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Super7 Teases GI Joe Ultimates SDCC 2023 Exclusive Or Is This Just a Puzzle?

Check out this Super7 Ultimates GI Joe SDCC 2023 exclusive tease! We think this could very well be a Battle Armor Cobra Commander!

Today, Super7 teased what could be their GI Joe Ultimates San Diego Comic Con 2023 exclusive in a very cryptic way! They said in an Instagram post, “The pieces will soon fall into place. #ComingSoon.” If. you look closely, the image is of a puzzle and there are some pieces missing to finish off the portrait. Very clever Super7 and we think that they are teasing an upcoming SDCC 2023 exclusive figure but who or what could this be eluding to? Let’s look at the clues but this also just could be a puzzle but it’s more fun to think about the possibilities.


We can see that Cobra Commander has his Battle Armor helmet laying on top of a crate that is labeled “formal capes.” We think there is a good chance they will reveal a Battle Armor Cobra Commander variant for this years SDCC 2023 Exclusive.


Here is what the 25th Anniversary Battle armor Cobra Commander looks like for reference.

Battle Armor Cobra Commander 25th Anniversary GI Joe Figure
Cobra Commander (Battle Armor) GI Joe 2008 25th Anniversary Wave 6

The Cobra Commander in this puzzle is the exact same figure from the v1 release but maybe some clues lie in the puzzle itself. If you look closely, there is photo of Serpentor on the wall. Could this puzzle be a clue that they are working on a GI Joe Ultimates Serpentor? Maybe not as Cobra Commander is using his portrait as a dart board.


They also released another cryptic image that said, “COBRA! Assemble in San Diego next week! #Super7.” This could be referencing another popup store like Super7 had for SDCC 2022 where they have a curated experience for fans to come and view the latest and greatest across the toy lines. The pop up store was a great idea because it was a nice dedicated space away from the SDCC floor, which can get quite crowded. At this store they showed off the color changing Hook Mountain ThunderCats Ultimates Lion-O and the GI Joe Ultimates Comic Cobra BAT along with their ReAction exclusives.


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