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Walmart Exclusive GI Joe Classified Series Leaked List

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Well the leaked GI Joe news keeps flowing and thanks to our friend G.I. ShArK on Instagram, we have what looks like another leaked list from Walmart! Now take this with a huge grain of salt as a speculation or leak as the source is unnamed and has not be confirmed. Hot off the heals of yesterday’s Night Force Big Ben and Range-Viper GI Joe Classified Series Reveal, which looks like either Big Ben or both might be part of Walmart’s collector con, it looks like Walmart leaked their new Walmart subline or potential roster for the latest upcoming waves! Seeing as Walmart could potentially be getting the Night Force subline, this leaked list below be filling out the rest of that roster! So let’s dive into this Walmart Exclusive GI Joe Classified Series Leaked List!

March 15, 2023 UPDATE: Walmart Exclusive Leaked List

This is definitely in the rumor or leak category as none of this information has been verified, but if it turns out to be true, then we have a very exciting year coming up for GI Joe Classified. Now of course some of these are code names, so as we crack the code, we will be sure to update you on the decoded names! Thanks again to our friend G.I. ShArK, so be sure to give him a like and follow on his Instagram, page and also like and Subscribe to his incredible YouTube Channel at : TheArtistShArK – YouTube

Walmart GI Joe Classified leaked list new sublines

Let’s go thru the named figures, and check out what they may look like and also review their vintage counterparts to get an idea what we might be in for on the Classified Series!

F77737 CIJ CS Wes Potter Night Force Big Ben

Well, we already saw Night Force Big Ben and Range-Viper, in yesterday’s reveal, but we will recap them anyway in this post. Big Ben was revealed as a digital render during London Comic Con 2022 and the actual production figure came out fantastic! He comes with a gaggle of heavy weaponry and an alternate gas mask head sculpt. It’s amazing to see that Hasbro is finally diving into the Night Force line but it’s an odd choice to kick off the line but the deco for Big Ben definitely suits the figure.


The official production photos for Big Ben are outstanding! You really get a sense of the look and feel of the figure and the face sculpt came out amazing!!! The dark greens and blacks are well suited for a Night Force figure!


The straps continue around the back of the figure and he looks amazing!


Big Ben originally came out in the GI Joe A Real American Hero in 1991 as part of Wave 10. Big Ben being one of the later characters in the line is a more obscure choice from Hasbro as they have not completed their core line up yet. But given all the neat accessories Big Ben came with and his amazing camo deco. Will he include his face paint and furry hat? It will be really fun to see what he looks like in the Classified Series scale and detail.

Big Ben 1991 GI Joe on Card
Big Ben 1991 GI Joe on Card
Big Ben 1991 GI Joe Loose
Big Ben 1991 GI Joe Loose

F77737 CIJ CS Wes Hugo NF Shooter & F77740 CIJ CS Wes Chekhov NF Joe Redeco

Now these are obviously code names for something, and we have not decoded it yet, but we can look at the original Night Force A Real American Hero vintage line to try to decipher what the possibilities might be! Now all of the contenders listed below are merely speculation on our part, but that is all part of the fun!

The original 1988 & 1989 Night Force Line up consisted of :

  • Charbroil v2
  • Crazy Legs v2
  • Falcon v2
  • Lightfoot v2
  • Muskrat v2
  • Outback v2
  • Psyche Out v2
  • Repeater v2
  • Sneak Peak v2
  • Shockwave v2
  • Spearhead and Max v2
  • Tunnel Rat v2

F77737 CIJ CS Wes Hugo NF Shooter

Jodie “Shooter”Craig

A candidate for this coveted slot, Jodie “Shooter” Craig, was released in the GI Joe 50th Anniversary Special Forces 3-pack along with Outback and Falcon. The interesting thing about this pack was it looked like a Night Force 3-pack but it was not labeled as such!

