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MOTU Origins Whiplash Official Reveal and New Figure & Package Images

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Revealed today on social media and as seen on the ¡Yo tengo el Poder! Instagram page, a ton of new MOTU Origins Package Images emerged online, and we got an official MOTU Origins Whiplash Reveal!

Seen today on the ¡Yo tengo el Poder! Instagram page, brand new images emerged of MOTU Origins figures! We get a few new in package images and brand-new images of Whiplash. As we covered in our previous article Whiplash Confirmed for MOTU Origins Wave 9, thanks to North Eternia, we were able to report that some Canadian websites had photos of Origins Whiplash, confirming he was part of Wave 9! This cements his slot in the wave along with King Randor, Digitino and Mini Comic Trap Jaw. At the time we only got a head and torso image of him; well today a full body image was seen as well!

MOTU Origins new image reveals


As we reported, Whiplash has shown up on Canadian websites as part of the Wave 9 Preorder. Also back in February a trusted inside source confirmed that Whiplash, King Randor, Mini-Comic Trap Jaw, Digitino and a creature exclusive with a mystery mate which we now know are Teela with Zoar. The only remaining character that had yet to be officially revealed in Origins was Whiplash, but now we a ton, and I mean a ton full official images! We get views from every freakin’ side of Whiplash and he looks absolutely amazing!!!

Whiplash MOTU Origins Reveal Front 4
Whiplash MOTU Origins Reveal Front 2
Whiplash MOTU Origins Reveal Front 3

In a complete tribute to the vintage Whiplash, this new Origins figures is an amazing upgrade to the vintage figure we all know and love! The skin tone is a bright green, and the chest armor is a deeper color green. The head sculpt looks like a cross between the MOTU Classics and the vintage head sculpts. The new MOTU Origins Whiplash’s neck looks more proportional to the body and shares the same legs with Clawful and Buzz Off. His tail is removeable and looks to be a slightly hard plastic than the vintage, but we will only be able to tell, once we get him in hand! We now get a view of his back side as well where you can see the amazing detail in that removeable tail design. I am so excited for this one!!! Mattel knocked it out of the park once again!

Whiplash MOTU Origins Reveal Front Close
Whiplash MOTU Origins Reveal Front Staff
Whiplash MOTU Origins Reveal Tail

200x He-Man

The origins (pun intended) of this version of He-Man comes from the MYP Masters of the Universe cartoon and toy line from 2002 and Mattel really paid homage to that style of figure in an Origins buck! In 2002, Mattel launched a new Masters of the Universe toy line most commonly referred to today as the MOTU 200x or MOTU Modern Series. The figure sculpts featured the talented designs by the Four Horsemen who remained faithful to the original Masters of the Universe toy line. The figure design was a modern version of the classic figure that featured sharp angles and sculpts that were unique to each figure. Sadly, due to lack of interest in the toy line and lower-than-expected ratings for the show itself, this series was cancelled midway through its second season. I was surprised to see figure revealed as part of the mid March MOTU figure’fest and Mattel did an amazing job with the attention to detail on this figure. The 200x sculpts back in 2002 were an intentional departure from the stalky MOTU buck we grew up with and were designed with the animation series in mind.

He-Man Masters of the Universe 200x MYP
200x MOTU Origins He-Man Reveal Front 1

You can see the nods to the original 200x figure with the coloring of the chest harness, loan cloth, and the weapons and accessories. Even the Power Sword, shield, and axe were designed in this style paint apps, making them look a little plain. That said, there is nothing plain about the Power Sword and I am so thrilled that we are getting the 200x version of the sword is it intricately detailed. You can also see that the axe is also highly detailed but a small paint app would bring that out more as some of the more finer details get lost in an all gray sculpt. The shield also has extra rivets on it like the MYP design, making this set of weapons unique to this figure, which is rare since Mattel could have simply reused prior He-Man weapons but they went above and beyond.

