Legends of Dragonore New Dragons Preorders and Official Images

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The Legends of Dragonore New Dragons are coming soon and preorders for Ignytor start Jan 24th!

Update 01/24/24 Preorders are live

With a September 2024 release date and retailing for $75, preorders are now live for Ignytor on BBTS.com and Formo.Toys.com. All new official images have been released and are below.



It’s really cool to see how this new dragon scales with the rest of the Legends of Dragonore action figures. Here we can see him standing next to Barbaro and you can see how Ignytor towers over him!

Formo Toys Legends of Dragonore Dragon Ignytor comparison to Barbaro 1
Formo Toys Legends of Dragonore Dragon Ignytor comparison to Barbaro 2

Here we can see Ignytor from all sides and it allows you to see both his standing position and how he can be uses as a beast for your figures to ride on.






Where to Buy

You can preorder Ignytor on the following websites:

Legends of Dragonore Ignytor, Fallen King of Dragons Deluxe Figure (bigbadtoystore.com)

Ignytor – Fallen King of Dragons 10″ Figure | My Site (formotoys.com)

Update 01/22/24

Enter the Dragon because Formo Toys has announced that their new Ignytor Dragon will go up for Preorder starting January 24th! That’s in two days and we can’t be more excited for this one! We will update you when we get more information, in the meantime enjoy this amazing image from Formo Toys on Instagram!

According to Formo Toys on Instagram:

The Dragons are coming!
Ignytor pre-orders are opening Wednesday, January 24th.
We will share more details Tuesday, stay tuned!


Formo Toys on Instagram
Legends of Dragonore Dragons preorder 1

The Dragons release will be staggered starting with Ignytor, followed in Q2 2024 by Pyrant and then Q3 2024 for Scrorchwing. The explanation to this staggered release is below.

According to: Formo Toys (@formotoys) • Instagram photos and videos

Ignytor will go up for pre-orders on Wednesday, but what happened to Pyrant and Scorchwing? Don’t worry, they are still coming, but we decide to do things a bit differently. First, these items are going to be more expensive than a single regular figure and we felt it was not right to ask customers to pay for all three at once; especially since we plan to start pre-orders of Wave 2 in a not-so distant future.
We understand this may not work for everybody, but we think the large majority of our customers prefer to space them out.

The dragons are also very expensive to produce and releasing three of them at once would have been a much larger project, having to sell a lot more to make them happen all at once. In the image above, you can get a rough idea of the timeline we planned. Of course we would love to stick to it as much as possible, but things can always change. There are many variables in producing toys but rest assured we are very committed to Legends of Dragonore and to give our customers the best figures possible.
Tomorrow we will follow up with all the info about the Ignytor pre-orders.

The Formo Team


Formo Toys (@formotoys) • Instagram photos and videos
Legends of Dragonore Dragons preorder 2

Formo Toys teased us today on their Instagram page with a video featuring their new Dragons as part of the Legends of Dragonore toy line! They had a huge display at last year’s 2023 ZOLOCON Sci-Fi Fantasy Expo. They were showing off their new Legends of Dragonore line, which featured their new Dragons that are coming to the line in 2024! They had displayed their Wave 1 figures that went up for preorder last year, then in the center of the table we noticed 3 new Dragons! Those new Dragons were a very exciting add to the very popular new line of toys, as they can be both stand alone action figures up on two feet, or you can use them as a beast for your other figures to ride on with a staddle, and they then stand on four feet. That is a very cool added feature and will make these new Dragons an amazing add to this incredible new toy line! Ever since they revealed these at ZOLOCON Sci-Fi Fantasy Expo., we were wondering when they were going to be coming to the line! Well looks like the Legends of Dragonore New Dragons are coming soon!

Formo Toys Legends of Dragonore Dragon tease image

ZOLOCON Sci-Fi Fantasy Expo 2023

Below is a photo of the Formo Toys both at the ZOLOCON Sci-Fi Fantasy Expo last year. As you can see they’re were 3 new Dragons featured at the center of the display. Ever since they revealed these, we were wondering when they were going to be coming to the line! Well looks like it’s going to be soon!

Below is an image of Wave 1, which includes Barbaro, Oskura, Onitor, Pantera, Yondara, Ka-Rem and the build a figure Divine Armor of Power. We will recap all of those characters for you below! But next to the wave 1 figures you can see some new Dragons! Let’s take a look at those next!

New Dragons

We have zoomed in on the image of the 3 Dragons at the center of the display. Although the image is blurry, you can make out 2 additional Dragons besides Pyrant (formerly Ignytor) the Red which was revealed at last year’s Power Con. Pyrant (formerly Ignytor) the Red is of course the Red Dragon in the center of the photo. But then there is a new Green Dragon (Scorchwing, Mother of the Forest) and Blue Dragon (Pyrant, Lord of Desolation) on either side of Pyrant the Red!

According to Formo Toys (@formotoys) on Instagram:

From our display at Zolocon, meet the Legends of Dragonore Dragonhunt line up!

And if you just discovered our toy line, due to overwhelming demand, pre orders are opened again for a limited time!
You can still get your set of figure from our website: formotoys.com

Formo Toys (@formotoys) on Instagram

The cool thing about these Dragons is that they can be displayed standing upright or on all 4 legs! When they are on all 4 legs, they have any included saddle to place your action figures on them so they can ride on top! This is such an exciting addition to the line, so I am now all in! Are you?

According to Formo Toys on Instagram

From our display at Zolocon, let us introduce Pyrant, Lord of Desolation and Scorchwing, Mother of the Forest, along with Pyrant the red and the new saddle. from the Legends of Dragonore Dragonhunt line up!

More info about the dragons will be released in the following months.

Formo Toys on Instagram

Pyrant, Lord of Desolation

Here is a closer look at the new Blue Dragon known as Pyrant, Lord of Desolation! He looks absolutely incredible and I can’t wait to get my hands on these new Dragons! Pyrant, Lord of Desolation comes with battle armor and skirt on as well, in gold color. The Dragons can be displayed both standing up human style or on all 4 legs!

Scorchwing, Mother of the Forest

The Green Dragon, known as Scorchwing, Mother of the Forest looks amazing! He is wearing yellow battle armor and a loin cloth of some sort. I love the red accents in his wings, and his green color reminds me of the forest!

Pyrant (formerly Ignytor) the Red

Pyrant (formerly Ignytor) the Red is the first of these new Dragons! He was shown off at last year’s 2022 Power Con! He looks absolutely spectacular. It looks like our Hero Barbaro can ride Pyrant the Red if he is in the 4-legged position, or Pyrant can stand up as well! Looks like he will come with an elaborate staff and chest armor! They said there will be more info to come later this year.

Below are the images posted to Yo Tengo El Poder’s Instagram page from last year’s 2022 Formo Toy’s Power Con display, this new dragons wave was announced to be coming to the Legends of Dragonore line, and we could not be more excited!

Where to Buy

You can visit the Formo Toys shop or click the images and links below:

You can also find them on BBTS! Legends of Dragonore (bigbadtoystore.com)

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