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Webstor New Eternia Masterverse Official Description On Walmart

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We’ve discovered the Walmart product page for the forthcoming Masterverse New Eternia Webstor figure slotted for the Masterverse Wave 10 assortment

With the lack of Mattel official announcements, we are doing our best to get you the news and information you need. Webstor is slotted as a figure in the Masterverse Wave 10 assortment, along with Prince Adam, Horde Skeletor, Clamp Champ, and deluxe Whiplash. Our sleuthing has uncovered the Masterverse Webstor figure listing on the Walmart website and the description confirms that he is going to be another New Eternia figure!

New Eternia Webstor Official Description

Typically Walmart does not add official descriptions of figures when they are placeholders but this time is different. Although there are no official images of the figure, he is described as coming with removable chest armor, backpack cover, head and hands and a grappling gun with detachable grappling hook and zip line handle. This description is nothing extraordinary but there is an interesting factoid that Webstor’s “Four legs attach to his backpack.” It will be great when Mattel releases official images as this figure will be epic!

Here is the official description of the figure that came from the Walmart website:

Product details

The Masterverse New Eternia Webstor action figure brings the Masters of the Universe: New Eternia spidery character to life at 7-inch scale. He’s designed with 30 points of articulation and the exacting detail collectors will love. He comes with removable chest armor, backpack cover, head and hands and a grappling gun with detachable grappling hook and zip line handle, for epic storytelling and colorful displays. This figure makes a great gift to start or build a MOTU collection. Colors and decorations may vary.

  • This Masterverse Webstor action figure stands 6.75 inches tall with detailing authentic to the Masters of the Universe: New Eternia spider-themed character who does evil deeds both with and without Skeletor
  • With 30 points of articulation, this collectible MOTU villain is ready to take on He-Man and the Heroic Warriors with powerful poses or represent the evil side of Eternia in any display
  • The Webstor figure has removable chest armor, backpack cover, head and hands and a grappling gun with grappling hook and zip line handle, for epic storytelling and colorful displays. Four legs attach to his backpack
  • The Masters of the Universe Masterverse collection celebrates MOTU content from Masters of the Universe: Revelation to New Eternia
  • Masterverse figures make a great gift for collectors and fans 6 years and older, who will appreciate the preservation of MOTU traditions combined with modernized design elements

New Eternia Webstor Walmart Product Page

We know the title of the listing says Origins but the description is for the New Eternia Webstor figure. The price point is also listed at$21.97, which is the cost of a standard Masterverse figure.


New Eternia Webstor

Webstor has a much richer history with respect to visuals and thanks again to the Battle Ram Blog for archiving the history of the MOTU figures.

Source: Battle Ram Blog

As the Battle Ram Blog details: “Rebecca Salari Taylor recently shared some early concept art by Mark Taylor. The artwork below was created around the time Mark was working on concepts for both He-Man and Conan. If you look closely at the head/face, all the design details for Webstor are there, minus his additional eyes. The coloring is, of course, quite different, and this character doesn’t have a spider theme. The artwork appears to be undated, but this would have been done early in 1981. My understanding is that this was not created for the Masters of the Universe line.”

Source: Battle Ram Blog

The Adversary (Former Lords of Power / Legends of Dragonore Prototype)

Before Formo Toys had to redo the design of The Adversary, they created a protoype of the the Webstor concept sketch that Mark Taylor illustrated!


Webstor also appeared briefly in the Masters of the Universe Revelation Netflix series and here is how he was digitally rendered.


Here is how Webstor appeared in the Masters of the Universe Revelation series.


A New Eternia Webstor is also referenced in Amazon’s database.


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