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MEGA Power Sword Mattel Creations Exclusive March 2023 Speculation

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According to the Mattel Creations launch calendar, there is a MEGA Mattel Creations exclusive slotted to go live for preorder on March 20, 2023 at 9am PT on the Mattel Creations website! According to Jay from Geek Dad Life, he saw a MEGA Power Sword at Toy Fair Germany so we are thinking that this could be the next MOTU MEGA Mattel Creations exclusive. Jay said the MEGA Power Sword is in scale with the MEGA Havoc Staff. This would be amazing at it would compliment the MEGA Havoc Staff that was debut at Power Con 2021 and is still for sale on Amazon so if you want to pair these two together, order the Havoc Staff! We could be totally off and this is just speculation on our part as we are trying to piece information together from various sources.


MEGA Power Sword Concept

Since we don’t have official images yet, we love to draw inspiration from the customizing community and Orion Pax has provide a bueprint and, our professional opinion, inspiration for Mattel’s MOTU MEGA line! His work is amazing and you can see from the pic of Castle Grayskull on his website. It would be AMAZING if Mattel came close to designing something as beautifully constructed and thought out as Orion Pax’s designs! We doubt that Mattel would go as far as making a stand for the Power Sword but this stand is a great idea as the Havoc Staff needed a device that a guitar would sit on for the wall in order to display it. The colored wrap on the hilt is such a great idea and we love the two different heights for the stand so it sits at an anlge. The sword shape is spot on we love the depth and dimension in the design.


The bricks of the Power Sword sit on different plains, giving it a 3D look. Also, there are options for your build, like using different colors to simulate a sheen on the sword. For example, in the image below, the top of the sword has metallic looking bricks, which gives it a really unique look and is a cool effect.


Here is a close up of the hilt and crossguard design and it looks absolutely stunning! The handle has some heft to it and is a great length and it appears you can place both hour hands around it.



About Orion Pax

Orion Pax has been building a variety of models over the past two decades and he gives you the ability to recreate his designs. On his website, you can buy the building instructions and build those models yourself. Think of it as a recipe to create the amazing work that is poured into these designs. Here is how you can find Orion Pax:

  • View and purchase all downloadbale PDF building instructions (including XML parts list). Please note, he does not ship This shop does ship physical models!
  • Instagram: @orionpaxone

MEGA Havoc Staff

Mega Construx Masters of the Universe Havoc Staff

If you have not purchased the MEGA Havoc Staff, we highly recommend it! It is an easy build (just took a couple hours) and is easily one of the greatest pieces in the MOTU MEGA Collection, next to Snake Mountain and Castle Grayskull of course! One of the stand out sets from Power Con 2021 is Skeletor’s Havoc Staff and this was an impressive piece so see in person! Due to the length of the staff, I needed to make a spot of the wall but that should be no problem! Here is a short video so you can get a sense of the size and scale:

Channel Skeletor’s evil magic with the power of his malicious Havoc Staff. Measuring 40.5-inches in length, this collector’s building set replicates the ancient artifact with authentic styling and mystical detail. Sturdy enough to be wielded by the Evil Lord of Destruction himself, our version of his signature scepter has been designed to honor The Dark Lord. Draw on that dark energy and build your own sorcery. This set features:

  • Highly collectible Havoc Staff replica building set modeled after Skeletor’s signature scepter, with authentic detail, studded shaft, bottom-end handle and iconic Ram Skull of Zelesia
  • This sturdy staff is built to be held and measures 40.5-inches long
  • 741 bricks and pieces combine with all Mega Construx building toys and are compatible with other name brands
Mega Construx Masters of the Universe MOTU Havoc Staff package
Mega Construx Masters of the Universe Havoc Staff Package
Mega Construx Masters of the Universe MOTU Havoc Staff side view

Currently in stock and available for order on Amazon at the link below:

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