McFarlane DC Super Powers Wave 6 Leaked List

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Special thanks to both Toy Huntershollow on Instagram and friend of Toy Habits, Cullen, for the heads up that a leaked list has surfaced on for McFarlane’s Wave 6 of upcoming DC Super Powers figures! The new McFarlane DC Super Powers toys are overflowing with nostalgia and harken back directly to the vintage Super Powers Line! McFarlane’s DC Super Powers have come back strong to retail and this next wave brings us some figures fans have been clamoring for! So let’s dive in and take a look at McFarlane DC Super Powers Wave 6 Leaked List!

Batman (Gold Variant)

Based on the 1990 release of the Kenner Tec Shield Batman, yes we have another repaint in this line. This Batman can be an easy repaint to either the Hush Wave 1 Batman or the Dark Knight Detective Wave 4 Batman. In any case, I guess you can’t have too many Batman’s in your DC Super Powers collection. Vintage Kenner Tec Shield Batman from the Dark Knight collection shown below for reference.

Kenner Tee Sheield Batman figure
Kenner Tee Sheield Batman carded

Lord Superman

Lord Superman is an interesting selection, and one that can make a really cool Superman figure! BAsed on his black and white Superman outfit, Lord Superman pictured below is based on his Batman Beyond comic appearance. This version of Superman would make a great addition to your DC Super Powers collection.

According to Superman (Justice Lord) | Superman Wiki | Fandom

In Batman Beyond, the effects of Lex Luthor’s power disruptor are temporary. When the Lords’ powers are restored, Lords Martian Manhunter, Green Lantern and Hawkgirl refuse to choose sides in the conflict between Lord Superman and Lord Batman (as Lord Batman had eventually managed to convince the three of them that the Justice Lords’ methods are wrong) and leave Earth in disgust. Lord Superman marries Lady Wonder Woman during their war against Lord Batman and his benevolent followers. When the League returns to the Lords’ world to help Lord Batman, the League’s Wonder Woman and Lord Batman fall in love; she remains in the Lords’ world and marries him. The League’s Batman is heartbroken; he and Wonder Woman were attracted to each other, but he thought a romantic relationship in the team would cause trouble.

Decades later, Lord Batman dies fighting the other Lords; the world remains under their tyranny, with wars between Lord Superman and Lord Batman’s followers. Although the League’s Wonder Woman returns to mainstream Earth, Superman and Batman’s successor Terry McGinnis are suspicious; their Wonder Woman and her Lady counterpart are identical, and they think this Wonder Woman may be Lord Superman’s wife working as a spy. McGinnis travels to the Lords’ world, and learns about Lord Batman’s death. The comics introduce parallel-universe versions of Terry McGinnis and Dick Grayson. In this world, Lord McGinnis never meets Bruce Wayne (and never becomes Batman); Lord Grayson is an officer on the Justice Lords’ task force, despite being Lord Batman’s partner decades before. Lord Superman arrives on the League’s world with his followers—including the Justice-Lord versions of Warhawk, Aquagirl (Mareena), Micron, Captain Marvel, the Flash (Danica Williams), and Curare—telling the Justice League that Wonder Woman is his wife

Superman (Justice Lord) | Superman Wiki | Fandom
Lord Superman
Lord Super Man CArtoon

Green Lantern (Hal Jordon)

Released in 1984, Green Lantern was always a quintessential member of the Super Powers team, and Hal Jordon has always been the Green Lantern I remember as a kid and grew up with. I always loved his Kenner Super Powers figure, as a kid. I never had that figure growing up because I received Aquaman as a holiday gift and my sister got Green Lantern, so we had it. We played with our Super Powers figures together as kids, so we would not get duplicate characters, so my sister always had Green Lantern snatched up. Well as an adult collector, I have been to obtain my own Kenner vintage Green Lantern figure, but I will always have fond memories of playing Super Friends with my sister and admiring her Green Lantern from a far.

