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Mer-Man MOTU Origins Cartoon Collection In Hand Review

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We are super excited to bring you the Ocean Warlord himself for a special Mer-Man MOTU Origins Cartoon Collection in hand review! It’s like Mer-Man stepped right out of your CRT TV onto your toy room shelves! The Cartoon Collection is shaping up to be amazing and this wave is no exception! Mer-Man is a classic character and he comes packed with Pearl of Power to subjugate the underwater city of Aquatica and mind control its people in the 51st Filmation episode City Beneath the Sea. He also comes packed with his aquatic trident! So let’s dive into the Mer-Man MOTU Origins Cartoon Collection In Hand Review!


Mer-Man comes with one gripping hand and one flat palm hand so he can grip his trident with his right hand and hold the Pearl of Power with his left hand.


Packaging and Card Art

Mer-Man comes packed on the MOTU Origins Cartoon Collection card back and he looks amazing with his weapons and accessories front and center! On the cross sell, we can see the previous figures in the wave which include Cartoon Collection figures Teela, Trap Jaw, Mer-Man, and Stratos.


The card art is inspired by the City Beneath the Sea Master MOTU Filmation episode. You can see Mer-Man with the Pearl of Power, and a mysterious red robe character Shelandor standing with Mer-Man in the throne room of the City of Aquatica. Mer-Man uses the Pearl of Power to capture He-Man and his friends! We can see some incredible teases including Filmation Battle Cat! If you want to read more about the card art, check out Michael’s incredible Mer-Man Cartoon Collection Card Teases Battle Cat & Shelandor article!


Figure Details

Mer-Man’s Cartoon Collection figure is pretty spot on with his Filmation look! There is a little controversy on the face sculpt and the facial expression, but all in all this is very reminiscent of what Mer-Man looked like on the cartoon series. I would have rather his face sculpt had a little bit more of an open mouth more like the Super7 5.5 Vintage style figure, which we will compare to below. But in hand, I have to say that he looks much better in person, and I really like him! He is a medium teal color, and actually is a nice tone that goes with his cartoon image.


From the side profiles, you can see how they reused the same bucks on the rest of the male figures, but with a Mer-Man head sculpt and unique wrists, hands and feet.


His face sculpt is close to Mer-Man’s look on the Cartoon, but a bit off with the expression on his face. But in person, I don’t mind it and he looks pretty cool.


He has pointy aquatic looking fingers with is very cool and simple gloved wrists in yellow to match. His armor is simplified as are the other Cartoon Collection figures to give it a more animated look with nice shoulder armor. He is wearing an orange colored loin cloth. His legs are the same teal color as the rest of his body and he has simplistic but pointy looking boots with aquatic toes on his feet.


Mini Comic

The Mer-Man Cartoon Collection figure includes the new mini comic titled “Perilous Power” featuring Stratos and Mer-Man on the cover. You can read the entire comic if you like below. In the comic it teases the Sorceress, Shelandor, Princess Nami, the Aquatic Mer People, and Orko!


pages 1-2


Pages 3-4


pages 5-6


City Beneath the Sea Cartoon Episode

With ships disappearing beneath the sea with no explanation, Prince Adam, Man At Arms and Cringer set sail to figure out what has been going on.


They spot a city beneath the city! And suddenly the ship begins to shake and a giant whirlpool starts to shallow up the ship beneath the ocean, taking them to the underwater city! Prince Adam turns into He-Man and rescues them, but they are still taken to the underwater city.


They’ve been taken to the city of Aquatrica as some Aquatic warriors capture them and take them to the leader of Aquatica. There they met a mysterious red robe character who claims that the surface dwellers are the ones who attack Aquatica and they are merely defending themselves.


The Red Robed character turns out to be Shelandor, advisor to Princess Nami who is teased in the mini comic packed with Mer-Man! Shelandor, announces that their ruler is approaching. Suddenly Mer-Man arrives with a pearl in his hands! Mer-Man has been sinking the King’s ships in an effort to takeover Eternia!


Mer-Man uses the Pearl of Power to capture He-Man and his friends as depicted on the card back art work!


They are sent to an area to battle the Lorbos giant crab creature


He-Man makes quick work of the Lorbos, and Mer-Man sends his Aquatic Warriors after He-Man!


Shelandor, seeing what Mer-Man was doing to He-Man and his friends, realizes he is on the wrong side, and comes to He-Man’s rescue!


