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Cobra Range Viper GI Joe Classified Series In Hand Images

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Special thanks to the surveillance_port (by way of Joseph Wedel) for posting in hand images of the highly anticipated Walmart Exclusive GI Joe Classified Series Range Viper! Set to hit Collector’s hot little hands in late September, it is great to get a preview of what the actual figure will look like and it looks outstanding! It was only back in March where the official images were leaked and preorders went live at Walmart Collector Con in March 0f 2023.


The face sculpt and head (or brain) sculpt came out amazing and it looks like real brains bulging from his skull although we all know it’s a helmet. The yellow paint app on the chest pays a nice homage to the vintage figure and it has less of a gold tone to than the digital renders and the professional shots from Hasbro. We can’t wait to see more pics of this Cobra army builder so stay tuned for once we see them!





Cobra Range-Viper Official Images

The Range-Viper was also leaked today and the figure sculpt and pack out makes this the must have army builder of 2023! He also comes with a gaggle of weaponry and you can definitely see a squad of Range Vipers adorning collectors shelves once this figure is actually released.


The head sculpt came out fantastic and it’s creepy you can see his exposed brain!


He comes with his classic vintage style machine gun and, once again, these photos are amazing!!!


This figure looks very Terminator’esque as you would not want to run into him in a dark alley, let alone a dark forest.


The blues, blacks, and yellows really came together nicely on this figure and Hasbro even tempted us with a squad shot!


The Cobra Range Viper was also originally released by Hasbro in 1991 as part of Wave 10. This is another great army builder figure in the line. He has a very unique design in that he is wearing a face mask that looks to be some sort of breathing apparatus with a huge oxygen supplying backpack. He has mostly a blue and black color scheme, with gold bullets strapped to his chest and a bright yellow belt. This is going to be another fun one to see in the Classified 6″ scale.

Range Viper 1991 GI Joe on Card
Range Viper 1991 GI Joe on Card
Range Viper 1991 GI Joe Loose
Range Viper 1991 GI Joe Loose

GI Joe Classified Series Preorders

Range Viper and Night Force Big Ben went up for preorder:


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