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Mutt and Junkyard GI Joe Classified Series In Hand Review

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In a highly anticipated release, Mutt and Junkyard made a surprise debate at SDCC 2023 in the Hasbro booth, and ever since then, collectors have been really excited about this release. Mutt & Junkyard are a classic pair of figures that harken back to the pinnacle of the best of the vintage A Real American Hero vintage action figures. I really love this deluxe set. as they are a stunning homage to their vintage counterparts. We were lucky enough to get ours from Entertainment Earth, and they should be showing up in collector’s hands very soon! I got to tell you, these guys were so much fun to photograph, so enjoy this Mutt and Junkyard GI Joe Classified Series In Hand Review!



With Mutt’s mask and his helmet on, it really captures his vintage look.



The window display boxes are back in full force as Mutt and Junkyard are on display with all of their weapons and accessories. Mutt comes with an array of goggles, a muzzle mask. a helmet, a knife, a pistol, his police club, 3 pairs of additional hands, and a machine gun. Junkyard comes with a leash harness and an extra head sculpt. The back of the package features a beautiful diorama display with Mutt & Junkyard in an outdoor setting by a river.


The sides of the package feature illustrations of Mutt & Junkyard on the right side, then on the left side, you can see the number #113 and file card information.



Mutt and Junkyard include

  • Mutt figure
    • 4 Pairs of hands
    • 2 Goggles
    • Helmet
    • Mask
    • Rifle
    • Pistol
    • Nightstick
    • Knife
  • Junkyard figure
    • 2 Head sculpts

Mutt & Junkyard figure up details

These figures are a beautiful homage to their vintage originals. Mutt is sporting his classic forest green and brown flak jacket with red accents and tons of pockets, plus a police badge to boot! Mutt is outfitted in a green vest with several pockets and a handle on top for Mutt to hold on to. He is also wearing a really cool red spiked collar. Junkyard comes with two amazing head sculpts that capture his softer good boy look and his ferocious bite your face off look!



Mutt up close

Here we can see Mutt from all four sides. You can see all the incredible details on the figure. From the stubble on his face, to the hairy arms, he looks amazing!




Mutt’s head has some incredible detail on it! He has some scaring on his left cheek where it looks like Junkyard got out of hand and was a little too frisky one day. The paint applications on his eyes and furrowed brows look amazing and the incredible detail on his mustache and mouth are superb. They included painting the gums around his teeth so they look so real. Mutt even has five o clock shadow stubble on his face!


Chest and Back

Mutt is outfitted with a brown flak jacket that has tons of pockets and zipper details. He has a knife sheath molded on the from right side, and gold colored bullets and pouches on the left. He is even wearing a police badge with a gold star, which was a nice added detail. There are several zippers and clasps molded into the vest and painted in black with a ton of detail on them. And then to top it all off, he has a hair chest peeking out from his shirt! His shoulders have red accents on them to match that vintage look. His matching brown belt has a series of pockets all the around.

On his back is a simple design with the red shoulders coming to the back and black on top. It also looks like he has some sort of pepper spray bottle painted black and red clipped to the back side of his belt.



Mutt is wearing a short sleeve green shirt with small pockets on either one of his shoulders. He has black and brown gloved hands, but you will notice that on his left hand, his glove extends up to his elbow, as that is the dog handling glove! He also has very hairy arms which was a cool added detail!



Mutt is wearing matching green pants with several molded pockets on the sides and on his butt cheeks. He has a brown gun holster strapped to his right thigh. He even has brown knee pads just like his vintage action figrue did! And they finished off the classic look with brown boots with black accents.


Junkyard up close

We can see that Junkyard is a doggie you don’t want to mess with. He has a ferocious look on his face like he is getting to bite yours off! They did an amazing job at all the stunning detail on his head sculpt and paint apps! Let’s take a closer look at Junkyard’s details below.




Junkyard comes packed with two alternate heads, the ferocious head and the good boy head. I really love how on the good boy head, he has his tongue hanging down and he looks so cute and docile. While on the ferocious head you can see his teeth and gums, and a look that could kill on his face! That’s one dog you don’t want to encounter in a dark alley! Junkyard is also wearing a red studded dog collar


Torso and body

Junkyard comes wearing a green doggie vest with tons of straps and clips molded onto it. The top has a nice handle for Mutt to hold on to and also a padded darker green area.



Mutt and Junkyard come packed with a ton of accessories.

