200x King Randor Leaked on MOTU Origins Wave 13 Card Art
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200x King Randor Leaked on MOTU Origins Wave 13 Card Art

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Thanks to yo_tengo_el_poder for posting leaked MOTU Origins card art showing a 200x illustration of King Randor tangled with 200x Skeletor! It’s a new year and new rumors are starting to swirl around about the next coming waves of MOTU Origins. As you know, Wave 12 was recently announced, which included Hypno from the Rulers of the Sun line, Tung Lashor, Snake Armor Skeletor, and Mini Comic Roboto. Also, MOTU Origins Wave 12 in hand images are surfacing in Malaysia! This new image provides more evidence that a 200x King Randor is next in line for Wave 13.

200x King Randor MOTU Origins Wave 13 Leak

This is how King Randor was animated in the MOTU 200x cartoon!

200x King Randor Animated Series

King Randor 200x

We don’t know what a King Randor MOTU Origins figure could like but if the animated 200x version of him is any clue we are in for a real treat! The card art gives us a good clue! It would be amazing to see this style of figure translated into an Origins design, even with a mechanical leg! King Randor also surfaced as part of an Amazon leak as well!

King Randor 200x MOTU Origins Amazon Leak
King Randor 200x MOTU Origins Amazon Leak
King Randor MOTU 200x Animated Cartoon
King Randor MOTU 200x Animated Cartoon

King Randor’s story was explored in the MOTU 200x cartoon in 2002, where:

In the 2002 Mike Young Productions remake, it is made apparent that in his youth, Randor was known as Captain Randor, a brave and steadfast warrior before being crowned King of Eternia by the Elders, although in the 1983 series, he is portrayed as having taken over the throne after his father, King Miro, disappeared. He even aids the Masters in a couple of episodes in their battles against Skeletor and his Evil Warriors and even the Snake Men. Apparently, after King Grayskull’s death, the Council of Elders was formed to rule Eternia. But after Keldor’s transformation into Skeletor they made Randor king as they became one with Castle Grayskull.

He is also tied more closely to the origin of Skeletor, having battled Skeletor when he was still Keldor during a war the Eternians call The Great Unrest. That war ended when Keldor and his forces attacked the Hall of Wisdom, home of the Elders, and Keldor and Randor engaged in a deadly duel that ended with Keldor hurling acid at Randor, only to have Randor deflect the acid with his shield, splashing the acid back at Keldor and burning his face, which led to his transformation into Skeletor. It is revealed by a writer that in this continuity Keldor and Randor are half-brothers, but it is never revealed if either knew that.

Prior to Captain Randor’s fight with Keldor, he was told by the Council of Elders they wish to make him King to succeed them as ruler of Eternia. Randor protests, saying he is a soldier, not a politician, but then turns his attention to the forthcoming fight. After beating back Keldor and his underlings, Randor calls for the Council, but is told by the Sorceress they are gone and have left him the means to create a powerful hero. Randor is unsure of this, likely thinking he will be responsible for training a great soldier, and is left asking “How will I know this hero?”

Many years after the fight with Keldor, Eternia has enjoyed many years of peace and prosperity, and Randor has taken up the mantle of King, now married to a woman named Marlena and fathered a son named Adam, the foretold hero Randor was responsible for. Although Randor is not aware his son is He-Man, it is likely explained that the inward courage, fortitude and bravery of Captain Randor passed to his son in latent ways, thus enabling Adam to have the means to become He-Man.

After the Council of Evil incident, King Randor established an Eternian Council consisting of himself; Chief Carnivus of the Qadians; Lord Dactys of the Speleans; the King Chooblah of the Kulataks; Queen Andreeno of the Andreenids; King Taurius of the Mintaurans; Hawke, representing the Avions, and some other unnamed council members.


In the NECA mini stature, King Randor is portrayed as a younger, more vibrant warrior and it would be amazing to see an armor design like the versions in the NECA statues. I doubt we would see a soft goods cape but if they are making more of a fury cape design, like we saw in the King Grayskull figure that in the Eternia Playset display at SDCC 2022, that is definitely doable!