Shelandor explains that Mer-Man has captured Princess Nami, ruler of the Aquatic people and lied to the people of Aquatica and blamed the surface dwellers. So he made them mistrust the surface people, that and the Pearl of Power makes them believe Mer-Man’s lies. Shelandor knows a spell that helps him resist the Pearl’s magic, so he asks He-Man for his help in rescuing Princess Nami. Shelandor takes them to where Princess Nami is being held.

He Man and the Masters of the Universe City Beneath the City 20

There they find the Princess, but the Monster approaches! But He man takes care of him easily!


He-Man returns to the Throne Room to dethrone Mer-Man and returns the Pearl of Power to Princess Nami to tell her people the truth and return to her throne!


Mer-Man Official Images

Below you can see the official images of Mer-Man and he looks just as he appeared on the Filmation Cartoon series, He-Man and the Masters of the Universe. Packed with his trusty trident and Pearl of Power from the City Beneath the Sea episode, this version of Mer-Man is sure to be a fan favorite!

Mer-Man MOTU Origins Cartoon Collection 3
Mer-Man MOTU Origins Cartoon Collection 1

Here you can see the official images of Mer-Man comes holding his his trident and the Pearl of Power!

Mer-Man MOTU Origins Cartoon Collection 4
Mer-Man MOTU Origins Cartoon Collection 2

The official pack-out for Mer-Man is pictured below.

Mer-Man MOTU Origins Cartoon Collection 5

Seen here from the episode City Beneath the Sea, Mer-Man is holding the Pearl of Power

City_Beneath_the_Sea_Mer-Man Pearl of Power

Mer-Man Cross Sell

Mer-Man appeared on the cross sell for both Trap Jaw and Teela Cartoon Collection figures, and which is super exciting to see because I have personally been waiting for a cartoon accurate version of Mer-Man in the Origins line for a very long time! As you can see from the illustration below, they captured his goofy fish face and teal body color from the Filmation cartoon! The closest thing we got in this scale figure has been the Super 7 5.5″ Vintage Style figure from back in 2019, which we will take a closer look at below.


Mer-Man was depicted as a member of Skeletor’s Evil Warriors, a group of villains dedicated to overthrowing Castle Grayskull and conquering Eternia. He was often portrayed as a loyal and cunning servant of Skeletor, utilizing his aquatic abilities and commanding sea creatures to aid in their evil plans. Mer-Man’s presence in the Filmation MOTU series added depth and excitement to the ongoing conflicts between He-Man and Skeletor. His underwater abilities and role as a loyal henchman made him an iconic and memorable part of the Masters of the Universe animated universe.


Vintage Mer-Man and Super7 5.5″ History and comparisons

Original Mer-Man Figure (1982): The first Mer-Man action figure was released in the initial wave of Masters of the Universe toys in 1982. Mer-Man was depicted as a green-skinned creature with webbed feet and hands. He wore a chest harness and carried a trident as his weapon. In the accompanying animated series, Mer-Man served as one of Skeletor’s henchmen, using his aquatic abilities to aid in his evil schemes.

Mer-Man Masters of the Universe 1987
Mer-Man 1982 vintage carded 1

In 2019, pop culture icon toy maker Super7 released a Filmation cartoon accurate version of Mer-Man for their Vintage Filmation 5.5″ figure line.


Figure Comparisons

Here we can see the new Cartoon Collection Mer-Man compared to the vintage 1982 figure and the 2019 Super7 5.5″ Vintage Style figure. You can see the biggest difference between the two Cartoon style figures is the head sculpt and facial expression. I think Super7 did it best when it comes to capturing the animated look of Mer-Man and the classic look on his face! I still really love this new Origins Cartoon Collection version, but I still think the face sculpt could have been a little bit better. The skin color of the Origins version is a teal color where as the Super7 version is a darker blue that more closely matches the Filmation Cartoon.


Here we have the new Cartoon Collection Mer-man compared to the Super7 5.5″ Vintage style Mer-man. I still really like the face sculpt of the Super7 version best, but the new Cartoon Collection Mer-man is really awesome!


Here we have the new Cartoon Collection Mer-man compared to the Super7 Club Grayskull MOTU Classics Mer-Man who is a 7″ scale figure. Then also the Super7 5.5″ Vintage style Mer-man on the photo with the 3 figures.


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