Shooter’s bio reads:

“Pulling the trigger is the next to last thing JODIE “SHOOTER” CRAIG does as an expert marksman. First, she might take days to move into a shooting position, progressing by inches. Then she remains motionless in the hide, waiting for the target to appear. Once the target is acquired, she uses hard-won skills and esoteric knowledge to judge wind deflection and bullet drop before exercising precise breathing control prior to trigger break. The last thing she does is the hardest – getting away.”

Spearhead and Max

So this one is going to be mostly a new character as the other Night Force figure was labeled as ‘Redeco”. So this could be any of the remaining Night Force figures from the list above, or they can totally throw us for a loop and do a character that was not in the Night Force at all, like Big Ben! So if we look at this from a rational perspective, we think this could be either Shockwave or Spearhead and Max, as Max was spotted on the Big Ben box Art!

Big-Ben-Night-Force-GI-Joe-Classified-Series-Official-Image-box art
Big-Ben-Night-Force-GI-Joe-Classified-Series-Official-Image-box art Max teaser

Night Force Spearhead and Max

Spearhead and Max were released in 1989 as part of the Night Force subline. He came packaged along side with Muskrat in a Night Force 2 pack.

Now we couldn’t find a custom Classified scaled version of Spearhead and Max, but below we have the highly articulated 25th Anniversary version of him. Again we have an amazing figure with a ton of artillery and weapons, but this one comes with a Pet, so perhaps this might not be the figure listed. Or it could be that they make Max a small pack in animal like Freedom was with Spirit.

Night Force Shockwave

Now Night Force Shockwave is a great candidate for this slot as the name refers to ‘NF Shooter”. And Shockwave was a S.W.A.T team member so the code name of ‘Shooter” kind of makes sense for him, although none of the code names really relate to the figures thus far, but it’s neat to think that!

Shockwave was originally released as part of the Night Force Line in 1989, as a two pack with Lightfoot. He was of course, like the rest a redeco of his original 1988 figure.

Night Force Shockwave’s file card reads:

Shockwave was the youngest member of the Detriot Police Department’s S.W.A.T Team, and the holder of two citations for bravery when he signed up for, and was accepted by, the G,I. Joe Team. When asked why he left a promising career to work longer hours for less money, kicking down doors on better armed adversaries, Shockwave replied “Do you really think I do this for money?” An expert in executing successful assault tactics, Shockwave is now a member of the Night Force unit as the commander of their post day-light search and destroy missions.

“Everybody on a S.W.A.T team has a specific job, like a choir. Choirs have tenors, baritones, altos etc… S.W.A.T teams have sharpshooters, climbers, and ‘inside men’. Shockwave is the Night Force dook kicker. He’s the first inside and the first to find out how bad it really is. He is also a half decent tenor when his voice is in shape…”

Night Force Shockwave 1989 ARAH file card

Below you can see what a highly articulated version of a Night Force Shockwave might look like thanks to Although this is not a Classified scale version, you can still see that he would make an amazing new addition to the Night Force team!

Night Force Shockwave custom 2
Night Force Shockwave custom 1

F77740 CIJ CS Wes Chekhov NF Joe Redeco

Night Force Lt. Falcon

Now if we look at the list above of the original Night Force, we know that Lt. Falcon and Outback have already been released figures, so those are the two most likely contenders as “Joe Redeco”, and then Tunnel Rat was just announced as a Digital Render reveal at last week’s GI Joe Hasbro Pulse March 2023 Fanstream, so he could be part of the “Redeco” contenders as well! So let’s focus on these 3 figures!

Falcon was released as part of the Night Force A Real American Hero Line in 1988. Lt. Falcon originally came packaged with Sneak Peak as a two pack. As we know he already has a Classified figure that was recently released, so he is a very likely candidate for this “Redeco” slot! Let’s hope that they take another shot at the head sculpt and improve it on the next iteration of Lt. Falcon, if indeed he is the named “NF Redeco” figure.

