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Ripper GI Joe Classified Series In Hand Images

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Huge thanks to Bobby B from Bees Battlegrounds and sb_toyz for posting these incredible GI Joe Classified Series Ripper in hand images!

It seems like only a month or two ago that Ripper went up for preorder, and he is starting to show up in collector’s hands already! Huge thanks to Bobby B (@beesbattlegrounds) • Instagram photos and videos and sb_toyz (via gi_shark)for posting these GI Joe Classified Ripper In Hand Images! Ripper is one of my personal favorite Dreadnoks, and seeing Ripper in hand is so exciting because he turned out absolutely incredible!

Source sb_toyz

Ripper looks amazing with this sunglasses on! Also, spiked bicep band and his tattoo really pop on the figure! Look at that mug…a face only a mother could love!


Seeing Ripper here with the rest of the released Dreadknoks is a dream come true to all GI Joe fans!

RIpper is rockin’ a cool mohawk, tattoos and a razor necklace! The camo on his shirt turned out really great and his jeans looks perfect! I think the GI Joe team learned how to do blue jeans after the release of Shipwreck!

Ripper Official Images

Ripper comes with his Jaws of life, his glasses comes off to reveal his face. He has some cool tatoos and razor blades on his necklace. He comes with removable sunglasses and his classic weapons. He is sporting his signature mohawk. 

Gi Joe Classified Ripper Dio 5
Ripper-GI-Joe-CLassified-Series-SDCC-2023-Dio 2
Ripper-GI-Joe-CLassified-Series-SDCC-2023-Dio 3

Gi Joe Classified Ripper Dio 4
Gi Joe Classified Ripper Dio 3

Ripper-GI-Joe-CLassified-Series-SDCC-2023-package rear



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