Stratos New Eternia Masterverse Figure Hands on Review
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Stratos New Eternia Masterverse Figure Hands on Review + Classics Comparison

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Check out our in hand review of the Masterverse New Eternia Stratos figure that is destined to hit shelves soon!

Leaked back in March by our friends at Canal Dos Rosmineiros, Stratos has landed and we have our hot little hands on one! Adding another figure to the growing New Eternia Masterverse sub-line, this version of Stratos has a very different look than previous versions of the heroic winged warrior as he has a face mask that plug into his belt! Some familiar pieces making their way back to the line are his Emerald Scepter of Avion and his classic red wings that go on his arms. His wing have a special suprise so let’s dive into the details of this fantastic update to an old friend!

Stratos New Eternia Masterverse Geared Up
Stratos New Eternia Masterverse 2

Box and Art

Stratos comes packed in the New Eternia branded Masterverse box and we love that he is packed in a way that pays homage to his original concept from the vintage line!

Stratos New Eternia Masterverse Box Front

The art on the side and back of the box shows the many looks of Stratos that you can give so your display shelf will not get boring! The Staff of Avion as a very cool glowing look to as Stratos takes to the sky to observe from a higher vantage point! We also see Stratos’ classics look on the side of the box and this stunning artwork is done by none other than Roy Juarez!

Stratos New Eternia Masterverse Side Art
Stratos New Eternia Masterverse Box Back

New Eternia Concept Art

New Eternia is all about showcasing original designs based on classic concepts and this New Eternia sketch is where the design for the New Eternia Stratos originated from. You can see the feathers around the neck and the red pack where his mask plugs in so it is great to see this concept come to life.

Stratos Masters of the Universe New Eternia Concept Color Render
New Eternia Stratos Concept (Source: Battle Ram Blog)

Box Art Reveal

Back on October 31, 2022, Roy Juarez posted photos of the box and art of New Eternia Masterverse Stratos for our viewing pleasure!

Stratos New Eternia Masterverse Box Front

The art show Stratos in a heroic pose showing off his classic red wings! We also see him a cool cosmic scene as he has his face mask on while clutching the Staff of Avion, and is it s always great to see the art on it’s own as the box hides some of the detail with the branding and text.

Stratos New Eternia Masterverse Side Box Art
Stratos New Eternia MasterverseBox Back
Stratos New Eternia Masterverse Box Art Back

Upper Body

Head Sculpt

Stratos has a familiar, yet updated head sculpt with his helmet retaining the three crests. One update to the helmet design was the middle crest coming to a point at the back of his skull. The blue outlining his eyes has some flair and it swoops all the way around the side of the helmet. His eyes are given a glossy paint app and pick up the light just right to have a cool reflective look to them. Stratos also has an angular beard design, giving his face some depth and dimension. Because this is a New Eternia figure, you can also see the feathers around his neck, which are removable.

Stratos New Eternia Masterverse Neck Feathers Front
Stratos New Eternia Masterverse Side Profile
Stratos New Eternia Masterverse Neck Feathers Back

Chest Harness

His chest harness is updated to combine elements of technology weaved into it, which Masters of the Universe is known for. The harness rests on this chest and leaves his abdomen exposed, giving him a different vibe. His jet pack, which we will see later, plugs into the ports on his back.

Stratos New Eternia Masterverse Upper Torso
Stratos New Eternia Masterverse Harness Back
Stratos New Eternia Masterverse Harness Strap

Wing Design

Stratos’s wing design was perhaps the most surprising aspect of the figure! Instead of a single wing, they created two separate peices that kook together so you can display him in his full wing glory OR, if you are so inclined, remove the upper wing and display him with a shortened wing. It’s like Burger King…have it your way baby! The upper wing has a black wash to it while the lower wing does not.

Stratos New Eternia Masterverse Wing
Stratos New Eternia Masterverse Forearm Wing

Lower Body

Instead of a furry loin cloth, Stratos has a feathered loin cloth that is apropos for the figure. It has a layered look to it as the features coming from his belt are a lighter color. After years of Stratos wearing loafers, Mattel finally gave him proper feet with toes so we are excited to see this evolution.

Stratos New Eternia Masterverse Lower Torso Front
Stratos New Eternia Masterverse Lower Torso Back


Stratos has an amazing pack out and the best part is that these accessories are removable so you can give him many looks! He comes with a set of extra open hands, his red belt pack, a blue flight mask, feathers that go around his neck (which we saw earlier), and his Emerald Scepter of Avion.

Stratos New Eternia Masterverse Accessories

Extra Hands

Stratos comes with a set of open hands, which is great if you want to pose him in flight.

Stratos New Eternia Masterverse Right Hand
Stratos New Eternia Masterverse Left Hand

Mask and Red Front Pack

In true New Eternia style, Stratos comes with his red pack that his mask plugs into and although we don’t know the origins of the mask, this might have been a creative liberty taken by the Mattel team to make use of the New Eternia concept.

Jet Pack

The jet pack is a different color than the chest harness and is removable. This is the most updated and technologically looking jet pack we have seen. The sculpting on the back is highly detailed and has two ports that the red pack can attach to.

Stratos New Eternia Masterverse Jet Pack
Stratos New Eternia Masterverse 3

Emerald Scepter of Avion

The Scepter is a very compact design and contains some nods to his Staffs of Avion that have preceded this one! The staff has a rich gold color and the emerald egg is nested on top and appears to be held in place by talons! The crossguard is reminiscent of the previous staff designs, which is a great easter egg that was part of the design.

Stratos New Eternia Masterverse Scepter of Avion

MOTU Classics Comparison

The great thing about the New Eternia figures, and Stratos in particular, is that you can dress him down to create more of the classic look we all know and love! Comparing him to his MOTU Classics figure, you can see he has a lighter skin tone and he is a more massive buck. His chest harness rests on his upper chest whereas the Classics version’s straps run all the way down to his lower abs. The wing design is much larger in the New Eternia version and you can see the changes they made to the lower half of his body. Here you can see the difference in the New Eternia foot design compared to the Classics verison.

Stratos New Eternia Masterverse MOTU Classics Comparison Front
Stratos New Eternia Masterverse MOTU Classics Comparison Back

Like we said before, you can give Stratos many different looks and change up how you display him!

Stratos New Eternia Masterverse 4
Stratos New Eternia Masterverse 1

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