King Randor MOTU 200x NECA Mini Stature
King Randor MOTU 200x NECA Mini Stature
King Randor MOTU 200x NECA Mini Stature Exclusive
King Randor MOTU 200x NECA Mini Stature Exclusive

MOTU Origins Wave 13 Romors

King Randor could be in could company and thanks to Mundo Masters on Instagram, for posting a tease of the next wave of Origins figures back in mid January 2023. Now we already covered a leaked list from some Amazon listings on alot of these characters which included King Randor (200x), Snake Teela (200x), Eternal G Infiltrator ward (a Snake Palace Guard? ), Spikor (vintage), Sssqueeze (vintage); and a Snake Trooper (line 88 vintage concept). So this new rumor from Mundo Masters on Instagram, crosses many of these same figures!

Rumors are gaining strength over the upcoming figures from the Masters of the Universe Origins collection… Mattel officially announces upcoming updates on the line, with the next waves “Snakemen” from regular figures, deluxe, packs and upcoming vehicles.. Looking forward to seeing what this 20šŸ3 has in store for us, stay tuned!!!

Mundo Masters del Universo on Instagram

MOTU Origins Rise of the Snake Men Wave 13 Rumors

Dragon Blaster Skeletor

Dragon Blaster Skeletor makes sense to be a deluxe figure for the next Wave 12, as only the single release figures have been revealed, but only time will tell. The vintage Dragon Blaster Skeletor action figure was released back in 1985 as a part of wave 4. Leader of the Evil Warriors, SKelly included his dreadful dragon with the paralyzing spray perched on his shoulder!

Dragon Blaster Skeletor Vintage on card
Dragon Blaster Skeletor Vintage Action figure

Dragon Blaster Skeletor was also released for the MOTU Classics Line in 2012, and was an incredibly cool and popular figure in the line! You can see how a highly articulated version of this character would look.

According to Dragon Blaster Skeletor Wiki | Fandom

As the ruler of EterniaĀ® following Randorā€™s banishment, SkeletorĀ® created a new magical armor infused with an Eternian Dragon, giving him the power to paralyze his enemies at first glance. His rule was cut short, however, when Skeletorā€™s former master HordakĀ® returned from Despondosā„¢ with the help of Evil-LynĀ®. HordakĀ® not only overthrew SkeletorĀ®, but drove the Snake Menā„¢ into hibernation. Forced into a war on multiple fronts, SkeletorĀ® continued to lead his Evil Warriors into battle, often having to fight side-by-side with his former enemies ā€“ the now renegade Masters of the UniverseĀ®. Perched on his masterā€™s armor, the Evil Dragon ā€œpetā€ of SkeletorĀ® stops his enemies cold with his paralyzing jet spray of venom

Dragon Blaster Skeletor (MOTUC) | DC Hall of Justice Wiki | Fandom
MOTUC Dragon Blaster Skeletor

Snake Face

We already covered the teases for Snake Face in More Snake Men coming to Origins in 2023! – (toyhabits.com) and MOTU Origins Wave 11 Rise of the Snake Men Card Art Teases (toyhabits.com) Unveiled during the CANAL DOS ROSMINEIROS live stream last year, they revealed the first of the Snake Men coming to Origins in 2023 and they were totally right! They had also revealed the additional Snake Men ā€“ King Hiss, Snake Face and Sssqueeze were also coming to Origins later in 2023! Please note, that this new wave of Snake Men have not yet been confirmed by Mattel nor any official images released, but our friends at @canaldosrosmineiros were right about the first wave of Snake Men, She-Ra and Beast Man Masterverse teases, so there is a really good chance we get these Snake Men  figures!

Snake Face was also a very unique character and all new sculpt for the vintage line. Released in 1987, this most gruesome of the Snake Men Warriors featured an eye & mouth popping snakes feature which would turn his enemies to stone! Activated by the action lever on his back, the snakes would pop out of his mouth, eyes and shoulders! Due to this action feature, Snake Face did not have the waist twist feature, nor neck articulation. His arms even had snakes wrapping around them. His body was a completely new sculpt with intricate details on his chest and arms. He also sported the Snake Men logo on his chest. Snake Face came packaged with the usual snake staff in green, and a snake themed shield as well.

According to the Wiki Grayskull:

Snake Face first appears in the minicomic “Revenge of the Snake Men!“, where King Hiss summons him and Sssqueeze from the dimension where the Snake Men are trapped. Snake Face’s powers are the main focus of the comic, since he uses them against Prince AdamExtendar and The Sorceress, who disguises herself as Queen Marlena. He-Man uses his Power Sword to revert the effect and, not long after that, in a battle in Viper Tower, He-Man turns all the Snake Men into stone, by reflecting Snake Face’s power of petrifaction back at them. Snake Face also appears in the minicomic “Energy Zoids“, where he transforms Rotar into stone to capture him and later makes him fight against the new Evil Warrior, Twistoid.