They include:

  • 2 Goggles with gold lens
  • brown waethered Helmet
  • muzzle looking mask
  • Rifle with green accents
  • Pistol with green accents
  • black nightstick
  • knife
  • 3 Pairs of additional hands

The 3 pairs of alternate hands include

  • 1 pair of closed fist
  • 1 pair of flat palms to pet Junkyard
  • 1 pair of grasping hands with pistol grip



Vintage Mutt and Junkyard

Mutt and Junkyard were originally released for the A Real American Hero line in 1984. The action figure came on a single card and was packed with Junkyard, a muzzle, a night stick, a dog leash, a dog handling stick and a helmet.

This was an incredible pack out back in the day for a single carded release figure and was a true classic in the line. I really love how the new Classified Series version pays homage to the original in all of the incredible details in his outfit translated to the modern figure!

Mutt & Junkyard VIntage 1984

Where to Buy

Mutt and Junkyard

Mutt and Junkyard Official Images

Official Product Description:

G.I. Joe is a highly skilled, on-demand, special operations force of men and women from around the globe tasked with defending the world from Cobra, a ruthless criminal organization bent on total domination. Wherever there’s trouble, G.I. Joe is there. New to the G.I. Joe Classified Series line, Mutt & Junkyard come ready for adventure, with multiple points of articulation for high poseability. This Mutt & Junkyard figure & pet contains 16 character-inspired accessory pieces including night stick, helmet, goggles, knife, face mask, 6 alternate hands with command gestures, weapon accessories, and an alternate “good boy” head. Mutt is a natural with animals. He likes them and they like him. The problem is that he gets along better with dogs than he does with humans. “If you’re sitting next to Mutt in the mess hall, don’t try filching anything from his tray-he’ll bite your leg off!”

Includes: Figure and 16 accessory pieces

  • YO JOE! G.I. JOE EXPLODES INTO A LARGER-THAN-LIFE ERA WITH 6 INCH ACTION FIGURES: The G.I. Joe Classified Series evolves the retro toy fans know and love into a highly articulated 6-inch (150 mm) scale with premium deco and detailing
  • CLASSIC MUTT & JUNKYARD-INSPIRED DESIGN: Features a classic design updated to bring the G.I. Joe K-9 Dog Handler and his Rottweiler into the modern era and 16 accessory pieces inspired by the character’s rich history
  • HIGHLY POSEABLE WITH PREMIUM DETAILING: G.I. Joe Classified Series Mutt & Junkyard action figure set features exceptional detailing and articulation for cool poseability to create dynamic dioramas (some poses may require additional support)
  • COLLECTIBLE WINDOWED PACKAGING: #113 in the Classified Series sequence. The open-box display showcases the figure along with accessory loadout, figure-specific File Card Icons, gorgeous original character artwork, and dynamic digital renders
  • EXPAND YOUR COLLECTION: Look for other G.I. Joe figures and toys to build your roster of heroes and Cobra villains (Each sold separately. Subject to availability.)
  • This Mutt & Junkyard figure set makes a great gift for lifelong fans of G.I. Joe toys or for boys and girls who love action and adventure

The back of Mutt and Junkyard’s box has the number 113 for the series and features a dynamic pose with the duo ready for action!


Mutt is sporting his classic forest green and brown with red accents! With his mask and his helmet on, it really captures those vintage vibe feels!


The dio shots of Mutt and Junkyard look amazing! We can see Mutt’s mask on his face as he’s petting Junkyard! We can also see Mutt and the growling head sculpt of Junkyard as they are in pursuit of Cobra.


Junkyard comes with two amazing head sculpts that capture his softer side and his ferocious side!


There is so much emotion captured in Junkyard’s face and he looks so lifelike! He also comes with a green harness and that makes him really look like an attack police dog!


The shot below show Mutt with his pointed finger hand directing Junkyard and briefing him on his next mission!


Mutt and Junkyard SDCC Reveal

As a surprise to all of us, Mutt and Junkyard showed up in the Hasbro Display booth, unannounced and all! They look absolutely spectacular, with incredible detail! The Junkyard looks great wearing that dog vest, and Mutt has a very gritty look on his face, They even included arm and chest hair on him!


Mutt’s helmet also looks like it has wear on it as as the paint app is more of a black/brown appearance. We are not sure if this is because this figure is a prototype but we hope it comes out similarly once the figure goes into final production.

The images from the backside of the figures reveal what Mutt’s vest looks like from behind as well as Junkyard’s hind legs. Junkyard has a lot of articulation, which is great for your display once you finally get this figure in hand.

GI Joe Classified Series Mutt and Junkyard SDCC 2023 booth image 3

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