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She-Ra and Bow Coming to MOTU Origins Cartoon Collection in 2024

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An anonymous source reports that She-Ra and Bow figures have been tooled for the MOTU Origins, meaning that She-Ra and Bow are potentially coming to the MOTU Origins Cartoon Collection in 2024! Since we already have She-Ra in the Origins line, one can only deduce that these must be Cartoon Collection subline figures! Especially with Bow being a character that came directly from the Filmation animated Series, She-Ra Princess of Power. The MOTU Origins line has not had any real Princess of Power characters added to it since the Wave 3 She-Ra standard release and the 2020 She-Ra Power Con exclusive. This could perhaps be timed for 2024 when it’s the actual anniversary of She-Ra, and maybe an announcement at the end of the year, but right now this is speculation, so only time will tell.

She-Ra Princess of Power Filmation Cartoon Series

She Ra PoP Logo

The She-Ra: Princess of Power cartoon was an animated television series that aired from 1985 to 1987. It was produced by Filmation and served as a spin-off and sister show to the popular He-Man and the Masters of the Universe series. The show follows the adventures of Adora, a young woman who was raised as a member of the Evil Horde, a tyrannical force led by the villainous Hordak. However, she later discovers that she is the long-lost twin sister of Prince Adam, also known as He-Man, and is destined to become the Princess of Power, She-Ra.

Adora, after realizing the injustice and cruelty of the Horde, rebels against Hordak and embraces her true identity as the empowered She-Ra. She is granted incredible strength, agility, and a magical sword that transforms her into She-Ra. With her newfound abilities and a group of loyal friends known as the Great Rebellion, She-Ra sets out on a mission to liberate the planet of Etheria from the Horde’s oppressive rule. Throughout the series, She-Ra and her allies engage in various adventures, battling Hordak, his minions, and other villains in their quest for freedom and justice. The show often focuses on empowering young viewers through its portrayal of a strong female protagonist, highlighting themes of courage, friendship, and determination.

The She-Ra: Princess of Power cartoon was lauded for its positive representation of female characters and its notable influence on the development of strong female superheroes in children’s animation. It also featured nuanced storytelling, memorable characters, and impressive animation for its time. In recent years, the She-Ra franchise has been revitalized with a new animated series on Netflix, titled She-Ra and the Princesses of Power, which premiered in 2018. The new series reimagines the characters and storyline, introducing it to a new generation while still paying homage to the original beloved cartoon.

She_Ra Princess of Power FIlmation cast

Filmation She-Ra

She-Ra is a fictional character who originated from the animated television series titled “She-Ra: Princess of Power,” which was produced by Filmation and aired from 1985 to 1986. The character was created as a counterpart and sister to He-Man, who originated from the companion series “He-Man and the Masters of the Universe.” Both shows were based on Mattel’s toy line.

In the series, She-Ra is a heroic figure and the alter ego of Princess Adora, the twin sister of Prince Adam (He-Man). Adora was raised as a Force Captain in the evil Horde army on the planet of Etheria until she discovers the truth about her origins. She learns that she was kidnapped as a baby from her true family, the royal rulers of Eternia, and was brainwashed into serving the Horde.

After realizing the truth, Adora sides with the Great Rebellion, a group of rebels fighting against the Horde’s oppression. She gains the Sword of Protection, a magical weapon similar to He-Man’s Sword of Power. By raising the sword high and exclaiming, “For the Honor of Grayskull,” Adora transforms into She-Ra, the Princess of Power. She becomes the leader of the Great Rebellion and dedicates herself to freeing Etheria from the Horde’s control.

She-Ra Filmation Crystal Castle

She-Ra possesses superhuman strength, agility, and speed, making her a formidable warrior. She also has the ability to communicate with animals, has an empathic link with her horse Swift Wind, and can summon a protective force field called the “She-Ra shield.” She is often seen riding Swift Wind into battle and fighting for justice alongside her allies.

The character of She-Ra gained popularity and became an icon of female empowerment in the 1980s. She was notable for being a strong, independent female hero in a predominantly male-dominated superhero genre. Her character also inspired various merchandise, including action figures, comics, and even a Netflix reboot series titled “She-Ra and the Princesses of Power” in 2018.

SHe Ra and Bow
She_Ra Princess of Power with Swiftwind

She-Ra was created by Mattel in 1985 as a counterpart to He-Man, and she was initially designed to appeal to a female demographic. And as such, she had to get her own line of Action Figures. She had 5 points of articulation like most of the action figures of the 1980’s at that time.

The She-Ra Vintage Action Figure featured a highly detailed sculpt and came with actual rooted hair which kids could style and comb. She-Ra stood at around 6 inches tall and came with various accessories, including her iconic sword, shield, and removable cape.

The character of She-Ra is known for her distinctive appearance, which is reflected in the action figure. She has long flowing blonde hair, a tiara, and a battle outfit consisting of a white dress with gold accents and red boots. The figure captures these features well, accurately representing the design of the character.

She-Ra Princess of Power Swiftwind vintage She- Ra standing

The She-Ra Vintage Action Figure was released in the mid-1980s and quickly became popular among fans of the Masters of the Universe franchise. While it was primarily marketed towards children, it has since gained a dedicated following among collectors. The figure is considered a classic representation of the character and is highly sought after by enthusiasts.

The value of the She-Ra Vintage Action Figure can vary depending on its condition, rarity, and packaging. Mint-condition figures still in their original packaging are usually valued higher than loose figures. Collectors often display these figures in their collections or keep them preserved as nostalgic pieces of pop culture history.