Snake Face | Wiki Grayskull | Fandom

Snake Face Illustration
Snake Face Vintage lilustration
Source: Snake Face | Wiki Grayskull | Fandom
Snake Face Masters of the Universe Vintage Figure Geared Up
Vintage Snake Face Figure Geared Up

Vintage Masters of the Universe Snake Face Close up image
Vintage Snake Face close up
Snake Face Masters of the Universe Vintage Figure Action Feature
Vintage Snake Face with snakes
Snake Face Masters of the Universe Vintage Figure Arm Sculpt
Vintage Snake Face close up
right side

Snake Face Masters of the Universe Vintage Figure Back
Vintage Snake Face back view
Snake Face Masters of the Universe Vintage Figure Lever
Vintage Snake Face back view close up button
Snake Face Masters of the Universe Vintage Figure Head Sculpt Back
Vintage Snake Face back view close up head

Masters of the Universe Vintage Snake Face front MOC
Vintage Snake Face front card back
Source: The Toys of He-Man and the Masters of the Universe
Masters of the Universe Vintage Snake Face rear MOC
Vintage Snake Face rear card back
Source: The Toys of He-Man and the Masters of the Universe

Snake Troopers & Slamurai

The result of a fusion between Snake Men Soldiers and the technology of the Horde Troopers, the Snake Trooper would be another figure that Mattel could easily create as they mostly use the Horde Trooper buck with a new head.

Snake Trooper MOTU Origins Amazon Leak
Snake Trooper MOTU Origins Amazon Leak
Snake Trooper Masters of the Universe Classics
Snake Trooper Masters of the Universe Classics

The Snake Troopers and Slamurai were introduced in a three pack that was inspired by the unreleased 1988 vintage concept wave. The price per set that year was $165.00, and surprisingly, it is still available at the Big Bad Toy Store. Here are the promo pics and also the final product from 2019:

Slamurai Snake Troopers Masters of the Unvierse Classics 2019 Power-Con Exclusive

Slamurai could be a simple repaint of the existing Ninjor figure, but in all white with different color accessories. This would be a quick and easy figure for Mattel to do. Maybe they are taking a cue from the MOTU Classics 3 pack and will produce a 3 pack with the Snake Troopers, similar to the Rulers of the Sun 3 Pack!

Ninjor MOTU Origins

This is the exact same mold that was used for the red and black Horde Troopers from the Power Con 2020 Evil Horde 4-Pack and I think the silver Horde Trooper looks like the commander in the bunch for me but in order to not go into army building debt, the silver troopers will need to be the ones that make up the bulk of the army.

Horde Trooper Masters of the Universe Origins Power-Con 2021 Comparison

Snake Teela

The Snake Teela was an exclsuive and one of the best reviews of the figure we have seen on by ActionFigureBarbecue, where he states:

Teela looks amazing. I really like the 200x Teela figure as she was a fantastic, modern update to Teela. I really wish MOTUC had included a 200x styled Teela at some point. This figure takes the standard Teela, gives her armor a darker paintjob (with more details), and gives her green, scaly snake skin. Yeah, the snaky detail is simply painted on but it sure does look good. She’s very bold and colorful, almost possessing the “cel-shaded” look you see in some video games.

Action Figure Barbecue

As far as an origins figure, they would mostly reuse the Teela buck but it would be amazing to see a green skinned, textured version but they need to be careful that the figure does not resemble the Goddess. It would be cool to see crazy hair and fangs on the head sculpt but that might be wishful thinking!

Snake Teela MOTU Origins Amazon Leak
Snake Teela MOTU Origins Amazon Leak
Snake Teela MOTU 200x Exclusive
Snake Teela MOTU 200x Exclusive

In the second season episode of the MYP cartoon series “Second Skin” King Hsss uses the Serpent’s Ring to turn a number of folks, including Man-At-Arms, Mekaneck, and Teela into Snakemen.

Snake Teela MOTU 200x Cartoon
Snake Teela MOTU 200x Cartoon
Snake Teela MOTU 200x Cartoon 2
Snake Teela MOTU 200x Cartoon

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