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Mattel Creations Exclusive Frog Monger In Hand Review

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Frog Monger, Dungeon Dweller of Castle Grayskull is the latest in the MOTU Origins Mattel Creations Exclusive! He went up for pre-order back on January 17th, and started shipping to collectors this past week. This little green guy has really endeared himself with MOTU collectors as a brand-new character that made his way into our hearts! I was truly excited to see this one become an actual figure as he has been hinted to on multiple card arts and packages the past few years. .Frog Monger is a character that originally comes from one of the creatures from the Castle Grayskull dungeon grate sticker. But Mattel has been sprinkling him on several package artwork throughout the Origins line, so we figured it was just a matter of time before they made him into an official figure! Well, now we have him in hand, for this very special In Hand Review!

I fell in love with this little green guy the moment I saw him when he was revealed back on October 11, 2022 as part of Mattel’s Press and Influence MOTU event. A totally adorable new character to the Origins line, Frog Monger is a super bright green frog man with yellow spots on his arms and legs. He is wearing a metal collar around his neck that connects to the jet pack on his back. He looks to share some parts with the standard MOTU buck and but with a new torso and creature arms and legs of Skeletor. His face is super cute with bright yellow eyes and big yellow fang teeth. He comes with a new weapon and unique comic book.



Official Product Description:

Frog Monger is jumping from background illustration to full figure. First introduced on the original Castle Grayskull Dwell of Souls Dungeon decal, we gave this character his own articulated figure along with a tragic backstory.  

  • Masters of the UniverseĀ® Origins Frog Mongerā„¢ 
  • First-ever Frog Monger MOTU Origins figure based on original Castle Grayskull decal 
  • Comes with a themed mini-comic book and removable jetpack and laser gun to accentuate storytelling or enhance a MOTU  
  • Masters of the Universe Origins figure stands at 5.5-inch scale with 16 articulated joints 
  • Based on illustrations by Axel Gimenez 
  • Standard Origins blister card packaging featuring the Origins MOTU logo and signature red rock lava art graphics 
  • Comes in a DTC Shipper box featuring pencil sketch of Frog Monger escaping the Castle Grayskull dungeon 
Frog Monger MOTU Origins Mattel Creations Preorder 9
Frog Monger MOTU Origins Mattel Creations Preorder 10


Frog Monger comes packaged in the same cardboard shipper box as all the rest of the MOTU Origins Mattel Creations exclusives. On one side there is a sketch of Frog Monger with some sort of serpent at his feet and on the other side is yet another beautiful sketch of him as well. He comes in a typical single card release Mattel Creations style card back with an illustration of Frog Monger and “New for 23” on the top corner of the front of the card back. The back side includes a beautiful artwork which we will look at below.



Card Art

We get beautiful artwork on this Mattel Creations exclusive by Axel Gimenez. Frog Monger is prominently featured escaping from the dwell of souls. dungeon grate. You can see that Frog Monger is coming out of the dungeon grate along with other creatures that were featured on the dungeon grate sticker of the vintage Castle Grayskull. There is even a tease of the cosmic key sitting on the ground! You can also see broken chains hanging from above. Can these creatures be more figure teases as well? We already saw the skeleton warriors in the huge Eternia display at SDCC last year. We can also see what looks like maybe King Chooblah in the background.

Frog Monger MOTU Origins Mattel Creations Card Back Art 2
Frog Monger MOTU Origins Mattel Creations Card Back Art 3

Frog Monger up close and personal

Frog Monger, straight from the Castle Grayskull Dwell of Souls Dungeon comes leaping at you with his bright green skin, bulging yellow eyes, and spotted frog skin. This latest Mattel Creations exclusive figure is the first character to come to life from the Dungeon grate sticker off the vintage Castle Grayskull, and Mattel did an amazing job with his design! Let’s take a closer look at Froggie!




Frog Monger brings us an all new never before seen character to the Masters of the Universe line! With a unique frog like face and , yellow bulging eyes, a large open mouth with yellow teeth, this guy is super unique looking and super cute! He has great detail sculpted around his mouth and around his head that really give him that frog looking characteristics.


Chest and Back

Frog Monger’s chest is a brand new sculpt to the Origins line, but is not new to the world of MOTU! If you recall, this torso sculpt is shared with none other than Modulock! So could this be a hint that perhaps this torso can be re-used for an upcoming Modulock figure?

His chest has some nice angles sculpted into as well as some frog like warts or bumps for texture as well. His torso includes some darker green accents as well.

His back also shares that unique shape that wraps around from his torso, that looks like the vintage Modulock figure. He is wearing a cool removeable silver jetpack strapped to his back, that has an antenna at the top and blast effect at the bottom.


Arms, Waist and Legs

Arms: Frog Monger uses the standard MOTU Origins creature arms buck in his green frog color, but has some brand-new unique hand tooling. His arms have some yellow spots painted on them as well. He is sporting some cool new three fingered green hands that are similar to that of Tung Lashor, but unique all their own! The back of his hands also have yellow spots painted on them.


Waist: His waist is the standard MOTU Origins loin cloth in a brown color with the 3 studded belt in a yellow color.

Legs: Frog Monger’s legs are made of the standard MOTU Origins legs, with standard creature feet, but you will notice that his ankles have all new fins sculpted into them. His legs are also the same green plastic as the rest of his body, and also have yellow spots painted onto them.



Frog Monger includes one accessory he can hold onto and another that he wears. He has a three-pronged space gun, and also a removeable jetpack that is connected to a collar that he wears around his neck.


Laser Blaster

Frog Monger’s Laser Gun is a brand-new accessory, never before seen in the MOTU Origins line! It is a very cool three-pronged blaster that has a very futuristic almost space gun look to it. It is made of the marbling silver colored plastic that many MOTU Origins accessories have been made of. It’s super fun to pose Frog Monger shooting his Laser Blaster!




Frog Monger is wearing a jetpack on his back that is connected to a collar that he wears around his neck. It kind of looks like a rocket with a small antenna on the top. The Jet pack is removable if you remove his head and pull it off. It also has a small pearlized purple accent circle painted on the front.


Mini Comic

A new mini comic comes packed with Frog Monger called “Hoard of Frog Monger” and tells us the whole backstory of how this little green guy came to be. He was once a Lucious, a Sorcerer prince, and then becomes Frog Monger! Below are all the pages of the mini comic if you would like to read it. You will also notice a little tease at the end to the New Adventures of He-Man with the Starship Eternia!







Toy Photography fun

If any of you follow our Toy Habits Instagram page and The Toy Sorceress Instagram page, you will see the Toy Sorceress loves Toy Photography, so here are some photographs for your enjoyment and inspiration! The new Frog Monger figure was so muh fun to photograph he got to finally join the rest of his MOTU buddies! Enjoy!!!



“Buddies Forever”

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