According to Green Lantern (SuperPowers Figure) | SuperFriends Wiki | Fandom:

The Ringed Ranger

Test pilot Hal Jordan was mysteriously taken from his plane one day by an eerie green glow. Brought to the crash site of an alien vessel by it’s pilot, Abin Sur, Jordan was named to replace the dying Sur as Green Lantern, protector of space sector 2814. It was Jordan’s noble spirit and force of will that led the ring to seek him out as a replacement. Green Lantern has a powerful ring that responds to the user’s will, all-powerful except for an impurity which renders it unable to affect all yellow objects. Green Lantern’s ring must be repowered every twenty-four hours from the battery that is linked to the central power source on the planet Oa.

This figure’s power action allowed him to point his Power Ring in the forward direction, as if using it. This action was accomplished by squeezing his legs together.

The Green Lantern figure was released in 1984 as part of the Super Powers Collection‘s first wave of figures. Green Lantern’s mold would later turn up repainted as the Riddler, but the majesty still remains.

Green Lantern (SuperPowers Figure) | SuperFriends Wiki | Fandom

Super Powers Green Lantern
Super Powers Green Lantern vintage

According to: Hal Jordan | SuperFriends Wiki | Fandom

Hal Jordan is the greatest Green Lantern, an Intergalactic Space Patrolman and member of the Green Lantern Corps, chosen by the Guardians of the Universe for his ability to overcome great fear.

The strength of his willpower allows him to wield the universe’s mightiest weapon, a power ring controlled by his thoughts.

In his secret identity he is a test pilot working for Ferris Aircraft where his boss Carol Ferris is also his romantic interest. His powers are useless against anything colored yellow. He is also a founding member of the Justice League.

Hal Jordan | SuperFriends Wiki | Fandom


Sinestro, memeber of the Legion of Doom, yes man to Lex Luther and arch enemy to Green Lantern, he can always be seen wheedling a yellow power ring of his own. Remember for his purple skin, SInestro never got an original release in the Kenner Super Powers line. Well now, just like Black Manta, he will be coming to the new McFarlane DC Super Powers line!

According to Sinestro | SuperFriends Wiki | Fandom

Once considered the greatest Green Lantern in any sector, Sinestro came to believe that the only way to ensure order in the universe was through the reign of fear. Founding his own Corps on that basis, Sinestro became one of the deadliest threats the Green Lanterns have ever faced. He has clashed frequently with Hal Jordan; the relationship between the two is a complicated one, a mixture of animosity and respect in equal measure. He uses his yellow power ring to ensure a reign of terror wherever he goes. Throughout his villainous career, he became a member of the Legion of Doom to plague his arch-nemesis, Hal Jordan, as well as the other Justice Leaguers.

Sinestro | SuperFriends Wiki | Fandom

The Flash (Gold Variant)

The Flash Gold Varaint has got to be a take on the first two Flash figures we have but in a gold color. The closet thing McFarlane has done for this is the Flash Earth-52 figure. But since this is just a leaked list, we don’t know if this will be a simply repaint of the Revese Flash we already have coming from Wave 5 or the original Flash from Wave 1, or will it be a take on this Flash Earth-52 figure? Only time will tell, but here is a look at all 3.

Flash Earth 52 McFarlane
Reverese Flash Super Powers Wave 5 1
Flash DC Super Powers 1

Batman of Zur En Arrh

The Batman of Zur En Arrh is based on Grant Morrison’s intriguing Batman R.I.P. story where Batman dons a purple cowl with a brazen red-and-yellow Batsuit. Based on the recent McFarlane Release, this batman can be an easy but colorful; repaint to either the Hush Wave 1 Batman or the Dark Knight Detective Wave 4 Batman we all loved!

Batman of Zur En Arrh illustration
Batman of Zur En Arrh McFarlane

Toy Sorceress’ Vintage Collection

If any of you follow our Toy Habits Instagram page and The Toy Sorceress Instagram page, you will see the Toy Sorceress loves Toy Photography, so here are some photographs for your enjoyment and inspiration!

Where to Buy

McFarlane DC Super Powers Wave 6 Batman of Zur En Arrh 7
Batman of Zur En Arrh
McFarlane DC Super Powers Wave 6 Gold Suit Batman 5
Batman Gold Variant
McFarlane DC Super Powers Wave 6 Hal Jordon Green Lantern 8
Hal Jordan Green Lantern

McFarlane DC Super Powers Wave 6 Lord Superman 7
Lord Superman

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