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Reptilax MOTU Origins Official Card Art Reveal

Check out the Reptilax MOTU Origins card art reveal that teases an illustration of a new unnamed Masters of the Universe Origins character

Roy Juarez dropped the official card art for Axel Gimenez’s concept held over from the Masters of the Universe Classics line, Reptilax! Roy and team brought the concept to life in this amazing illustration of the brute in a cool scene where he is battling an unnamed character with the Snake Lair in the background. Roy announced on Instagram, “A closer look at the artwork and packaging of the Snake Men’s brute warrior from Preternia.”

The usual suspects for Origins:
Graphic Design & Art Direction @manuel_eduardo_caritas
Artwork @axel.gimenez@david_de_la_cal_alonso
Toy Design @katanarama333
Packaging Engineer @lpukhrambam
Copywriter @yesreallyrob


A close up of Reptilax in this two panel illustration reveals the details of Reptilax’s strike against this warrior’s shield and a gun emplacement on the Snake Lair itself. The Eternia playset has a twin cannon mounted on the top and it looks like the Snake Lair is following suite.


We can also see Reptilax’s axe in this wider shot and the scale detail on the warrior’s armor.


All of the scene comes together on the back of the card in a very cool cosmic scene with purple tones.


Reptilax is packed on the Rise of the Snake Men card with his sword and shield showing with the figure.


Reptilax Card Art Tease

Following up on the Cartoon Collection box art tease and official card reveal, Roy Juarez teases the card art in a video for one of Axel Gimenez’s concepts, Reptilax. Officially revealed back on March 26, 2024 as part of Mattel’s MOTU March madness reveals, Reptilax is one bad Snake brute! The art shows Repilax fighting an unnamed warrior in front of the Snake Lair!

Reptilax MOTU Origins Card Back Tease

Roy said in his Instagram post, “Reptilax Mercenary Brute of the Snake Men!”

Snake Lair Official Crowdfund Winner

The wait is over and Mattel has posted Eternia’s choices Fan Vote for the next large scale Crowdfund project! Last week Mattel posted a very intriguing instagram post, put up an image of “Eternia’s Choice” which is giving fans the power to shape the next MOTU Crowdfund project! And we speculated on all sorts of options, some of which, we hit the mail right on the head! It’s very exciting that Mattel is giving the fans the power to shape the next project! You get to vote on the top 2 choices, so let’s take a look at the Masters of the Universe Eternia’s Choice Fan Vote Crowdfund project options! Now Mattel has not specified if these are for Masterverse or Origins, but perhaps the scale will work for both figures?

October 12, 2023: Snake Lair Declared the Winner!

Turns out our unofficial Fan Vote predicted the winner as the Mattel team just announced the winner and it’s the Snake Lair. Coming Spring 2024 as the next Crowdfund project, Lady Slither and her crew will have a place to do their dirty deeds! No other mentions were made as to who took second place but stay tuned for more info!


Here is the announcement from Mattel:

Snake Lair Concept

September 30, 2023 UPDATE: Exclusive Images – Snake Lair Complete

m.t.dioart has finished his Snake Lair masterpiece and shared exclusive images with us! The Snake Lair looks absolutely stunning and it’s amazing to see the final concept come to life! He was also placed MOTU Origins Snake Men in and around the Lair so we can see the scale compared to the figures.


Getting a full view into the inside of the Lair, you can see all of the fin detail m.t.dioart pours into his work! The dungeon came out great and we love the skeleton on the wall!


The technique that m.t.dioart used to create the stone and water effects are second to none! Another skeleton also appears in the moat outside of the castle, which makes us think that once you are thrown in the depts of the dungeon, you check in but you don’t check out!


As Rattloe and Kobra Khan are devising a plan inside the Lair, we can see Tung Lashor guarding the entrance, which we can see a small piece of. The moat came out beatifully and it actually looks like real water, which is most likely muck around the Lair.


Looking from the inside out, we can see the drawbridge door with the torch lighting effects. The Cobra snake head and the smaller snakes flanking the centerpiece complete the look on the outside of the Lair. All of the sculping and time and effeort m.t.dioart put into the Lair has paid off as the final result is absolutely beautiful!


Reptilax Official Images

Reptilax is another figure Axel designed using a character who appeared in the vintage mini-comics. And he’s also appeared in Origins materials – both on Kol-Darr’s card and in the Camo Khan comic as well as the card art. However, other than parts from He-Man and King Hiss, he requires parts from Tuvar (Two Bad has been teased but yet to be released and Laser Light Skeletor plus he uses parts from Fang Man.


From the back you can see his cool tail!


Repilax is a great addition to the Snake Men army and is one very unique figure!


Reptilax can seen in multiple locations of the Camo Khan Card art. Illustrated standing by King Hiss’ throne and also coming thru a portal with Camo Khan, Lord Gr’asp & Terroar along with Reptilax, an unproduced Classics concept, look ready to attack. With Reptilax making an appearance on Lady Slither’s card art will make his second tease.

Lord Gr'asp & Terroar On Camo Khan Card art
Lord Gr’asp & Terroar On Camo Khan Card art
Lord Gr'asp & Terroar On Camo Khan Card art close up
Lord Gr’asp & Terroar On Camo Khan Card art close up
Source: Axel (@axel.gimenez) • Instagram photos and videos

Below you can see a concept sketch of Reptilax.

Reptilax bio

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