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Action Sailor Recon Diver 60th Anniversary GI Joe Classified Series In Hand Images

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The GI Joe Classified Series 60th Anniversary Action Sailor Recon Diver is showing up on shores and in collectors hands! Thanks to the Full Force Podcast for posting images from Simon Riley, we can see in hand images of the forthcoming Recon Diver in more detail. Back in December, we first saw the box shot and official image leaked so it’s great to get an up close and person view of the figures that pay homage to the vintage 12″ GI Joes. The Recon Diver went up for preorder during the December 2023 Hasbro Pulse FanStream and if you were one of the lucky few who the pricing error on Entertainment Earth, you saved yourself $10!

January 30, 2024 Update: Action Sailor Recon Diver Shipping from Amazon

Good news! The Action Solider Recon Diver is shipping from Amazon on January 31, 2024! If you want the figure, head over to Amazon and place your preorder!


January 24, 2024: Action Sailor Recon Diver In Hand Images

The 60th Anniversary GI Joe Classified Series figures come with a humungous packout and a mini submersible vehicle.


The Recon Diver is an updated, modern version of the vintage figure and no detail was left untouched! On the back of the oxygen tank, you can see his Cobra kills and some writing that lets you know the pack is “property of special forces unit.”


The submersible is the most interesting accessory because it is really a very small vehicle that is highly detailed. It comes with a radar screen, a fan, and handles the Recon Diver can hold on to while he is on his underwater missions.


The black and dark green paint app makes it the perfect color scheme for night dives and it’s great to get another army builder on the Joe side. The submersible looks great in-hand and we are looking forward to when this hits the United States in April.


Recon Diver Reveal and Official Images

The Recon Diver will also be at the deluxe price point. He also comes with a submersible, which is like a mini vehicle!


The dio shots are amazing as you can imagine the Recon Diver on a special mission in the dark of night. He also looks great swimming with his harpoon gun.


With an alternate head sculpt, you have many display options and you can even use the extra head for your Cobra Eels army if you choose!


The figure also look great out of the water and with the packout and details on the wetsuit, this figure will surely standout!


The packout looks amazing on display, which is music to in box collector’s ears!


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