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Stratos MOTU Origins Cartoon Collection In Hand Review

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We are super excited to bring you the Winged Warrior himself for a special Stratos MOTU Origins Cartoon Collection in hand review! It’s like Stratos flew right out of your CRT TV onto your toy room shelves! The Cartoon Collection is shaping up to be amazing and this wave is no exception! Stratos is a classic character and he comes packed with his Staff of Avion.


He just looks so incredible and cartoon accurate!


He uses the Staff of Avion in the Reign of the Monster Filmation episode. Skeletor needs this staff in order to free the Torgs and King Von’s prince of destruction who has been captured for years in a crystal.


Packaging and Card Art

Stratos comes packed on the MOTU Origins Cartoon Collection card back and he looks amazing with his weapons and accessories front and center! On the cross sell, we can see the previous figures in the wave which include Cartoon Collection figures Teela, Trap Jaw, Mer-Man, and Stratos.


The card art is inspired by the Reign of the Monster MOTU Filmation episode. You can see Stratos holding the Staff of Avion, trying to protect the bird people from the attack of the Torgs.


Figure Details

Stratos’ Cartoon Collection figure is pretty spot on with his Filmation look! His face sculpt is spot on and I just love how they recreated that stoic look on his face, and bearded chin!


From the side profiles, you can see how they reused the same bucks on the rest of the male figures, but with a Stratos head sculpt and unique wrists, hands and feet. His wrists do not have any cuffs or anything sculpted onto them, but instead have his red wings cuffed to them. They are solid rings so they won’t just fall off like on previous versions, so this is a vast improvement.


His face sculpt looks incredible and is a stunning homage to how Stratos looked in the cartoon series. They did an excellent job capturing his animated likeness.


I love that this Cartoon Collection version of Stratos comes with red wings and a blue backpack as the original Origins version come with blue wings and a red backpack.


His legs are the same grey as the rest of his body and he has simplistic red boots.


Mini Comic

The Startos Cartoon Collection figure includes the new mini comic titled “Perilous Power” featuring Stratos and Mer-Man on the cover. You can read the entire comic if you like below. In the comic it teases the Sorceress, Shelandor, Princess Nami, the Aquatic Mer People, and Orko!


pages 1-2


Pages 3-4


pages 5-6


Reign of the Monster Cartoon Episode

This episode opens where Skeletor visits the Torgs and King Von in their cave, and promises to free their prince of destruction, Molkrom. But the magic of the Elders is too strong and only something with their power will free him. Skeletor’s power is not strong enough to accomplish this so he needs to the Staff of Avion to free him.


He-Man and his friends join Stratos and the bird people for a celebration of the Staff of Avion. But suddenly they are being attached by the Torgs.


The capture Stratos in order to get the Staff of Avion. Skeletor needs the Staff to free Molkron as the staff is endowed with the power of the Elders, the same power that imprisoned Molkrom. They kidnap Stratos and steal the Staff of Avion from him.


Skeletor frees Molkrom. and orders him to trap He-Man and friends behind a stone wall!

He Man and the Masters of the Universe Reign of the Monster 9

Skeletor then rides Molkrom like a steed to Castle Grayskull where Molkrom and the Sorceress battle with their powerful magic.

He Man and the Masters of the Universe Reign of the Monster 13

Meanwhile. He-Man performs one of his classic punches to break down the stone wall, and appears at Castle Grayskull with a rope to restrain Molkrom. Teela finds where the Torgs are keeping the Staff of Avion. Stratos gets the Staff of Avion to He-Man at Castle Grayskull.


He disposes of the staff before it explodes and it destroys Molkrom sending hime back to his crystal prison once more!


Molkrom is returned to his crystal prison and the staff is returned to the Bird People and all is well once again in Eternia!


Stratos Official Images

Decked out in his classic gray, red, and blue paint apps, Stratos is ready for flight and will be landing in collector’s hands soon!


Complete with the Staff of Avion, the Cartoon Collection pays homage to his classic accessory from the Filmation series.


He looks amazing posed with this Staff and he is also ready to take flight.


Stratos Cross Sell

Stratos appears on the card back cross sell for Trap Jaw, and it’s great that we are getting another iconic Heroic Warrior in the Cartoon Collection. The Filmation version of Stratos has been made in the 5.5 inch scale back in 2019 for the Super 7 5.5″ Vintage Style line, which we will take a closer look at below.


Startos, the Winged Warrior from Avion is protrayed as one of He-Man’s most trusted friends and beloved Heroic Warrior. He appeared on a whooping 15 episodes of the Filmation Cartoon! The most memorable of his appearances has got to be Betrayal of Stratos where Hawke discovers Stratos struggling to repair the generator, and then accuses him sabotaging it. He then struggle to prove his innocence throughout the whole episode. At the end, of course we get a happy ending where the Egg of Avion is returned to its rightful place, and then the Bird People and Stratos cheer for He-Man.

Stratos1980s Filmation
Stratos1980s Filmation Ram Man

Original Startos Figure (1982): The first Stratos action figure was released in the initial wave of Masters of the Universe toys in 1982. Stratos was depicted as a grey skinned winged creature with red boots, red wings an cloth. He wore a blue jetpack chest harness and carried the staff of avion as his weapon. In the accompanying animated series, Stratos was one of the Heroic Warriors and assisted He-Man in his many battles against the Evil Warriors. As seen below, Super7 made a vintage Filmation figure paying homage to his cartoon appearance.

Stratos Super7 Masters of the Universe Vintage Style 2019 Wave 4
Stratos super7 vintage style

Figure Comparison

Below you can see the new Stratos Cartoon Collection figure next to the Super7 5.5″ Vintage style figure and the new MOTU Origins Cartoon Collection figure does it best! His colors and the way his wings are attached are vastly superior! Also another comparison below is the Super7 Club Grayskull MOTU Classics figure, and I still really love the Cartoon Collection version!

Cartoon Collection vs. Super7 5.5″ Vintage Style
Cartoon Collection vs. Super7 Club Grayskull MOTU Classics figure

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