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Possible GI Joe Classified Series SMS Preorder

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As you all know, Entertainment Earth links to give hint of upcoming product drops on their DROP ZONE, well we spied a new drop for December 13, at 10:00am PST. Given the hint on there, we know it’s a Hasbro product but the drop reads” This pack is going to rock it. Be sure to sign up for a reminder for this figure so you won’t have to hire someone to track it down for you later!” We believe this is a hint for the SMS with an exclusive Techno Viper pack in figure! Revealed at SDCC 2023, the SMS comes packed with a Red and Black Techno Viper. We already got a vintage-colored purple Techno Viper, so this would be an easy repaint of him! Just in time for everyone who just received their Haslab HISS Tanks! So let’s take a look at this Possible GI Joe Classified Series SMS Preorder!

EE Drop Zone Dec 13th GI Joe Classified SMS

SMS & Techno Viper

He has a read a screen on his right forearm to read schematics. On the side of the SMS it has a control screen on it. It comes with pneumatic weapons as well. Rockets s are about 9” long each.

SMS and Techno Viper

During the HasLab HISS Tank reveal, Lenny made a point about letting fans know that the HISS Tank comes with a tow hitch. All of the unlocks thus far have been add ons to the main HISS tank plus several figures, which leaves an empty tow hitch. What would be the perfect candidate for to take a ride on the back of the HISS Tank?

HISS Tank GI Joe Classified Series HasLab Tow Hitch Prototype
HISS Tank GI Joe Classified Series HasLab Tow Hitch Prototype
HISS Tank GI Joe Classified Series HasLab Tow Hitch Digital Render
HISS Tank GI Joe Classified Series HasLab Tow Hitch Digital Render

Cobra Sentry and Missile System (SMS)

We feel that the Cobra Sentry and Missile System (SMS) would be the PERFECT candidate for that tow hitch! It is a small form factor missile deployment weapon that would be the perfect add on for a HasLab campaign as a ‘thank you’ for ALL of the backers that have made the HISS Tank a success! It has two wheels and a piece to connect it to the HISS Tank’s tow hitch so they are a match made in heaven!

History of the SMS

Back in 1985, Hasbro created the S.M.S.(Sentry and Missile System), which is a is a two-component weapon system, consisting of a HISS Tank and the surface to air missile system. Like Hasbro is doing with their HasLab creations, Sears wanted Hasbro to create store exclusives to help draw customers to their stores or places orders through their catalogs. Similar to that of the C.A.T. tank, Hasbro created the Sentry and Missile System (S.M.S.) for Cobra! This set included a red Cobra H.I.S.S. tank that would tow a redecorated M.M.S. in black with red missiles. But where did this originally come from? Surely Hasbro wasn’t doing repaints early on in the line! Well, they were so let’s see where this originated from and the several repaints that followed through the years.

SMS (Sentry and Missle System) GI Joe ARAH 1985 Wave 4
SMS (Sentry and Missile System) 1985
Cobra SMS Missiles and Launcher 1985
Cobra SMS Missiles and Launcher 1985

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