200x MOTU Origins He-Man Reveal Front 3
200x MOTU Origins He-Man Reveal Box Art
200x MOTU Origins He-Man Reveal
200x MOTU Origins He-Man Reveal Front 2

He-Man’s harness has a leathery look and feel to it and the unique chest armor piece is right in the middle with red and gold paint accents. One aspect that I have always loved about He-Man’s chest armor is that he can stow his Power Sword in the slot in the back. The belt that is integrated into the loin cloth has a studded look and feel and it also pays homage to the MYP figure. He also has a brand new head sculpt with a more wind swept look to his hair, completing the 200x look.

200x MOTU Origins He-Man Reveal Weapons and Accessories
200x MOTU Origins He-Man Reveal Back

200X Skeletor

Also announced during Mattel’s week of reveals in mid March 2022 is the 200x version of Skeletor! Following suit with the 200x He-Man from the MYP series comes 200x Skeletor based on the Masters of the Universe 200x of Skeletor (or He-Man and the Masters of the Universe modern series) figure ! Sculpting a brand new Power Sword, head sculpt, loin and chest armor, and shin armor, the Origins version of 200x Skeletor is off the charts amazing! The closed hood design in the head sculpt mirrors that of the MYP version but is brighter and matches the MOTU Origins style quite well! Like the 200x He-Man, the weapons could have used a different paint app to bring out the details and it would have been great if they had spit the sword down the middle but it does carry the same spirit as the original sword from 2002. The Havoc Staff is reused from previous versions of Skeletor but if they were going all out with these figures, which they appear to do, a different style Havoc Staff would have been the icing on the cake! That said, they still look great and compliment the figure nicely!

Skeletor Masters of the Universe 200x MYP
200x MOTU Origins Skeletor Reveal Front 1

The devil is in the details with this 200x Skeletor and there are several new parts that were sculpted, setting it apart from other versions of Skeletor, which is a welcomed change. First, the head sculpt is brand new and you see less of his face as the hood wraps all the way around his chin and is much thicker at the chin. I love the chest armor as it weaves in the purple and blacks that are found in the MYP version but in Origins style. The red jewel in the middle of the armor ties in nicely with the unique shin armor that is also a new piece for this figure. I love the way the knee is disconnected from the armor, which gives him a unique look! Skeletor is no stranger to custom loin armor for that down there protection and there are several aspects to his armor that make it stand out. First, the middle piece protecting the goods hangs to his knees and his thighs are flanked with armored protection that have a very cool design to it!

200x MOTU Origins Skeletor Reveal Front 2
200x MOTU Origins Skeletor Reveal

Unlike He-Man, Skeletor does not have a place to stow his Power Sword but I get that they would have had to make the holder so large that it would have detracted from the look of the figure. All in all, this version of Skeletor is amazing and I am so happy they are venturing into to the 200x line becuase this opens the to many other amazing 200x figures they could produce in the Origins style buck!

200x MOTU Origins Skeletor Reveal Front Back
200x MOTU Origins Skeletor Reveal Front Close
200x MOTU Origins Skeletor Reveal Weapons and Accessories
200x MOTU Origins Skeletor Reveal Front 3

King Randor

On the first day of last month’s Mattel’s week of reveals, the regal King Randor, Ruler of Eternia, and father to Prince Adam was revealed! Back in February, we heard leaks of him likely to hit in Wave 9, according to our Toy Habits informant. This week, thanks to North Eternia we learned that King Randor too has appeared on some Canadian websites for pre-order! So we knew it wouldn’t be long until we got additional details on King Randor. Now we get a closer look at one of my personal favorites and the figure I was most looking forward to!

King Randor MOTU Origins Reveal Front 1
King Randor MOTU Origins Reveal Weapons and Accessories
King Randor MOTU Origins Reveal
King Randor MOTU Origins Reveal Front 3

This version of King Randor is a complete homage to the 1980’s version, with his red and gold shinny armor, gold arm bracers, crown, orange pants, and blue boots. Where Mattel diverged from the Vintage was that they decided to go with a plastic cape, rather than the soft goods cape of the original. From the rear image, you can tell the cape looks similar to that of the Origins Scare Glow and Keldor. King Randor may look like the Burger King, but I think he looks absolutely amazing and I can’t wait to get him in hand!

