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Terroar MOTU Origins Figure on Target

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It was previously thought that Lord Gr’asp and Terroar were Walmart exclusives but it appears that is not the case! It appears that Lord Gr’asp and Terroar, as we previously reported are actually “FIRST TO MARKET” exclusives, meaning that Walmart will have a stranglehold on the figures for a certain period of time and then all bets are off. Because now we have found the MOTU Origins Terroar figure on Target.com. Terroar and Lord G’rasp went up for preorder back in March 2024 for Walmart Collector Con, and fans were left stunned as the figures sold out to bots in mere seconds. When Walmart’s first to market time expires, the figures should be available at other online retailers, which explains why we found it on Target.com. We previously discovered that Target had also put up Lord Gr’asp (and immediately removed the listing) on Target, which made no sense at all but now all of the pieces are falling into place. Terroar is currently shown as “out of stock” but we are sure that as soon as the “First To Market” exclusive runs out for Walmart, all bets are off, and Target can then sell it! In the meantime, bookmark the link and use the DPCI or UPC codes below to help you find in store!

Terroar Listing on Target

You can find Terroar on Target.com, but it is yet to be showing in stock. So you can use the DPCI and UPC info below to help you track him down!

  • DPCI: 087-26-9553
  • TCIN: 89533579
  • UPC: 194735244294

Where to Find Lord Gr’asp and Terroar

We will, as we always do, keep you informed about where to find and purchase Terraor and Lord Gr’asp. While we don’t know when Walmart’s stranglehold on the figures expires, we will continue to stay vigilant as to where the dynamic Snake Men duo will show up next. Until then, here is a running list, albeit short, of where you can currently find Lord Gr’asp and Terroar.

Walmart Listings

Lord Gr’asp and Terroar are on Walmart so you can use the direct links to the figures to locate them in your local area!


Lord Gr’asp on Target

Once Walmart’s first to market time expires, you’ll be able to view Lord Gr’asp’s product page on Target here or click the image below, but we are unsure when this will be.


Terroar In-Hand Images

While we wait for Walmart’s first to market time to expire, enjoy some in hand images of Terroar courtesy of Mr. Home Arcade! Terroar is again another complete mash up and reuse of parts. He uses parts from Whiplash, Rattlor, Trap Jaw and Mosquitor! Throw that all up in a blender and add some purple color, and you get Terroar! He is a really unique Snake Man, and helps to continue the deep cut lore in the MOTU Origins line.


Terroar’s head comes from Whiplash in a purple color, he has Rattlor’s neck in purple plastic but has a very nice gradiant red paint application on his neck for some added detail. Moving down to his torso is where things get very interesting.


You can also detach the neck piece and give him a more compact look! Fro the right side view, you can see how Trap Jaw’s mechanical arm integrates into the figure.


Terroar is packed with the hook, laser blaster, and claw attachments.


Terroar Official Images

Below are all the official images of Terroar.


Terroar has a purple and black paint app with red on his oversized neck extension. He is a mashup of Whiplash, Trap Jaw, Rattlor, and Mosquitor.


With 3 swappable arm weapons gun, hook and claw, Terroar is ready for battle Trap Jaw style!


Leviathan’s War Mini Comic

Lord Gr’asp and Terroar come packed with the same Mini Comic that feature Reptilax, Lord Gr’asp, and Snake Armor Skeletor.


Here are pages 1 and 2 from the mini comic.


Here are pages 3 and 4 from the mini comic.


Here are pages 5 and 6 from the mini comic.


Terroar Card Art

Roy Juarez and team are on 🔥, with an announcement on Instrgram that reads: “Terroar, the shapeshifter with a sinister shriek! The Snake Men’s alien ally renders his enemies helpless with a deafening sonic roar.”

The usual suspects for Origins:
Packaging Design & Art Direction @manuel_eduardo_caritas
Artwork @axel.gimenez@david_de_la_cal_alonso
Toy Design @katanarama333
Packaging Engineer @lpukhrambam
Story @joshuaskywriter
Copywriter @yesreallyrob


The shriek is nicely illustrated as Terroar sends a soundwave to Sharella as she sets an arrow in her bow. Terroa’s card back art features him battling against Sharella riding Turbodactyl, with a very different Castle Grayskull in the background. It could be that this is taking place in pre-Eternia and the Castle was much newer and less battle worn back in those days. These teases of Sharella and Turbodactyl will be covered below.


You can see all of the details that were poured into Terror as well as Sharella and Turbodactyl!


There are also some new images that Roy took of the card front and back!


Sharella Tease

Sharella has appeared several times on packages, card backs and mini comics. Here on Terroar’s card back she is riding on Turbodactyl ready to go to battle with Terroar! This is yet another tease for her figure!


