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Disco Skeletor Mondo Exclusive Designer Con 2023 Sixth Scale Revealed

Diving into into to MOTU history, the Disco Skeletor Mondo Exclusive is teased, a cult classic paint app from the 200x line!

December 8, 2023: Disco Skeletor Reveal

Mondo has been on a tare(ror) of late with pumping out amazing figures for their Masters of the Universe sixth scale line. Of late, we’ve seen Panthor, Battle Cat, Beast Man, Trap Jaw, Deluxe Skeletor, and Anti-Eternia He-Man, which was last years Designer Con 2023 exclusive. This time, Disco Skeletor, a version of the Evil Lord of Destruction, a figure that came out as part of the MOTU 200x line has become a cult classic and collector’s have been clamoring to get him in either the Origins or Masterverse lines but Mondo beat them to the punch! This is a brilliant move for Mondo to make this version of Skeletor an exclsive because this really will apeal to a subset of collector’s and they can get more mileage out of the recent Deluxe Skeletor! We can most likely expect to see this in the Mondo News section or The Drop at some point but be ready for pics coming from their booth at Design Con 2023.

December 12, 2023 UPDATE: More Official Images and Information Revealed

Mondo provided more official images and information for their Designer Con 2023 Disco Skeletor! Like Skeletor’s garb, the box is so sparkly! It’s a like virtual disco ball!


Limited edition of 1000 figures available online Friday, December 15, 2023 at NOON CT. The price is set at $235 and he comes with a set of Terror Claws, a Power Sword, Havov Staff, and extra vintage head sculpt, and two sets of extra hands.


In his bright and flashy outfit and paint app, he can mow over anyone who crosses his path. Like the 200x version of the figure that preceded him, he has blue hands and feet so it looks like Mondo was staying true to the original design.


Disco Skeletor History

Disco Skeletor was a repaint of the Masters of the Universe 200x version, that had a very polarizing color scheme! The term disco was coined because of the flashy gold and purple paint apps.


The armor was painted a nice gold tone that has some deep purple and orange accents to him. The same color scheme was applied to the power sword and his Havoc staff.


The funny aspect of this version of Skeleltor was that they kept his hands the light blue from the original version. From all angles, he is an iconic repaint that didn’t get much love in the beginning but has since captured some love from a select group of MOTU collectors.


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