Night Force Lt. Falcon’s file card reads:

Lt. Falcon is a second-generation Green Beret. His father served with the SFGA ( Speciakl Forces Group Airborne) from its beginning at Fort Bragg’s Smoke Bomb Hill. Falcon was cross- trained in demolitions and served brieftly with the 5th SFGA “Blue Light” counter-terrorist unit as an “A” Team XO”. He is proficient in Spanish, French, Arabic and Swahili and a qualified expert with the most NATO and Warsaw Pact small-arms.

“Leading a covert team at night in poor visibility conditions and under strict noise discipline seems almost impossible. Lt. Falcon accomplishes this task by establishing an intimate rapport with his team, working with them to earn their respect. A Night Force team led by Lt. Falcon functions almost as a single entity, with each member alert, responsive, and trusting each other to do his Job!”

So we already know what the Classified Series Falcon looks, like, and here is a custom by Dye Customs of what a Night Force version deco might look like.

Lt-Falcon-By-dyecustoms figure
Source: Dye Customs
GI Classified Series Falcon In Hand image figure 1
Source: Rene Castro

Night Force Outback

Night Force Outback is another big contender for the “NF Redeco” slot, as he already has 2 other figures made of him, so all the tooling and accessories are already ready to go! Now, we aren’t saying that we want a third Outback in the Classified Series, but he is a strong possibility! Outback was also released as a 2 pack in 1989 as part of the A Real American Hero line and he was packed with Crazylegs.

Night Force Outback’s file card reads:

Outback was an instructor at both the Survival School and the Jungle Warfare Training Center. He has had extensive experience in Central America and may or may not have participated in clandestine operations in the Middle East. Most people are intimidated by wilderness. They do not feel comfortable in an area where there is no sign of human life for miles. Not Outback! He believes in being part of his enviornment, not it’s adversary!

“A covert team that functions at night and lays low during the daylught hours has its own peculiar survival problems. A nice, oozy spot to set up and ambush could also be a preferable meeting place for poisonous snakes A dry streambed might be an inviting place to pitch a shelter if one didn’t know about possibility of flash floods. It’s Outback;s job to get the Night Force to their targets, intact and healthy!”

We take a look at what a Night Force version of Outback might look like, and here we have any amazing one by Dye Customs. We also can see what they current Tiger Force version of Outback looks like!

Source; Dye Customs
GI Joe Classified Tiger Force Outback action pose 2

Night Force Tunnel Rat

Tunnel Rat was recently revealed as a Digital Render during the GI Joe Hasbro Pulse March 2023 Fanstream Recap. He could easily be an upcoming “Redeco” as well as Hasbro has been know to quickly turn around new characters into repaints within a wave or two!

Let’s take a look at his recent Digital Render reveal so we can see what the classified figure will lool like. The character’s facial appearance is based on G.I. Joe comic book writer Larry Hama and was introduced fairly late in the line in 1987. Tunnel Rat has black hair, a bandanna, neckerchief, and paint on his face and arms. He is wearing a green short-sleeved shirt with ammo belt, black gloves and pants, a dark grey belt, and a brown holster. The pack out on Tunnel Rat was quite impressive as he had a very large, olive-green backpack with holes on top for two removable flashlights, a large black machine gun with long grip and huge scope, and an olive-green TNT pack.


He originally came out for the Night Force A Real American Hero line in 1988 and was packed in as two pack with Psyche Out.

Night Force Tunnel Rat’s file card reads:

Tunnel Rat’s family tree is Trinidadian Chinese with branches of Irish Spanish and Indian thrown in. It was on the mean streets of Brooklyn where he developed his fearless attitude. Later, he got even tougher on the Ranger Course at Fort Benning and honed his skills in Grenada. He is a qualified ex[ert with all NATO small arms and is familiar with most Warsaw Pact explosive devices.

‘Nothing is darker than a tunnel at night! The darkness exerts a suffocating pressure like the bottom of a great, black sea. In that awful absence of light, imagination becomes a fearsome enemy. Tunnel Rat glides through stygian tunnel with the surerty of a natural denizen. The dark assumes the role of an ally and his weapon becomes his friend!”

