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WWE Superstars Series 8 Hulk Hogan, Andre The Giant, and Doink On Walmart

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The WWE Superstars line has been a bit of pain to pin down in stores and online but thanks to a vigilant collector by the name of The Last Angry Collector, he has discovered listings for WWE Superstars Series 8 and one new figure that have not been revealed (at least to our knowledge). The listings that have been uploaded to Walmart’s database include:


Series 8

The WWE Superstars Series 8 figure assortment contained Heel Hulk Hogan, Andre the Giant, and Doink The Clown.


WWE Superstars Series 8 Official Images

Revealed at SDCC 2023, WWE Superstars Series 8 was just revealed on WWE.com, and includes Hulk Hogan, Andre The Giant, and Doink the Clown. Typically, the WWE releases images of figures towards the end of the month but this drop was special and the timing is pretty curious! The WWE Superstars line is exclusive to Walmart (unfortunately) and the listings have shown up recently in Walmart’s database.

Hulk Hogan

This is the 3rd release of a Hulk Hogan figure for the WWE Superstars line but this time, we have his pre-WWE version! Even though Hulk Hogan is arguably the most influential figure in professional wrestling history, there are many things about his in-ring career that some fans may not know about. No one’s going to deny that the accomplishments of Hulk Hogan are well publicized, especially for his run as the All-American babyface during the 1980s Wrestling Boom period. However, certain aspects of Hogan’s in-ring career may have been missed by some fans. It’s worth mentioning the on-screen personalities Hulk Hogan worked with during the early years of his professional wrestling career, as a heel Hogan once had “Classy” Freddy Blassie as his manager during his first run in WWE, years before he broke out with the Hulkamania persona. This figure pays tribute to those years and it’s great that the WWE Superstars line is covering all of the wrestlers history, and not just their appearance in WWE or WCW.


The heel version of Hulk Hogan comes with his classic rose colored sunglasses and a black jumpsuit.


He also comes with light blue wrestling tights, red kneepads, and red boots! Of course, we can’t forget the gaggle of extra hands, especially the pointing finger.

Hulk-Hogan-WWE-Superstars-Series-8 Version 2-1

The detail on this figure is actually accurate to his pre-WWE in-ring days and they even shaped his chest hair in the right way and before Hogan debut in the WWF, he shaped his chest hair and when he was introduced into the WWF, he shaved it all off!


There are two versions of Hulk Hogan that were shown on WWE.com and we are assuming that on of these versions will be a chase figure but we are not sure which one it is because we can’t see the boot color on the carded images.


He looks the same but all the has changed is his boot and wrestling tights colors.


Doink The Clown

Doink The Clown was a surprise as he references the gimmick era of WWF, which was used by several wrestlers since the 1990s. The Doink character originally wrestled in the World Wrestling Federation and his persona was that of a circus clown. He wrestled in a clown costume, complete with face paint, makeup, and bright green hair.


The WWE Superstars version of Doink is a site to behold as they really nailed his likeness and his persona! The color green hair selected for the head sculpt is spot on. He comes with his signature clown coat and extra hands.


He looks fantastic with and without the soft goods jacket and they nailed the expression on his face.


Colorful is the only way to describe this figure and sadly, Doink passed away in 2013 due to a drug overdose but he is immortalized in plastic! Doink’s finishing move as a heel was the Stump Puller, a submission hold which involves seating an opponent on the mat, sitting on his shoulders, and pulling one of the opponent’s legs towards their head. After becoming a babyface, his switch his finisher to a top rope Seated senton to a fallen opponent, dubbed the “Whoopie Cushion” (by Jerry Lawler).


Andre the Giant

Andre the Giant is arguably the most recognizable wresters! Andre was one of WWF’s most beloved “babyfaces” throughout the 1970s and early 1980s. As such, Gorilla Monsoon insisted that Andre was never defeated for 15 years by pinfall or submission prior to WrestleMania III but Andre actually had lost cleanly in matches outside of the parameters of WWF, including a pinfall loss in Mexico in 1984 and a submission loss in Japan to Antonio Inoki in June 1986. We are happy to see Andre in the WWE Superstars line as his legend is cemented in plastic! He also referred to as the 8th wonder of the world for various reasons that are self explanatory.


Andre the Giant comes with his classic head sculpt where his hair is short and an extra hair piece so you can don his look when he had big bushy curly hair! He also comes with a classic WWF championship belt, which is an intersting choice of accessories given he was on WWF champ for a short time. After chasing the title for nearly a year, Andre at long last finally won the WWE Title but immediately surrendered it to Ted DiBiase. The controversial move set the stage for the first-ever WWE Championship tournament, held in Atlantic City, N.J., at WrestleMania IV.


In his classic black wrestling gear, as he appeared in many occasion and became his standard issue. In 1987, Andre shocked the world when he turned on long-time ally Hulk Hogan and allied himself with the villainous Bobby “The Brain” Heenan. The Brain scored Andre his first-ever opportunity at the WWE Championship at WrestleMania III. In front of 93,173 WWE fans in Pontiac, Michigan, Andre’s 15-year winning streak ended when Hulk Hogan slammed him to the mat in a torch-passing moment that ignited a new era in WWE history. As referecned above, Andre’s winning streak is debatable but it’s great to see him in his classic look!


The great aspect of this figure is that it also pays homage to his early days as a wrestler. After making an impact in Japan and Canada, the 27-year-old giant was taken under the wing of Vincent McMahon Sr. in 1973. Andre spent the next 20 years with WWE, even going so far as to turn down a contract from the NFL’s Washington Redskins in order to remain with the promotion.


SDCC 2023 Booth Reveals

Special thanks to Carlos who runs the AMAZING MOTU Origins and WWE Superstars FB Group for the heads up! There are more WWE Superstars figures (that are Walmart exclusives) on the way! Today, Mattel revealed digital renders of two versions (we think) of Andre the Giant and Hulk Hogan, Doink The Clown, and the big red machine, Kane!!! We also saw some other figures have been previous announced from Wrestlemania 39, with Big Van Vader, Captain Lou Albano, Mr. Perfect, and Bam Bam Bigelow!

WWE Superstars Reveals

Coming to the WWE Superstars Walmart exclusive line are another variant of Hulk Hogan and two new figures of Andre the Giant and Doink the Clown. Hogan looks like his heel version with the rose colored sun glasses and he is sporting his classics mustache and a fuller head of hair. Andre the Giant is in his iconic black one piece and looks amazing! Doink the Clown is the more colorful of them all and it really pays homage to his wrestling persona!


We are not sure if there are two variants of Hulk Hogan and Andre the Giant yet but it either looks like they are planning two figures for a future release OR possibly packing in an extra head sculpt and more parts to make these two verisons.


It is great to see the Big Red Machine, Ken, and Davey Boy Smith, one half of the British Bulldogs joining the line! If we are getting Davey Boy Smith, the Dynamite Kid can’t be too far behind! As we know, Kane came out for the Masters of the WWE Universe line and it’s cool to see him again in the WWE Superstars line!


Booth Reveals

It is amazing that Mattel already has some of the figures on display in their booth at San Diego Comic Con. Special thanks to Ringside Collectibles for their amazing images!


Here is a better look at Hulk Hogan with his hairy chest! The face sculpts are getting better and better!


Doink’s head sculpt is insanely sculpted and so detailed! They did this figure right can’t wait for a future release


Here we can see Andre the Giant and he is a massive figure, like the version from the Masters of the WWE Universe line!


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