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Prince Adam Mondo Sixth Scale SDCC 2023 Exclusive Preorder

Today, Mondo teased their San Diego Comic Con 2023 exclusive Masters of the Universe Prince Adam sixth scale figure. They said in their Instagram post, “You thought we’d revealed all our SDCC exclusives? laughs. Tune in July 11-13 for the full breakdown and calendar of in-person and online releases!” This version of Prince Adam shows his laughing head sculpt in his classic pink vest and white undershirt. The details on the vest are absolutely FABULOUS (and we are sure it is filled with those fab secret powers). Mondo listed the figure as coming soon with a limit two per customer. Prince Adam Estimated to ship January 2024 with a limited edition of 2000 and the cost is $250.


July 11, 2023 UPDATE: More Official Images and Preorder

An SDCC 2023 online exclusive, we’re excited to add the royal heir with a big secret to our Masters of the Universe 1/6 scale line. Featuring over 30 points of articulation, swappable portraits and Power Masks, fabric costume elements and an array of weapons (including three Power Swords).




Origin of Prince Adam’s Laughing Figure

We all know this figure is really based on the infamous SlackCircus viral video, which mashed up footage from the beloved cartoon, including the laugh, to give us Prince Adam’s fabulous cover of the 1992 classic from 4 Non Blondes, “What’s Up.” The “Laughing Prince Adam” meme involves taking the brief moment of Prince Adam’s laughter and looping it or using it in various humorous contexts. The exaggerated laughter and facial expressions in the clip have made it a popular source for internet humor, often used to create parody videos or to accompany funny captions and memes.

Laughing Prince Adam Super7 Ultimates

Super7 took this meme to the next level when they introduced the Laughing Prince Adam figure for their Masters of the Universe Filmation Club Grayskull line. In scale with the rest of Super7’s Masters of the Universe toys, this Prince Adam features a new pink version of the power sword as well as an amazing new sculpt recreating the character’s iconic laugh animation from the 1980s He-Man animated series.

Prince Adam (Club Grayskull) Super7 Masters of the Universe Classics SDCC 2018

The Masterverse line just released a Prince Adam for the Revelation line and the Mondo version is in good company!


Prince Adam

In the original animated series, Prince Adam is portrayed as a somewhat lazy and carefree individual. However, when the need arises, he wields the Sword of Power and transforms into He-Man, the champion of Eternia. This transformation grants him incredible strength, agility, and other enhanced abilities.

Prince Adam Filmation 2

The purpose of Prince Adam’s alter ego is to maintain a secret identity, allowing him to blend into society and gather information without drawing attention to himself. Only a select few individuals, including his close allies, are aware of his true identity as He-Man.

Prince Adam’s transformation into He-Man is accompanied by a distinctive catchphrase: “By the power of Grayskull, I have the power!” This phrase activates the magic within the Sword of Power, enabling the transformation and imbuing He-Man with his extraordinary abilities.

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