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Cosmic Enforcer-Lyn Masters of the Universe Revolution Concept

Check out this Cosmic Enforcer-Lyn concept from the Masters of the Universe Revolution Netflix series by Kenzo’s Creations

Since the Masters of the Universe Revolution series aired on Netflix, we’ve been patiently biding our time waiting for someone to create Masterverse characters that we saw in the episodes. We didn’t have to wait long as Kenzo’s Creations (Instagram / YouTube) has created concept figure that pays homage to a character that has had the most interesting story arc of them all. In fact, we’ve seen Hordak’s Throne as the first 3D printed accessory and this time we get treated to a figure concept that is part 3D printed and part MOTU figure! This character’s redemption story arc continued, starting in Masters of the Universe Revelation Part 2 and now in Revolution. I am sure by now you have been exposed to many spoilers, but, in the off chance that you have not, there are spoilers ahead so if you don’t want to see them, head over to Netflix and binge watch the Masters of the Universe Revolution Netflix series.


Redemption and the Cosmic Enforcers

Much rebuilding needs to be done following what appears to be the death of Hordak and his Horde Army fleeing at the end of the Masters of the Universe Revolution Netflix series. We know that public faith in a now democratic Eternia has been established and for Lyn, she suffered a tremendous loss as her mentor, Granamyr, succumbed to his wounds and perished battling the Technological Titans summoned by her former ally Skeletor. Granamyr made it very clear that Lyn had achieved her redemption by curing him at the Darksmoke ruins and helped the heroic warriors rid the planet of Hordak, Skeletor, and Motherboard.


Shifting from Evil-Lyn to Good-Lyn, one of the end scenes shows her being recruited by the Cosmic Enforcers, which are akin to The Watchers in the Marvel universe, who were the first advanced species of the universe, committed to observing and compiling knowledge on all aspects of the universe without any interference. As the Cosmic Enforcers have observed this fundamental change in in Lyn, she gets recruited by the legion of Zodac’s and have deemed Lyn worthy to join their legion to help them oversee the Multiverse.


Before sending an orb to Lyn, Zodac proclaims, “Today we leanred the lesson in blance. Both technology and magic, working together were needed to end the revolution. And you playewd no small part in that, Lyn of Zalesia…and because you have brought balance not only to yourself, but also the Universe, I welcome you to the Cosmic Enforcers!”


As the orb changes from a bright sphere of cosmic goodness, we see a blue Cosmic Enforcer helmet appear in her hands.


Cosmic Enforcer-Lyn

Kenzo’s Creations has captured this pivotal moment as Lyn completes her redemption story arc by becoming a member of the Cosmic Enforcers. in his own words, Kenzo said’ “Design is a combination of Ameroni (Lovely Evil Horde) design of female cosmic enforcer and some origins parts to make The Masters of the Universe Revolution Cosmic Enforcer Lyn!” Lyn’s character has worn a few outfits in the Revelation and Revolution series. Kenzo reimagines her fitting into the legion of Cosmic Enforcers with a deep blue paint at on her helmet and body armor.


Kenzo 3D printed the figure body and had the great idea to use the arms and cape from the Masters of the WWE Universe Chyna figure! He had to dremmel out the arm sockets to get them to fit, which adds articulation to the figure. The POA is at the elbows, wrists, and head. The silver detail on the helmet accentuates the details and makes them standout.


Lyn’s appearance gives her a more warrior like appearance, that fits right in with the Cosmic Enforcers. The boot design goes very well with the overall theme of the figure and ties into the clothing she wears beneath her armor. The white hair coming out from the back of the helmet is a nice touch and makes Lyn stand out from the rest of the Cosmic Enforcers.


Cosmic Enforcer-Lyn looks amazing standing next to the MOTU Origins Zodac and she fits right in the line!


If you want to see the customization process right before your eyes, you can see how Kenzo created this amazing figure, check out his YouTube Channel and his Cosmic Enforcer-Lyn video below!

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