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Masterverse New Eternia Clawful In Hand Review

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Masterverse New Eternia Clawful was an exciting reveal and he looks lobstery hotl! Fresh from the lobster tank, we have him here for you in all his crustacean glory for an in hand review, anyone else in the mood for seafood? As like the other New Eternia figures, Clawful comes with a bunch of accessories, which gives you all sorts of display options, so you can give him various different looks. The back blue crab armor and additional front chest armor design are a fresh take on a classic character. We also do a MOTU Classics comparison and head swap at the end, so be sure to check it out. Also, we let you know where you can purchase your very own New Eternia Clawful as well!



Packaging and Art

Clawful comes back in the Masterverse window display box with the Masters of the Universe New Eternia branding on it.


Roy Juarez and his team did some amazing artwork on the Masterverse New Eternia Clawful, the Warrior with a grip of evil!
Art Direction & Graphic Design @manuel_eduardo_caritas
Artwork @scebiqu
Toy Design @lavakaiju
Story @yesreallyrob


Side Panel Art

On the side panel we can see Clawful running thru a misty swamp like environment with a dark red sky in the background.


Rear Box Art ad Bio

On the rear of the box we can see an amazing illustration of Clawful coming out of the swampy Eternia waters with the sunset sky behind him.


Clawful’s bio reads:

The nightmarish legends of Clawful are well-known among the sea-faring adventures of New Eternia. The king of the Claw People can shipwreck an entire vessel with a single snap. He has been rumored to pillage the wreckage and drag sea-fares to the deepest, darkest waters. Captains change course at the mere mention of his name. But they are only rumors…aren’t they?



Pack Out

Clawful comes packed with multiple accessories which include:

  • Green Club
  • Gold Shield
  • Gold Chest Armor
  • Back Crab Shell
  • Crab arm band

Clawful Details

Clawful’s design is a new take on his classic look. His chest crab armor is part of his sculpt and is nicely done. He has wonderful details on his arms as they continued the crustacean like barnacles from his claws up his wrists for added detail. His legs are a reuse of Buzz Off with the added bumps along the sides, but his feet are a new design. Similar to Buzz-Off’s insect like feet, but they have additional barnacle details to them and are in a nice shimmery blue color. Let’s dive into the details on Clawful a bit closer, shall we?



Clawful’s head is a new design on his classic look. He looks much more menacing as his pupils in his eyes are whited out, and he has a lot more teeth showing. He also has a bit of a black wash on his head as well. One thing lacking on this head sculpt is Clawful’s signature bushy eyebrows, in my opinion, these eyebrow’s look a bit too thin for his face, and don’t really give him that classic Clawful look. In any case, I really prefer his classic look, and that is why below you will see that I did a MOTU Classics head swap. I really think he looks better with that MOTUC head and will be how I will be displaying my Clawful from now on.


Chest & Back:

Mattel did a stellar job when it comes to Clawful’s chest and back design! They incorporated his crustacean like chest armor into his chest sculpt, rather than it be a added on piece of armor as has been typical on past releases for Clawful. There is a nice bronze color trim around the edges of the layers of shell on his chest, and a very nice linear pattern on them. You can still see his abs painted in a red color to match, peeking out from the bottom of the shell area and they did a nice job hiding his ab crunch this way. The back side has a nice shell pattern detail in the center of his back as if the crustacean shell is coming together.


Armored Chest & Back:

The newest part of Clawful’s “New Eternia” look is this added golden yellow chest armor he comes with. They did a beautiful job on this, as the chest armor has a shell-like appearance, and has a translucent blue jewel in the center of it. On the back side, there are two clips you can stow his included green club. You will also see below that this is where his blue shell back piece plugs into as well. Clawful looks great geared up with his chest armor on!



Claw Shell Back:

Another new feature that is very “New Eternia” like for Clawful is this blue crab shell back piece he comes with. It is red with shimmery blue accents on the flared out tips and has a very crab shell like look to it. They included barnacle details on this as well. You basically pull his head off and place it over his head, then clip it onto the clips of his yellow armor in the back to stay in place as you can see from the images.



Clawful’s arms are similar to those of Buzz-Off, but are actually a unique design. You can see from the photos that his forearms and wrists have crustacean and barnacle details on them that continue down to both his claws. On his right side, he has a giant Loster claw that can be opened and closed. It doesn’t have a snapping hinge on it, but rather is articulated so it can stay open. On his left side, he has a much smaller claw, again very similar to Buzz-Off, but is a new sculpt as you will notice crustacean and barnacle details on it as well. Both his claws are a nice lobstery red color.


They did an excellent job on his claws, but one thing is that perhaps he could use some reinforcement to hold victims in his large claw, as his arm seemed to droop a little when he had a victim in his clutches.



Clawful’s waist design incorporates the typical MOTU loin cloth but with some added shell-like detail to the center of it. His belt is a shimmery blue color and matches his boots as well. They really did a nice job with changing up the look of his loin cloth with the added center detail.



Clawful’s legs are a reuse of Buzz-Off’s legs, but his feet however are a new design. They look very similar to Buzz-Off’s in that they are the same insect like feet, but these feet have crustacean details added to them that make them look excellent! They are also in the same shimmery blue color as his belt and look incredible!



Clawful comes packed with:

  • Green Club
  • Gold Shield
  • Gold Chest Armor
  • Back Crab Shell
  • Crab arm band

MOTU Classics Comparison

In comparing the MOTU Classic version of Clawful to the New Eternia version, you can see that the new Eternia version is taller and large in stature. Also the Classics version employed the chest armor route when it comes to his crustacean chest armor, whereas the New Eternia version, it is part of his chest sculpt and looks much better. Also of course the New Eternia version uses pin-less joints and has added points of articulation like double jointed elbows and knees. The MOTU Classics version of Clawful looks very much like his classic form, especially in the head sculpt, which I love! I really like his silly look with the big eyes and the bushy eyebrows. I love this New Eternia Clawful for all his added extra armor, Although the MOTU Classics version of Clawful looks very much like his classic form, the New Eternia version gives us so much more display options. Also his double articulated claws are a plus as well. But one thing I wasn’t thrilled with was the New Eternia head sculpt. So I did a head swap below, which we will now take a look at.


MOTU Classics Head Swap

The one thing I was loved about the MOTU Classics version of Clawful was his head sculpt. I really like his silly look with the big eyes and the bushy eyebrows. I love this New Eternia Clawful for all his added extra armor, crustacean details, added articulation and such, but one thing that was a big miss for me anyway was his head sculpt. Some people might be a fan of the new menacing look for Clawful, but for me personally, I am not a fan of the whited-out eyes and thin eyebrows. So, I decided to pick up an extra MOTU Classics Clawful head and do a head swap with it. I must say that this MOTU Classics Clawful head looks incredible on the New Eternia version! I absolutely love this looks on him and is how I am going to be displaying my New Eternia Clawful from now on!


Looks like Clawful is making friends with Buzz-Off as they found something in common with each other, LOL…. Claws!


Where to Buy

Ram Man Masters of the Universe Masterverse Deluxe
New Eternia Ram Man
Clawful Masters of the Universe Masterverse Deluxe
New Eternia Clawful

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