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Mutated Moss Man Turtles of Grayskull Box Art Reveal

Roy Juarez and team dropped the Mutated Moss Man box reveal on Instagram today! The mutated mossy warrior is slotted as a Walmart exclusive and it’s great to see the box art and packaging. The Turtles of Grayskull deluxe figures are off the chain and if Mouse-Jaw is any indication of the quality, details, and playability, we are in for a cool treat with the deluxe figures!

Roy announced on Instagram:

“Eternia‚Äôs living manifestation of nature, Moss Man, joined He-Man to investigate the mysterious disturbance at the Swamp of Gangoon. After an ambush took him out of commission, Moss Man rose from what felt like a nightmarish slumber as brainwashed abomination of all he once held dear.”

Mutated Moss Man Packaging

The Muated Moss Man packaging is stellar and the translucent green figure is the perfect color for the whole presentation of the box and artwork!


On the side panels, you can see Moss Man in his mutated form! On the right panel he has a more “normal” look and on the left panel he has his Little Shop of Horrors look!


On the back of the box you can see Mutated Moss Man tangling (pun intended) with Leonardo in a cool swamp scene.


Mutated Moss Man

Mutated Moss Man looks to be a cross between Moss Man and the stranger things Demogorgon. He is made of translucent green plastic and not flocked. He comes packed with a Demogorgon accessory and 2 translucent blue blast effects.


Mutated Moss man is wearing some crazy purple armor that looks very organic, like weeds growing off his body. He has brand new beast like hands and he has Demogorgon feet!


From all angles, Moss Man looks like a force to be reckoned with!


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