Skull Ship McFarlane DC Super Powers Confirmed and Found at Walmart

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Back in November, thanks to friend of Toy Habits, Cullen, we reported that Super Powers Wave 7 listings had surfaced on TNI. Well, Cullen and GaytiesToys have given us the heads up again, and it looks like the McFarlane DC Super Powers Skull Ship was found in a Walmart store in Arizona! Originally reported by Toy hunter (@aztoyhuntersguild) on Instagram, it looks like the Brainiac’s Skull Ship is a reality and being found in the wild! This makes sense as Brainiac and his Skull ship are both listed to be part of the next wave, and we all know that McFarlane is notorious for just letting products “show up” in stores! Now we only question the legitimacy of these images a little because the back of the package only shows a silhouette of a figure and not Brainiac, but the rest of this looks pretty legit. In any case, it is exciting to see!

January 29, 2024 Update: Skull Ship Confirmed

Thanks to Toy Shiz for posting more images of the yet to be revealed DC Super Powers Skull Ship


Huge thanks to Toy Hunters Hollow for the heads that camp_crystal_lake_collector posted an unboxing video on Instagram:

Here is the UPC so you can scan the barcode with the Walmart app when it becomes available on the site.


According to Toy hunter (@aztoyhuntersguild) • Instagram photos and videos:

Shoutout to @digz_figz for sending over his Walmart Super Power find of the Skull Ship from @mcfarlane_toys_official Found in AZ

Toy hunter (@aztoyhuntersguild) • Instagram photos and videos

Here we can see the back of the box, which reads ” Brainiac’s Hi-Tech Space Craft. It also says that “Legs move when rolled”. It seats one figure, which of course should be Brainiac. It’s just too bad we don’t get a sneak peek of what that figure looks like as it is just a silhouette! This is one thing that makes us question the legitimacy of these images just a little, but my gut tells me this is legit. If we get more, information, we will let you know!

When we check the bar code number at the bottom of the box, it comes up as Wonder Woman’s invisible jet, but as you can see it is a sticker covering the actual bar code on the box. We aren’t sure if that was done so that the item can scan and be purchased, but we will need to gather further information on this.

Below is the previous Super Powers Wave 7 listings had surfaced on TNI. If you want to check out that entire article, you can read it here: McFarlane DC Super Powers Wave 7 Listings (

DC Super Powers Wave 7 listings
Source: TNI

Brainiac Skull Ship

The second vehicle named in this wave is the Brainiac Skull Ship. This is a classic vehicle for Brainiac and if they release the Kenner Classic Brainiac in the future, he can have something to roll in as well! Looking like a silver skull with tentacles, this is yet another flying vehicle.

Brainiac Skull Ship 1
Brainiac Skull Ship 2

According to Brainiac’s Skull Ship | Superman Wiki | Fandom:

Brainiac’s Skull Ship (sometimes called his Head-Ship) is an interstellar warship commanded by Brainiac. In fact, the ship can be considered an extension of Brainiac’s body, as it’s hooked directly into his brain. There have been many variations of the Skull Ship, although they mostly seem to share the form of a humanoid skull with tentacles.

A Post-Crisis version first appeared in the “Panic in the Sky” storyline. This version lacks the tentacles. According to Brainiac, it came to him “in a dream.”

Brainiac’s Skull Ship | Superman Wiki | Fandom

Brainiac (First Appearance)

Based on the look of Brainiac from the comic books this green skinned version of Brainiac is considered his first appearance look. This version of Brainiac is very different than the robotic vac metal version that was originally released for the vintage Kenner Super Powers line. The green skinned first appearance version is pictured below.

Brainiac first appearance DC Classics
Brainiac first appearance comic 1

According to: Brainiac (character) – Wikipedia:

Brainiac is a supervillain appearing in American comic books published by DC Comics. The character was created by writer Otto Binder and artist Al Plastino, and debuted in Action Comics #242 (July 1958). He has since endured as one of Superman and the Justice League‘s greatest enemies. The character’s name is a portmanteau of the words brain and maniac.

In his comic book appearances, Brainiac is commonly depicted as a superintelligent android or cyborg from the planet Colu who is obsessed with collecting all knowledge in the known universe. He travels the galaxy and shrinks cities to bottle size for preservation on his skull-shaped spaceship before destroying their source planets, believing the knowledge he acquires to be most valuable if he alone possesses it. Among these shrunken cities is Kandor, the capital of Superman’s home planet Krypton, and Brainiac is even responsible for Krypton’s destruction in some continuities. His attempts to do the same to Earth have brought him into repeated conflict with Superman and the Justice League. Though stories often end in Brainiac’s apparent destruction, the character’s artificial consciousness is resurrected in new physical forms, some robotic and others more organic-based in appearance.

Brainiac has been adapted in various media incarnations, having been portrayed in live-action by James Marsters in Smallville and Blake Ritson in KryptonCorey BurtonJohn NobleJeffrey Combs, and others have provided the character’s voice in animation and video games.

Brainiac (character) – Wikipedia

You can see below the 1984 original release from the vintage Super Powers line. It doesn’t surprise me that McFarlane is starting with the more obscure version of Brainiac rather than his original Kenner version.

Brainiac Vintage Kenner Super Powers

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