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Teela MOTU Origins Cartoon Collection Carded Images + Mer-Man & Stratos Wave 4

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A seller on eBay posted Masters of the Universe Origins Cartoon Collection images of Teela, showing Mer-Man and Stratos as Wave 4 figures

Thanks to a seller on eBay who has in-hand carded pics of both MOTU Origins Cartoon Collection Trap Jaw and Teela, we are able to get a view of the card art and the figure cross sell on the card back. Since the MOTU Origins Cartoon Collection Teela and Trap Jaw are the last of the figures that were revealed at San Diego Comic Con 2023, we were left wondering what the future held for the Cartoon Collection beyond a source letting us know that She-Ra and Bow and the Collector vehicle will be coming to the line 2024.

Teela Carded Images

This is the first time we are seeing the Cartoon Collection Teela “in hand” via a seller on eBay! The card back shows the Training Robot accessory


We can see an up close image of Teela through the plastic blister and her paint app and gold tones came out amazing!


Teela Card Art

The card art is inspired by the Pawns of the Game Master MOTU Filmation episode. The illustration shows Teela fending off a blast from the Training Robot.


Cartoon Collection Teela Hands on Review + Video

We got our hands on an early copy of Teela so you can check out her still image and video review here:

Pawns of the Game Master Filmation Episode

Teela’s card art and accessory pay homage to the Pawns of the Game Master MOTU Filmation episode. According to the Wiki Grayskull, they provide a very detailed synopsis of the episode:

“The Game Master comes to Eternia in search of new warriors to participate in gladiatorial combat. He dismisses Ram Man as too clumsy and Beast Man as too savage for his purposes, but He-Man piques his interest. The Game Master fakes a distress call and has his servants attack He-Man when he comes to investigate, but He-Man easily defeats them and pointedly tells the Game Master that he isn’t interested in becoming a gladiator. The Game Master calls off his servants and lets He-Man go, but sends a winged spy to collect information that he can use against He-Man.


Back at the Royal Palace, Teela is sparring with Man-At-Arms’ new Training Robot, which knocks her to the ground and shoots her sword out of her hand. He-Man arrives just in time to take her shield and throw it at the robot, switching it off and making it collapse to the ground. He tells her about his encounter with the Game Master, leading Teela to remark that it would have been terrible if he’d been taken away. The Game Master’s spy overhears them confess that they mean a lot to each other, and flies back to the Cosmic Arena to report to its master.


Later, Prince Adam is showing off Strider to a couple of female courtiers, but the horse goes wild and throws him into the fountain when he tries to activate it. Teela shows up and tells Adam that Strider only recognizes Man-At-Arms’ voice and her own, then encourages Adam to rely on his natural charm rather than showing off to impress people and trying to compete with He-Man. The Game Master then shows up with some servants, who capture Teela and subdue Adam when he tries to fight them. The Game Master takes the Power Sword as a trophy and tells Adam to send He-Man to the Cosmic Arena alone if he ever wants to see Teela again. Orko and Cringer then show up, and the three of them set out in the Wind Raider to rescue Teela on their own.


At the Cosmic Arena, Teela tries to escape from her cell and is recaptured by the Game Master, who intends to add both He-Man and her to his roster of gladiators permanently. Orko arrives soon after with Cringer, who he describes to the Game Master as “one of the fiercest, most savage creatures on this or any other planet.” Adam sneaks onto the Game Master’s ship and goes looking for Teela while Orko and Cringer have their audience with him, but he gets caught once the Game Master becomes wise to his friends’ charade.