She Ra Vintage Action figure carded
She Ra Vintage Action figure

She-Ra has been released twice thus far in her Filmation Style look in action figure form both by Super7. The first was in the 2018, Super7 5.5″ vintage style action figure line. And the second was in the 7″ scale, Club Grayskull MOTU Classics line in 2019. Both figures are shown below.

She Ra Super7 Masters of the Universe Vintage Style 2018 Wave 1
She Ra (Club Grayskull) Super7 Masters of the Universe Classics 2019 Wave 3

Below is the 2018 Super7 She-Ra action figure that was part of the 5.5″ vintage style line. According to the She-Ra 2018 Vintage Super7 Masters of the Universe Figure – Grayskull Weapons Rack: “By the Power of Grayskull! Super7 is proud to present the MOTU Vintage Collection, the original Masters of the Universe action figures re-imagined to match the character designs from the animated cartoon! Each 5.5″ Vintage figure comes with accessories and most of them feature a spring-loaded mechanism: Turn the waist and the figure swings back with a punch! The packaging includes a custom character history card and has new and original art on the back of the card. The past meets the present with Super7’s MOTU Vintage Collection to create something new for the MOTU Universe!”

She-Ra was then released in Wave 3 for the MOTU Origins line, and then followed by the 2020 Power Con exclusive release that included rooted hair! It would be so wonderful to get a Cartoon Collection version of She-Ra!

She-Ra Power Con 2020 Exclusive

Filmation Bow

Bow is renowned as the best archer in all of Etheria. Equipped with an array of trick arrows, he uses his skills of illusion and his fierce patriotism for Etheria to fight the Evil Horde. Bow is also Princess Adora’s right hand man and best friend. You will notice on the vintage PoP version, that Bow was missing his signature mustache, later corrected by including 2 different heads in the MOTU Classics version.

Bow is a fictional character from the She-Ra: Princess of Power cartoon series produced by Filmation in the 1980s. He is one of the main characters and a member of the Great Rebellion, a group fighting against the tyrannical rule of Hordak and his Evil Horde.

Bow is depicted as a master archer and is considered the skilled marksman of the Great Rebellion. He is known for his accuracy and can hit targets with great precision from long distances. He wields a magical bow, which is powered by the Moonstone embedded in its center. This magical weapon allows him to shoot energy arrows, helping him in battles against enemies.

In terms of appearance, Bow has a muscular build, often seen wearing a turquoise and purple outfit with feather-like shoulder pads and a distinctive hat. He is depicted as a blonde-haired character with a playful and charismatic demeanor, often cracking jokes and lightening the mood during serious situations.

Masters of the Universe Princess of Power Bow filmation
Princess of Power Bow as see in the She-Ra Filmation cartoon

Bow is characterized as friendly, compassionate, and fiercely loyal to his comrades. He is particularly close to She-Ra, the princess-turned-rebel leader, and they share a strong bond throughout the series. Bow is often portrayed as the love interest of She-Ra, hinting at a romantic relationship between the two characters.

Aside from his archery skills, Bow is known to be resourceful and inventive. He often comes up with clever strategies, using gadgets or his quick thinking to aid the Rebellion in their fight against the Evil Horde. He is an essential member of the team due to his skills, charm, and unwavering commitment to the cause.

Overall, Bow is a beloved character in the She-Ra: Princess of Power cartoon series. With his archery prowess, sense of humor, and dedication to the cause, he plays a vital role in the adventures of She-Ra and the Great Rebellion, contributing to the show’s popularity among audiences.

The Princess of Power Bow vintage action figure was a popular figure from the 1980s. The figure was based on the character Bow from the animated television series “She-Ra: Princess of Power.”, except he did not have his signature mustache. He had 5 points of articulation like most of the action figures of the 1980’s at that time.

The vintage action figure of Bow stands at approximately 5.5 inches tall and is made of plastic. He is dressed in bright and colorful attire, featuring a red jacket with gold accents, matching pants, and white boots. Bow’s most recognizable feature is his distinctive helmet, which has heart-shaped cutouts on either side of his face.

The action figure comes with various accessories, including a crossbow, three arrows, a quiver, and a sword. The crossbow can be placed in Bow’s hand, and the arrows can be stored in the quiver on his back. The sword can be attached to his waist for easy access during battles.

The Princess of Power Bow vintage action figure is highly sought after by collectors and fans of the “She-Ra” series. Its vibrant design, nostalgic value, and connection to the popular animated show make it a prized item in the world of vintage toy collecting.

Masters of the Universe Princess of Power Bow Action Vintage
Princess of Power Bow Vintage Action Figure

Below you can see Bow and Arrow from the vintage 1980’s Mattel Toy line.

Bow Vintage Action figure carded
She-Ra Princess of Power Arrow & Bow vintage

We also have the second time that Bow was made into an action figure as part of the MOTU Classics line in 2011.

Bow Masters of the Universe Classics 2011

Below we have an incredible custom MOTU Origins Bow Action figure that was done by Hunter Knight Customs, so we can get an idea of what a Filmation style Cartoon Collection Bow might look like!

Card Art Teases

Appearing on the 2020 Power Con exclusive She-Ra card art, you can see She-Ra and Bow prominently featured in standing directly in front of the Crystal Castle! Along with She-Ra and Bow, we also had Frosta, Glimmer, Lookee and Kowl! Hopefully there might be hints of more Pop characters coming to the line!

Masters of the Universe Origins Power Con She-ra partial rear bow kowl Artwork
MOTU Origins Power Con She-Ra Card Art
Masters of the Universe Origins Power Con She-Ra Card front Artwork
MOTU Origins Power Con She-Ra Card Art

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