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Masterverse Revelation Classic Mer-Man In Hand Review

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Just about a month ago, we got all those incredible reveals during the Masters of the Universe Masterverse Monday MOTU 2023 Reveals, and Classic Mer-Man was one of the standouts of the bunch! We we’re lucky enough to get the Masterverse Revelation Classic Mer-Man for an in hand review! This new version of Mer-Man is inspired by look of Mer-Man from the Netflix Revelation animated series from the pre-Apocalyptic look of Mer-Man before he got battle hardened. So this is the “Classic” Mer-Man we have been waiting for! So glad we finally got this Classic style Mer-Man with very cool pearlescent coral inspired armor and his classic corn cob sword like we saw in the Revelation series flashback.



Packaging and Art

Mer-man comes packed in the Masterverse window display box with the Masters of the Universe Revelation branding on it. The rear of the package includes some incredible artwork by Joseph Zacate. We can see an amazing illustration of Mer-Man commanding the creatures of the Crystal Sea! Mer-Man’s bio reads: Prior to Skeletor’s disappearance, Mer-Man was The Lord of the Destruction’s reluctant ally. He commanded an army of Aquaticans and terrorized the Crystal Sea, proving to be a valuable resource in the fight against He-Man and the Masters of the Universe. Their inability to see eye-to-eye, however, often led to their downfall.


In Roy Juarez‘s Instagram post, he said “A look at the packaging for the upcoming Masterverse Revelation Mer-Man, the Ocean Warlord!” He also credits the team for the amazing work!

Playing in the Masterverse sandbox:
Art Direction & Graphic Design @manuel_eduardo_caritas
Artwork @josephzacate
Toy Design @lavakaiju
Story @yesreallyrob


Pack Out

Merman comes with his classic corn cob sword, 2 fists, additional hands which include open web right hand and a gripping left hand.


Rear Box Art

On the rear box art we can see Mer-Man commanding his undersea legion with an outstretched hand and his sword in tow.


Side Panel Art

On the side panel we can see Mer-Man framed by wave crashing against the rock he is standing on!


Netflix Revelation Cartoon look:

This version of Mer-Man is a more classic version we but, from the Netflix Revelation cartoon. From his aquatic seashell pearlescent chest armor, to his crusty corn cob sword, to the look on his face, Mattel really nailed the animated look of Mer-Man perfectly!

Per Mer-Man | Wiki Grayskull | Fandom

Mer-Man did not always see eye to eye with Skeletor and Evil-Lyn, but on occasion could be pursuaded to collaborate with them. He made his home in the Crystal Sea where he ruled over the Aquaticans. During one such time, they pirated the luxury liner Sea Eagle as it sailed into Mer-Man’s territory, the Crystal Sea. The Aquatican underlings of Mer-Man made sure to secure the wrists of He-Man and Teela with special cuffs powered by a magic crystal. The two heroes were then dragged into the water to drown, but Man-At-Arms, wearing special scuba attachments, swam out of nowhere to save them. Back on board the Sea Eagle, the heroic warriors swiftly defeated Skeletor, Mer-Man and his warriors,

Years later, Teela was reminded of the earlier encounter when she once again crossed the Crystal Sea, this time accompanied by an unlikely group consisting of Evil-Lyn, AndraOrkoBeast Man and Roboto, who helmed the ship. Once again they were attacked by the Aquaticans led by an older, more ravaged looking Mer-Man, and just like the previous encounter, Man-At-Arms showed up out of nowhere to safe the day. Man-At-Arms and Evil-Lyn forced Mer-Man to show them the way to the gate of Subternia. Mer-Man swore revenge after fulfilling his duty and being let go.

Mer-Man | Wiki Grayskull | Fandom

Figure Details

Mer-Man was an exciting reveal and a welcome new version of a Masterverse character! Although the Revelation version of Mer-Man was a cool figure in his own right, he was a far departure of the Mer-Man we all know and love. Fans were left clamoring for a classic version of Mer-Man in the Masterverse line. It is great to finally get to see the packaging and art for the figure.




This Revelation Mer-Man head sculpt is a direct translation of the Netflix animated series! Representing the pre battle more classic look of Mer-Man. Mer-Man’s head design is very simlar to the Wave 4 Masterverse version of Mer-Man but with both eyes., as opposed to the Wave 4 version that had one eye closed and scared from battle. The back of his head is to be as expected and is a simple design, representing that typical Mer-Man shape you would expect in the Revelation style. The gills and ears flare back at such an intense angle and I like that they left the scull smooth and rounded as not to compete with the other parts of the head sculpt.


Chest , and Back

This version of Mer-Man shares the same standard buck as the rest of the Revelation figures. His chest and back however are a new mold where his shoulder and upper back areas have some gill like folds molded into them, adding the aquatic look to this figure. This version of Mer-Man comes with really cool chest armor that has a very cool pearlescent finish to it, that makes it look like pearls and coral from the sea!



Mer-Man’s arms are similar to that of the Wave 4 version, but he has some nice large wrist gauntlets that are in a shiny yellowish okra color. He comes packed with one gripping right hand and one open webbed left hand. There are the 2 additional fist hands packed with him, as well as another right open webbed hand and left gripping hand. His hands are in the same shinny yellow plastic color as his wrist gauntlets to look like gloves.



Merman is wearing a teal-colored belt and it has what looks to be a small version of the aquatic looking tie that the vintage figure used to have in a golden yellow color with a blue jewel in the middle. Mer-Man is wearing an orange colored loin cloth and looks to be more of a cloth or skinned version versus the fury kind we usually see on Masterverse figures. It looks longer and more tattered looking than the standards loin cloths and contributes to that more savage look of this version of Mer-Man. It is made of a yellowish oranges semi-translucent plastic that gives it an ocean kelp kind of look.



This version of Mer-Man has different shim guards than the wave 4 version, They are nice orange colored shin guards with gold colored accents.



SWORD: Mer-Man comes packed with his classic style corn cob sword. It has a ton of crusty detail on it, and is in a shinny okra colored plastic.

HANDS: Mer-Man comes packed with four extra hands, in addition to the ones that comes standard on the figure. There are 2 closed fist hands and one left gripping hand and one open webbed right hand. The fingers have a webbed look, to go along with the fact the Mer-Man is an aquatic creature. They are in the same shinny yellow plastic color as his wrist gauntlets to look like gloves.


Figure Comparison

This new Wave 9 version of Mer-Man is still molded after the look of Mer-Man in the Netflix Revelation cartoon, but in the pre-battle look. He has a darker skin tone than the Wave 4 version, and is not battle worn and scared like Wave 4 is. This is a welcome change, as the Wave 4 Mer-Man was a huge departure of the Classic style Merman we all know and love. Wave 4 came with a short, a bi-dent and no chest armor. He had scars and one eye and looked like he had seen better days. So this Wave 9 Classic Mer-Man is the Mer-Man we have all been waiting for, corn cob sword and all!

Mer-Man Revelation Geared Up
Mastererse Mer-Man Revelation Wave 4

Where to Buy

You can purchase Mer-Man and the rest of Wave 9 from the following retailers:

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