King Randor MOTU Origins Reveal Front 2
King Randor MOTU Origins Reveal Back


The Horde is getting an infusion of one more villain to the ranks with the single carded Mantenna! I was sure this would be a deluxe figure but I stand corrected seeing him in package. The original Mantenna from the vintage line had 4 faux legs, which were actually two legs stuck together but the Origins figure went all out with creating a true four legged sculpt with individual articulation in each leg.

Mantenna MOTU Origins Reveal Front 2
Mantenna Masters of the Universe Origins Official Image
Mantenna Masters of the Universe Origins Official Image
Mantenna MOTU Origins Reveal Front 1

The blues are a lot darker in the Origins version, which is consistent with the paint apps for the Origins line. He has an action feature on his head that makes his eyes bulge out, which is very well hidden and baked into the head. He is a really cookey character but he’ll look great next to the Power Con 2021 Filmation style Hordak so you can relive your favorite scenes from the She-Ra Princess of Power cartoon. Now all we need is a trap door for Hordak to send poor Mantenna down and you can reenact your favorite Princess of Power moments!

Mantenna MOTU Origins Reveal Weapon
Mantenna MOTU Origins Reveal Action Feature
Mantenna MOTU Origins Reveal Front Close
Mantenna MOTU Origins Reveal Back


The only vehicle to revealed during Mattel’s week of reveals, the Roton is an updated version of the vintage evil assault vehicle from 1984 with a twist! The Roton is a vehicle which was piloted by the warriors in the Filmation cartoon and it was made into a vehicle in 1984. Originally, the Roton was built without a cage and the monster face on the front but looking back into history, a model kit was created by Monogram which features the inspiration for the MOTU Origins Roton. The Roton is fitted with razor-sharp blades that whirl around as the vehicle travels and was so fun to play with as a kid. This was a present I remember opening up during the holidays and I played the heck out it! It was fun to see the blades spin around or send it down the stairs to a fiery demise. The addition of the cage and the monster face add an extra layer of displayability to the classic looking vehicle.

Roton Monogram Snap Tite Model Kit
Snap Tite Monogram model kit box
Roton MOTU Origins Reveal Front 2
MOTU Origins Roton

The box art has a dark motif to it, which is very fitting for the evil warriors. Axel. Gimenez did a fantastic job paing homage to teh classic box art, which you can find on the Battle Ram Blog plus an exhaustive history of the evil assault vehicle if you are interested. The new box art shows just how devastating it would be to drive one of these vehicles through he terrain of Eternia as evidenced by the dust, rocks, and smoke this sucker kicks up! I guess it would be more devastating to find yourself on the other end of the spinning blades but we’ll save that for another day! If you look closely at the box art, you can see what looks like Kobra Khan on the bottom left creeping underneath the rocks. If you want to see more teased figures based on the MOTU Origins box and card art, we’ve rounded up the potential future releases so check it out for a fun read!

Roton MOTU Origins Reveal Box Front
Roton MOTU Origins Reveal Box Front
Kobra Khan MOTU Origins Tease on Roton
MOTU Origins Roton Box Art
Roton Masters of the Universe Origins Vintage Box Front
Vintage Roton Box Art via the Battle Ram Blog

Mattel stated that the Roton would be a bit larger than the vintage version, which I am guessing accommodates the new cage and monster face. It measures 8.5″ tall (with the cage) by 8.66″ wide. In contrast, according to a photo from Wheeljacks’s Lab who always photographs his inventory with a ruler (brilliant idea by the way!), the vintage Roton measures approximately 7″ wide so the new MOTU Origins Roton is a full 1.5″ larger than its vintage predecessor.

Roton MOTU Origins Reveal Front 1
Roton Masters of the Universe Origins Vintage Dimensions
Vintage Roton Dimensions
Roton MOTU Origins Reveal Measurements
Roton MOTU Origins Reveal Pieces

In addition to the origins reveals, we finally saw Masterverse Zodac officially revealed so be sure to check this out his article to see all of the new images!

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