Here we have some beautiful custom Night Force Tunnel Rat figures by Slices Customs. You can see what an incredible version of this figure can look like in the Classified Series scale! There could be an amazing pack out of accessories with him, super cool camo painted face and of course that Night Force deco style!

gi-joe-classified-tunnel-rat night force custom 2
Source: Slices Customs
gi-joe-classified-tunnel-rat night force custom 3
Source: Slices Customs

F77736 CIJ CS Wes Eliot Cobra Range-Viper

The Range-Viper was also leaked yesterday and the figure sculpt and pack out makes this the must have army builder of 2023! He also comes with a gaggle of weaponry and you can definitely see a squad of Range Vipers adorning collectors shelves once this figure is actually released.


The head sculpt came out fantastic and it’s creepy you can see his exposed brain!


He comes with his classic vintage style machine gun and, once again, these photos are amazing!!!


This figure looks very Terminator’esque as you would not want to run into him in a dark alley, let alone a dark forest.


The blues, blacks, and yellows really came together nicely on this figure and Hasbro even tempted us with a squad shot!


The Cobra Range Viper was also originally released by Hasbro in 1991 as part of Wave 10. This is another great army builder figure in the line. He has a very unique design in that he is wearing a face mask that looks to be some sort of breathing apparatus with a huge oxygen supplying backpack. He has mostly a blue and black color scheme, with gold bullets strapped to his chest and a bright yellow belt. This is going to be another fun one to see in the Classified 6″ scale.

Range Viper 1991 GI Joe on Card
Range Viper 1991 GI Joe on Card
Range Viper 1991 GI Joe Loose
Range Viper 1991 GI Joe Loose

F8379 CIJ CS Wes Milton Shadow Tracker

Shadow Tracker came from the GI Joe Pursuit of Cobra line in 2011 and he is a rather odd character choice but if his Classified Series sculpt is anything like his figure, he will be the most unique one on the line! His bio reads:

SHADOW TRACKER works for COBRA as a wilderness hunter and guide. Scorning conventional firearms, he uses traditional weapons from around the world. He tracks his prey using primal instinct: He hears the dark whispers of the jungle, senses distant footfalls in the earth and tastes his victim’s fear in the wind.


Generaljoesreborn has a fantastic review of Shadow Tracker and a nice summary of the new character that was added to the line:

First of all, Shadow Tracker has a distinct advantage…I love new characters, and Shadow Tracker is a new character. He’s a Cobra tracking specialist and jungle operative, which is something we’ve seen surprisingly little of in Cobra’s thirty year history. Now, within a couple of months we not only have the first mass release “Jungle Viper” but we also have a Cobra Tracker. But he’s not just a Cobra Tracker, he’s a completely bad ass looking Cobra tracker who oozes personality in a way that only the G.I. Joe: A Real American Hero universe can provide. This is something that G.I. Joe has always been able to do, for whatever reason. The way Hasbro can perfectly meld a straight-line military line with a fantastical science fiction element never ceases to amaze me, and Shadow Tracker walks that line to perfection. But, none of this means anything if the figure isn’t any good, and trust me, this figure is great above and beyond his cool history.

Shadow Tracker – General Joes Reborn
Shadow Tracker GI Joe 2011 Figure on Card
Shadow Tracker GI Joe 2011 Figure on Card
Shadow Tracker 2011 GI Joe Loose
Shadow Tracker 2011 GI Joe Loose

Regarding the figure:

Beyond the theory and mythology, though, you have a toy. And the fun value of that toy will impact the rest of it more than anything else…Shadow Tracker is quite simply an awesome toy. Even underneath all of that gear, Cobra’s Wilderness expert has some excellent detailing, incredibly smooth articulation and some insane paint apps. His elbow joints actually bend the full 90 degrees many figures cannot achieve, he’s got the great pivot wrists, and even though his legs are sculpted like one piece legs (without those joint disguising kneepads) his double-jointed knees work without flaw. And his head? His head sculpt is simply insane. The wild mane of dreadloks spirals from underneath a semi-translucent hockey mask which gives the character an absolutely evil, insidious look about him. The figure is obviously at least somewhat inspired by the Devils’ Due Skullbuster, I believe, but it takes that design aesthetic and totally runs with it. Upon first glance, it almost looks like his mask is removable, but take Twink Viper’s advice and don’t do it.