We previously just saw Sharella spotted on the top of central tower on the Eternia Playset box. She can be seen with her bow and arrow pointed at poor Grizzlor who is climbing the ladder up the Central Tower.


Sharella is actually the Goddess. According to MOTU Lore and as written on the character bio for MOTU Classics, the Goddess’s real name is Sharella. But who really is Sharella and where did she come from?

According to the MOTU Classics Goddess Bio:

After the death of King Grayskull, the Power of the Universe was transferred from the Sword of He to the Council of Elders who hid it deep within his castle. Knowing the full sword was the key to channeling the power, they split it in two to prevent it from falling into the hands of evil. For five centuries they waited for a worthy heir to be born. During this time their spirit guide, the creature known as “The Goddess” of Etheria, trained secret heroic guardian to keep the two halves of the sword separated. Many of these brave warriors took the name “He-Man” in honor of the sword they protected giving birth to many different legends of the protector of Eternia.

The Godess MOTU Classics Bio
The Goddess MOTU Classics Bio
Sharella MOTU Unofficial Bio 1
Sharella MOTU Unofficial Bio

According WikiGrayskull:

The Masters of the Universe Classics toy line has combined elements from all previous continuities, and as such has restored the Goddess to a position of importance in Eternian history. According to the biographies printed on the toys, the Goddess is Sharella, a spirit guide who consulted the Council of Elders between the death of King Grayskull and the lifetime of Prince Adam some 500 years later. During this time the Goddess trained “secret heroic guardians” such as VikorWun-Dar, and Oo-Larr to protect the two halves of Grayskull’s “Sword of He” until a worthy heir emerged. The Classics storyline has yet to present any information about her activities during the present day, or her relationship (if any) with the Sorceress, Teela, and Prince Adam.

Goddess | Wiki Grayskull | Fandom

Sharella was originally conceived to part a heroic character in the mostly unproduced Powers of Grayskull line of 1987. She was seen on the box art for the Megator package running in the background. She was thought to have come with a Sword, bow, and quiver with arrows. Unfortunately for all of us, she was never produced as a figure in the 1987 Powers of Grayskull line.

Sharella Axel Gimenez sketch
Sharella Axel Gimenez sketch
Sharella Masters of the Universe Concept
Sharella Masters of the Universe Concept

Unfortunately, Sharella has never been an officially produced action figure, but if the Origins line makes a figure of her, they are going way deep into MOTU lore, and that is super exciting! Here we can see a custom by Hunter Knight. Created by using a Battleground Teela figure with a sculpted top and also re-sculpted lower arms. Her quiver was donated from a Young Justice Artemis action figure with new sculpted details and her bow is a cast from a Legolas figure with additional details, HKC did a magnificent job! So, this give you a little bit of an idea of what Sharella might look like in action figure form! So you could imagine Mattel using a Teela Origins buck as a basis for this figure.

Starring on the Wun-Dar comic card back art and in the packed in mini comic “Lost Legend”. In the mini comic, Wun-Dar also refers to Sharella as “The Goddess”. Sharella seems to be a pivitol character in the story. On the Comic Cardback art, we can see Sharella whelding a bow and arrow coming to Wun-Dar’s rescue, as he battles a storm of evil glowing skeleton warriors.

Sharella Transforming to the Goddess Wun-Dar Mini Comic
Sharella Wun-Dar MOTU Origins Card Back Tease


Turbodactyl is illustrated on both the card backs for Lord Gr’asp and Terroar. On Terroar’s card back, he has Sharella riding on him. And on Lord Gr’asp’s card back he is flying past Megator! It’s hard to make out who is riding him there, but it looks like it could be Strobo!


Often seen illustrated flying high over the towers of Preternia, Turbodactyl is the last of the bionic dinosaurs illustrated on the Camo Khan artwork. Turbodactyl, the flying dino was also originally released in 1987 by Mattel under the Powers of Grayskull subline.

It’s hard to make out who is illustrated on the back of Turbodactyl, but again, this would be an exciting character to add to the Origins line.

You can see images below of his vintage packaging and the actual production figure. He had jetpacks built in under his wings as part of his Bionic features. Turbodactyl too was packaged under the Powers of Grayskull subline and the packaging looked spectacular! It’s hard to tell who is illustrated on the package riding him, but again it could have been another exciting unproduced character.

Turbodactyl on camo khan art
Turbodactyl on Camo Khan art
Turbodactyl vintage package front
Turbodactyl vintage package front
Turbodactyl Masters of the Universe 1987
Turbodactyl Masters of the Universe 1987

If you would like to view Mr. Home Arcades YouTube review, you can do that here:

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