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Nemesis Enforcer GI Joe Classified Series Prototype Parts Discovered

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As you may know, we keep a list of the name only pipeline reveals from the GI Joe Team since Hasbro changed the way products were revealed in what they called ‘pipeline’ reveals, which are verbal announcements of GI Joe Classified figures. One of these so called name only reveals was Nemesis Enforcer. A special thanks to It’s Chad for the heads up that Ryan (@laserpants81 posted the following image below for the prototype heads of Nemesis Enforcer! So let’s take a look at the Nemesis Enforcer GI Joe Classified Series prototype parts that were discovered.

You can see below what looks like a classic Nemesis Enforcer head and also a head that looks like a bit more detailed head as well.

Nemesis-Enforcer-Prototype-heads GI Joe Classified Series
Source: Ryan (@laserpants81) • Instagram photos and videos

According to Ryan (@laserpants81) • Instagram photos and videos:

GI Joe classified prototype heads. Thanks to my source in China. Nemesis enforcer.

Ryan (@laserpants81) • Instagram photos and videos

Nemesis Enforcer

The first of the Cobra-La figures, Nemesis Enforcer is an exciting addition to this rumored list! That means that we might be getting more Corba-La characters in the Classified Series line in the future!

The first of the GI Joe the Movie figures to be named for the Classified Series line, Nemesis Enforcer was part of the Cobra-La Faction.

Acoording to Nemesis Enforcer (RAH) | Joepedia | Fandom:

In G.I. Joe: The Movie he is the elite guard that protects Golobulus. He does not speak, but rather has a grunt & growls like a monstrous animal. He is a humanoid with large wings, capable of flight and large, extendable spikes on his forearms that are strong enough to pry open even the strongest doors.

He is first seen in a flash when he bursts up from under the ground to flip a GI Joe vehicle when the team pursues Cobra forces into Cobra-La. When the Joes are captured, Cobra Commander approaches the hulking monster, only to be ordered into custody himself by the Enforcer.

Nemesis Enforcer Sunbow GI Joe The Movie Cartoon

Nemesis Enforcer is later sent to the Joes compound to free Serpentor, who had been captured in the battle defending the Broadcast Energy Transmitter. After leading a small task force of Cobra-La guards and the Dreadnoks into the prison chamber. When the Dreadnoks’ weapons are unable to penetrate the dome covering Serpentor’s cell, the Enforcer pushes them all aside and easily pries open the two halves of the dome with his forearm spikes. He then deflects the lasers of Serpentor’s cage with one of his wings, allowing the emperor to escape.

He is seen in the final battle fighting against Sgt. Slaughter, who has a personal score to settle with the monster. He ultimately meets his doom at the hands of Sgt. Slaughter when he gets thrown into a spike walled pit, unable to fly out as Slaughter had broken one of his wings.

Nemesis Enforcer (RAH) | Joepedia | Fandom
Nemesis Enforcer GI Joe Artwork
Nemesis Enforcer GI Joe ARAH

Here we have a 1/18 scale custom of Nemesis Enforcer by the incredible Stronox Custom Figures> Even though he is a smaller scale, this highly articulated custom gives us a great idea at what a Classified scale version of Nemesis Enforcer would look like.

Stronox chose to go in a cool direction with his custom with having green tentacles attached to his back.

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