform to life.


Here is a short video showing off the details of the Iron Grenadiers BAT

Iron Grenadiers Super BAT

The Super BAT is a mashup of a BAT from the GI Joe Classified Series and the Masters of the Universe Revelation Trap Jaw figures which is a match made in heaven! Utilizing the entire Trap Jaw buck, this custom brings a flavor of the BAT would bring a smile to Destro’s face! Reusing the only the head of the GI Joe Classified Series BAT, the Trap Jaw figure, with its laser cannon, claw, and hook attachments is the perfect figure to provide a strong base for the Iron Grenadier’s Super BAT. With using the Trap Jaw figure, the Super BAT takes on more of a human looking feel to it while weaving in a nice robotic blend to the aesthetic of the figure.


The arm attachments go really well on the figure and I’ve always thought that Trap Jaw was the MOTU version of the BAT so it’s amazing to see this blend of figures and paint app!


The gold tones are in the right places and look amazing on the laser cannon, claw, and hook! The Iron Grenadiers symbol is in the perfect place and the red tones bring out the details in the left shoulder, wrist gauntlets and thigh pads.


Iron Grenadiers High Command

With a faction like the Iron Grenadiers, you need a command structure with Destro at the top, his right hand lady, and security detail! The Joe Team can easily reuse previous builds of the GI Joe Classified Series Destro and Baroness to make this happen.


I’ve always thought Destro looked amazing in gold when his version 2 figure came out in 1988! The only way to get this version of Destro was to buy the Despoiler vehicle! Given that the Despoiler is a small form factor vehicle, a Classified Series scale version is not out of the question. The gold paint apps on Destro have a gritty feeling like he’s seen several battles against the Joes! The sword is a nice touch as this is how Destro came in 1988. The Iron Grenadiers symbol looks amazing and the gold buttons and belt bring out the finer details in the uniform. Applying a small touch of red to the rope around the right shoulder and holster for the pistol add that pop of red to complete the look!


Despoiler – Destro’s Despoiler was released in 1988, packaged with the Iron Grenadier version of Destro. It served as Destro’s personal aircraft, used to survey the progress of his Iron Grenadiers on the battleground.


The Despoiler was part of the Battle Force 2000 line and the art on the front of the box shows Destro firing a rocket and holding his sword as he charges to battle.

Source: 3DJoes

On the back of the box you can see details of the Despoiler and Destro’s file card!

Source: 3DJoes

File Card Bio:

File Name: James McCullen Destro
Birthplace: Callander, Scotland
Primary Specialty: Leader of the Iron Grenadiers & Weapons Manufacturer

Once a major supplier and advisor to Cobra, DESTRO now pursues his own diabolical aims. Building up a small army of Iron Grenadiers from his private bodyguards, he incites unrest in unstable countries, creating new markets for his armaments. As his influence grows around the world, he dreams the dreams that COBRA COMMANDER once dreamed.

"One of Destro's ancestors started the family fortune by selling arms to both sides during the English civil war. One ancestor was caught in the act by Cromwell's men, and was made to wear an uncomfortable steel mask. (They had to punish him, but they still wanted his weapons.) Since that time, the lairds of the Destro clan have worn the mask with pride and passed it down to succeeding generations!"
Source: 3DJoes

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