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Super7 Ultimates ThunderCats 2023 SDCC Booth Images

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SDCC 2023 is underway and Super7 displayed all their upcoming Super7 Ultimates ThunderCats in various stages of development. We have some incredible images thanks to The Toyark – News! Figures were in various stages of development from Paint masters, to raw plastic models, but it was very cool to see their development.

Wave 7

First up was paint master samples of Wave 7 which include Ratar-o, WiIla, Snarf and Mongor! These look like they were pretty far along, but as they aren’t scheduled to be released until around January 2024. Perhaps they are further along than we think? They also had Ghost Jaga which I think is going to be released in the fall of this year.

Snarf is looking so cute with that great look on his face, he looks like he stepped out of the cartoon series! You can see all the articulation on his body and he stand wonderfully on his tail! He will look incredible in your Cat’s Lair display! Ratar-o is looking spectacular as well and his colors look so bright and colorful! I love how they did his mustache. Also the effects on his daggers look incredible!

Mongor and Willa are looking spectacular as well! The detail on Mongor’s furry lower body turned out amazing! And the fire effects on his axe look fanatastic! Willa is really great too, and they really captured her cartoon look!

Ghost Jaga looks amazing in that translucent blue plastic! I really love how he came out, and I can’t wait to get him in hand! This just shows how what a wonderful job Super7 can do with translucent color plastic as will be evident if the Cat’s Lair hit’s 5000 backers and unlocks Astral Projection Lion-O bonus figure! If you want to back the Cat’s Lair you can find it HERE

Wave 8 & Wave 9

Wave 8 & Wave 9 early production unpainted models were on display as well. Wave 8 includes Wily Kit, Hachiman, Captian Shinner, and Alluro! Wave 9 includes Wily Kat, Toy Variant Jaga, Toy Variant Grune, and Chilla.

It so cool to see the progress on these figures as they aren’t simple repaints of the previous releases, there are some new sculpted elements. I am really excited for Toy Variant Jaga and Grune!

Where to Preorder:

Wave 9

Jaga Toy Variant Thundercats Super7 Ultimates Wave 9
Jaga- Toy Version
Grune Toy Variant Thundercats Super7 Ultimates Wave 9
Grune- Toy Version
Wilykat Thundercats Super7 Ultimates Wave 9
Chila Thundercats Super7 Ultimates Wave 9

Wave 8

Wily Kit Thundercats Super7 Ultimates Wave 8
Wily Kit
Hachiman Thundercats Super7 Ultimates Wave 8
Captian ShinerThundercats Super7 Ultimates Wave 8
Captain Shiner
Alluro Thundercats Super7 Ultimates Wave 8

Reptillian Army

Reptillian Warrior
Reptillian Guard
Reptillian Brute

Wave 7

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