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King Grayskull MOTU Origins Card Art Behind The Scenes

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Today we got treated to a special behind the scenes look at the King Grayskull MOTU Origins card art and got to see how it was created! Roy Juarez and his talented team of artists brought us this epic piece of stunning card back art, but how was it created? Well in this video and images below, you get a behind the scenes look at the sketches that created this work of art!

According to @manuel_eduardo_caritas… | Instagram:

Behind The Scenes: A look at the art process of King Grayskull’s cardback.

Con Los Guerreros Del Poder:

@manuel_eduardo_caritas… | Instagram

Here we can see the black and white pencil sketch of the final piece of art work with the Central Tower lion’s head in the background.


In these two images we see the foreground image of just King Grayskull holding his power sword aloft with a stream of lightning bolts. Then the background Central Tower lion’s head with it’s large mouth gapping open and the entry platform is in a separate sketch. Combining the two makes for the final sketch of the beautiful final image you see above.


Card Art Reveal

We got an early treat to the card art from collector’s posting unboxing and images of the early backer figure. The great thing about Roy and team releasing the digital versions of the card art is that we can see all of the illustrations without text and logos! Roy said in his Instagram post: “⚔️ By The Powers of King Grayskull! ⚔️”

Shipper Box

The shipper box features the Powers of Grayskull branding and the heading, King Grayskull with the subheading, “Heroic Ancestor of He-Man!” The other side of the box features King Grayskull calling down the powers.


Card Art

The card art is amazing and so vibrant! The skull features some cool technology elements. You can get a better look at King Grayskull holding up the blue Sword of Power with some cool lightning effects.


Here is how King Grayskull looks on card, and you can get a sense of art with the words and logos.


On the side of the cards you can how King Grayskull is packed on the bubble. The image on the left shows his blue Sword of Power.


King Grayskull In Hand Images and Video

Confused collectors are finally getting their minds put at ease as the early backer unlock, King Grayskull, is shipping (separately) from the ginormous MOTU Origins playset. Given that this Mattel Creations Eternia crowdfund was announced back in October of 2022 (if you can believe), most everyone suffered from preorder amnesia when they found no trace of King Grayskull in the huge box. Lucky for collector’s that Mattel Creations has started shipping the figures hot off the heels of the massive Eternia Playset shipping. We got an early reveal of Moaty who also confirmed the Powers of Grayskull but seeing King Grayskull sealed the deal! Special thanks to all who DM’d us on Instagram, including Toy Habits Crew Member Allison Troy (aka Retro Toy Princess) and we’ll update the photos with the source but we obtained the images from the MOTU Origins, WWE Masters, Superstars & TOG~Fans! Be sure to check out all of the amazing images and video of King Grayskull!

In Hand Video Card Front and Back

Special thanks to Kris Traynor for posting a cool video showing off King Grayskull

In Hand Video Showing Off Shipper Box

Special thanks to Axel Gimenez for posting a cool video showing off King Grayskull’s shipper and the card front and back!

King Gray Skull Out of Package

Special thanks to Mr. Home Arcade for sending amazing pics of King Grayskull out of the package!


King Grayskull looks awesome from all angles and he comes with a blue Sword of Power! He has some really cool braids in the front and the back. Like his Masterverse figure, he’s sporting the cross in his hair!


Looks like King Grayskull found a friend or is that a foe!


King Grayskull Carded In Hand Images

The packaging further confirms the Powers of Grayskull line and seeing King Grayskull on card is outstanding with the glorios PoG branding on it. Dubbed, the Heroic Ancestor of He-Man, he looks amazing on card with the purlpe and greens that are eminated from the Powers of Grayskull logo.


The scene of King Grayskull calling on the powers (of Grayskull???) in front of the Eternia Central Tower!


The shipped boxes follow the standard MOTU deluxe packaging with an amazing Powers of Grayskull logo and a huge skull on the shipper box front. On the shipper box back, we have the pencil illustration of King Grayskull on front of the Central Tower in Eternia.

King-Grayskull-Eternia-Playset-Powers-of-Grayskull-MOTU-Origins-Card-Back 1

King Grayskull Official Images

King Grayskull was an early bird extra if you backed the Eternia Playset crowdfund during the first week!

MOTU Origins Eternia Playset King Grayskull

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