Shadow Tracker – General Joes Reborn

He comes with a gaggle of weapons as well:

Like every other figure in the Wave 4 assortment, the accessories are really where it’s at, and Shadow Tracker is loaded. He comes with a pretty simple vest, nicely colored and detailed just right. His compound bow was first seen with the TRU Exclusive Spirit, and he comes with the quiver and extra arrow as well. Where Shadow Tracker excels is with the bladed weapons. As a Cobra “hunter” he comes fully equipped with some of the nastiest knives I’ve ever seen in the 3 3/4″ scale, and with his pivot wrists, he can hold them very nicely. If there is a downside to all of these accessories, it’s that he cannot hold them all, though he does have a great sheath on the back of his vest and a hole in the side of his leg where one of his knives can be stored.

Shadow Tracker – General Joes Reborn
Shadow Tracker GI Joe 2011 Weapons and Accessories
Shadow Tracker GI Joe 2011 Weapons and Accessories

F7739 CIJ CS Wes Beaudelaire Alley Viper Redeco

Now the Alley Viper was already released for the GI Joe Classified series line several waves ago, so we know this is going to be a “Redeco” of the Alley Viper, but we don’t know which version of Alley Viper it will be. So let’s look at the various Redeco versions of Alley Viper to see if we can determine which one it might be? Now Alley Viper had 4 main variants besides the v1 version we have already gotten.

  • Alley Viper v2 Battle Corps (1993)
  • Alley Vipper v3 Battle Corps (1994)
  • Alley Vipper v4 Cobra Rage Driver (1997)
  • Alley Vipper v4 lighter blue variant (1997)

The 1993 Battle Corp version of Alley Viper was a new look for this character. According to: Alley Viper (RAH) | Joepedia | Fandom

Appearance: black helmet with yellow face mask; yellow shirt with black chest armor, wristbands, and gloves; yellow pants with black straps and boots

Accessories: crested black catlike face mask attaching to helmet; black “Dial-Tone” submachine gun; black “Alley Viper” machine gun; short, yellow spring-loaded missile launcher with trapezoidal back, small centered grip, and black trigger; two black missiles with ball-like tips; black shield shaped like Cobra emblem, with clip for arm.

Alley Viper (RAH) | Joepedia | Fandom
1993 Alley Viper
1993 Alley Viper loose

Yet another release in the Battle Corp subline for Alley Viper was released the following year in 1994. This time, Alley Viper went back to his original orange and blue colors but in a totally new way. This was a very bright version of him and continued the trend of brightly colored G.I Joe Figures of the early 90’s.

1994 Alley Viper v3
Alley Viper 1994 v3

There were two variants found for the next version of Alley Viper. He was released in a Blue camo color scheme in 1997, v4. This time the darker blue Alley Viper was a driver for the Cobra Rage vehicle set.

Cobra Rage
1997 Alley Viper loose
1997 Alley Viper loose 2

F8378 CIJ CS Wes Flaubert “Zombie Viper”

The Zombie Viper came out as part of the 30th Anniversary figures from the more highly articulated 4″ GI Joe Modern line in 2011/2012. You can see it looks like a zombie army man coming back from the dead to attack the GI Joe Team. He came with some strange zombie limb pieces and a helmet.

Zombie Viper MOC

It was also released as a two pack for the 50th Anniversary series as well. We can definitely see this one as being another army builder figure!

Zombie Viper GI Joe 50th Anniversary 2014

F8380 CIJ CS Wes Tennyson New Joe Character

Now the last one on the leaked list are a bit of a mystery, as this could be any character, so we will just have to let this one be until we get more information.

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