Adam and Cringer are taken to the ship’s gladiatorial arena, where they are forced to fight Kraggox the Terrible while the Game Master, Teela, and Orko watch. Adam becomes trapped under a slab of stone that Kraggox blasts off the wall, but Orko uses his magic to untie the ropes around his and Teela’s wrists and help Adam get free. Teela takes the Power Sword from the Game Master and charges Kraggox, but is hit by his stinger and knocked unconscious. The Game Master delightedly proclaims that the match is the best one he’s seen in ages, but Orko drops a tapestry on him and blinds Kraggox with a flash of light, buying Adam and Cringer time to transform into He-Man and Battle Cat. The two of them easily defeat Kraggox, but the Game Master decides to engage He-Man personally. He uses his trident and an exploding discus even after He-Man challenges him to unarmed combat, and when he orders his servants to fight He-Man, they walk out on him. He refuses to accept his loss even as He-Man ties him up with his own trident, and when Teela regains consciousness, she is just as surprised as He-Man is that Adam showed up to help rescue her.


Later, He-Man and Teela are at Castle Grayskull, where the Sorceress tells the Game Master’s former servants that they are free to return home now that he is in the palace jail. As the creatures step through her time corridor, He-Man asks Teela whether she would prefer a man like Adam or a man like him. Teela replies that she’d prefer a man with Adam’s wit and his courage, but has no idea where she’d find him. He-Man and the Sorceress exchange knowing winks as the episode ends.”



Stratos appears on the card back cross sell for Trap Jaw, and it’s great that we are getting another iconic Heroic Warrior in the Cartoon Collection. The Filmation version of Stratos has been made in the 5.5 inch scale back in 2019 for the Super 7 5.5″ Vintage Style line, which we will take a closer look at below.


Startos, the Winged Warrior from Avion is protrayed as one of He-Man’s most trusted friends and beloved Heroic Warrior. He appeared on a whooping 15 episodes of the Filmation Cartoon! The most memorable of his appearances has got to be Betrayal of Stratos where Hawke discovers Stratos struggling to repair the generator, and then accuses him sabotaging it. He then struggle to prove his innocence throughout the whole episode. At the end, of course we get a happy ending where the Egg of Avion is returned to its rightful place, and then the Bird People and Stratos cheer for He-Man.

Stratos1980s Filmation
Stratos1980s Filmation Ram Man

Original Startos Figure (1982): The first Stratos action figure was released in the initial wave of Masters of the Universe toys in 1982. Stratos was depicted as a grey skinned winged creature with red boots, red wings an cloth. He wore a blue jetpack chest harness and carried the staff of avion as his weapon. In the accompanying animated series, Stratos was one of the Heroic Warriors and assisted He-Man in his many battles against the Evil Warriors. As seen below, Super7 made a vintage Filmation figure paying homage to his cartoon appearance.

Stratos Super7 Masters of the Universe Vintage Style 2019 Wave 4
Stratos super7 vintage style


Mer-Man also appears on the cross sell, and which is super exciting to see because I have personally been waiting for a cartoon accurate version of Mer-Man in the Origins line for a very long time! As you can see from the illustration below, they captured his goofy fish face and teal body color from the Filmation cartoon! The closest thing we got in this scale figure has been the Super 7 5.5″ Vintage Style figure from back in 2019, which we will take a closer look at below.


Mer-Man was depicted as a member of Skeletor’s Evil Warriors, a group of villains dedicated to overthrowing Castle Grayskull and conquering Eternia. He was often portrayed as a loyal and cunning servant of Skeletor, utilizing his aquatic abilities and commanding sea creatures to aid in their evil plans. Mer-Man’s presence in the Filmation MOTU series added depth and excitement to the ongoing conflicts between He-Man and Skeletor. His underwater abilities and role as a loyal henchman made him an iconic and memorable part of the Masters of the Universe animated universe.


Original Mer-Man Figure (1982): The first Mer-Man action figure was released in the initial wave of Masters of the Universe toys in 1982. Mer-Man was depicted as a green-skinned creature with webbed feet and hands. He wore a chest harness and carried a trident as his weapon. In the accompanying animated series, Mer-Man served as one of Skeletor’s henchmen, using his aquatic abilities to aid in his evil schemes. As seen below, Super7 made a vintage Filmation figure paying homage to his cartoon appearance.


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