Thundercats Super7 Ultimates Wave 7 Reveal
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Thundercats Super7 Ultimates Wave 7

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Special thanks to Preternia on Twitter for their coverage of New York Comic Con 2022, we get a special look at the next wave of Thundercats Super7 Ultimates figures! This wave will include Mongor, Willa, Ratar-O, and Snarf!


Mongor is a goat-like demon who grows in power where ever he finds fear. According to the Thundercats Wiki:

He was released from his tomb by WilyKat and WilyKit when they were exploring a ruined temple on Third Earth. He was later defeated by Lion-O when it was discovered that fear gives him power and bravery deprives him. He was resealed in his tomb and wasn’t seen again for the rest of the series.

Thundercats Wiki
Mongor Thundercats Cartoon 1

Super7 Figure

Mongor looks to be the best figure in bunch as Super7 has really captured his mythical appearance of Baphomet or the mythological creature Satyr. They did an amazing job sculpting a lifelike look of fur and alternate head has an amazing look to it. The lack of irises really makes a statement and adds to the overall effect of Mongor looking like he is a possessed demon. He comes with extra sets of hands, a flame effect, some energy effects and a very large sickle.

Mongor Super7 Thundercats Ultimates Wave 7 Figure
Mongor Super7 Thundercats Ultimates Wave 7
Mongor Super7 Thundercats Ultimates Wave 7 Alternate Head


According to Thundercats Ho Wiki:

Willa is the leader of the Treetop Kingdom of the Warrior Maidens, a tribe of Amazonian-like female warrior women who reside on Third Earth. Confident and tough, Willa is instinctively suspicious and slow to trust others outside of her Warrior Maiden tribe, and at times this can lead to her possessing a nature bordering on the slightly xenophobic. Despite this, Willa and all the Warrior Maidens have learned to trust the ThunderCats, who they regularly turn to in times of need, and the ThunderCats are equally grateful to have in Willa an ally with such a comprehensive knowledge of Third Earth and its geography, and such courage and skill in the heat of battle.

Before moving to New Thundera for good, Lion-O appoints Willa to be one of the member of the League of Third Earth, a group of ThunderCats’ allies formed to safeguard Third Earth and its inhabitants in the absence of the ThunderCats.

ThunderCats Ho Wiki

Super7 Ultimates Figure

Willa looks amazing and she even comes with her signature flower in ear! She also comes with two head sculpts. The one that is on the figure figure is more serious while the other head sculpt is more jovial, with a nice beautiful smile.

Thundercats Ultimates Super7 Wave 7 Figure NYCC 2022

She comes with her bow, two arrows, her quiver, and 6 alternate hands.

Thundercats Ultimates Super7 Wave 7 Figure NYCC 2022 2


Snarf is an amazing addition to the Thundercats Super7 Ultimates line! We can’t believe it has taken this long to see him but boy are we thrilled! According to the Thundercats Ho Wiki:

Snarf Thundercats Cartoon

Snarf (or “Snarf Osbert”) is of the Snarf species and was Lion-O’s nurse-maid as a child (and as an adult much to Lion-O’s chagrin). His nephew Snarfer calls him “Uncle Osbert”. Entrusted with the care of the young Lion-O, Snarf often thinks of himself as the oldest member of the group. Although Snarf is an excessive worrier and something of a pessimist, his courage and loyalty is as evident as any full-sized ThunderCat’s, particularly when defending Lion-O. At the start of the series, Snarf often complained about how he is ignored by the others, as well as having nothing important to do now that the young lord Lion-O has grown into an adult. But as the series goes on, Snarf proved to be just as much of a ThunderCat as the others. He is also more understanding than most of the other Thundercats, as he once pointed out to the ThunderCats how wrong it was for them to be angry with WilyKit and WilyKat after they confessed to releasing Mongor by mistake.

Snarf Holding Sword of Omens Tnundercats Cartoon

Snarf has few abilities, but one of his more notable abilities is to communicate with animals. He is notably the cook for the ThunderCats preparing most food for them.Due to his small size, Snarf is rather nimble and can squeeze through tight areas that no else can. This helps a lot whenever the Thundercats need to sneak into the Black Pyramid or whenever the Cats’ Lair is invaded. Whenever the ThunderCats are captured, Snarf is usually the one who frees them or gets them back their weapons. In “Hair of the Dog”, Snarf was captured by Mumm-Ra, who then disguised Ma-Mutt as Snarf so that he could infiltrate the Cats’ Lair. The day was saved when Snarf invoked the Ancient Spirits of Evil to not only restore his original form, but turn him into “Snarf-Ra, the Ever Living”, giving him size, strength, and power beyond Mumm-Ra’s.

Thundercats Ho Wiki

Super7 Figure

Snarf’s sculpt really captures his anxious look as we’ve seen so many times in the cartoon! He also comes with an alternate head sculpt that captures a more joyous look! He comes with an extra set of hands, his trusty satchel, and a pink egg with red stripes.

Snarf Thundercats Ultimates Super7 Wave 7 Figure NYCC 2022 2
Snarf Thundercats Ultimates Super7 Wave 7 Figure NYCC 2022


Ratar-O looks like he is ripped straight from the 1980’s cartoon, which Super7 does an fantastic job! According to the Thundercats Ho Wiki:

Arrogant and domineering leader, Ratar-O is a Mutant commander. Ratar-O has proven to be one of the ThunderCats’ deadliest foes. He once forced Slithe into serving under him. Ratar-O’s greatest supporter appears to be Vultureman, who served him loyally, co-piloting the Mutant commander’s signature vehicle, the Ratstar.His weapons of choice are a pair of daggers called the Rat’s Eye. He can also fly using boosters in his shoes.

Thundercats Ho Wiki

Super7 Figure

Ratar-O is seen in his deep blue Samurai outfit and shown on display with an open mouth sculpt. Given Super7’s propensity to include alternate head sculpts, we think that there will be at least one more once this goes into final production. He comes with two extra sets of hands, his signature daggers, some lightning energy effects, and remove control device.

Ratar-O Thundercats Ultimates Super7 Wave 7 Figure NYCC 2022
Ratar-O Thundercats Ultimates Super7 Wave 7 Figure NYCC 2022 2

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