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Thunder Machine and Snow Cat Coming to GI Joe Classified Series

The GI Joe news and rumor mill has been a buzz this past week! First, there was a gaggle of rumored figures, which included an Iron Grenadiers B.A.T. as well as Road Pig, Nemesis Enforcer, Starduster and Heart Wrencher. Special thanks to It’s Chad on YouTube for spilling a ton of GI Joe news and he’s been spot on thus far! If you recall, Chad was the person who said that a GI Joe x Transformers crossover figure was in the works and he was dead on! The vehicles are reported to be in the $150 to $200 price range. We are so happy that he has taken to his YouTube channel to dish on the all of the breaking news he knows and, if you have not tuned into his channel to see this particular episode, we’ve embedded the video below.


Thanks to chaztheguru on Instragram, he cut a segment of Chad’s video where he explains that a GI Joe Classified Series scale Thunder Machine and a GI Joe Snow Cat are confirmed! We typically break Masters of the Universe news and we know where Chad is coming from and, when you have reliable sources, rumors quickly turn into confirmations and we can’t be more excited about the news!

Also, if you want to dive into all of the details of the leaks that Chad is dropping on his YouTube channel, you can check it out below! Also, if you want to brush up on the Snow Cat and Thunder Machine vehicles from the vintage GI Joe line, we have included that in this article so you can get excited about the news! We also found some amazing customs to use as “stand ins” for the real thing!

Snow Cat

The Snow Cat was sold as part of the vehicle set of the 1985 GI Joe line of A Real American Hero toys. It included Frostbite as the action figure pack-in.The Snow Cat EB-884 is not the most electronically advanced vehicle in the G.I. Joe arsenal. In fact, it relies on its fire-resistant fiberglass chassis, ordnance-resistant armored body, and a modified turbo-injected diesel truck engine to get it through its mission. That’s it. However, what this oversnow vehicle (OSV) lacks in high-tech gadgetry, it more than makes up for in dependability. After all, less electronics means fewer glitches during dangerous, sub-zero whiteouts.


Being a global force, GI Joe is expected to be able to deploy in any number of environments from, plains to deserts to jungles and even to the arctic. As such they were in need of a vehicle that was easy to maintain, easy to transport, and effective. The Snow Cat meets all of these things quite well. It’s half-track allows it traverse most arctic type terrain with little issue. It’s missile armament allows it to hit above it’s class and it’s speed allows for relatively quick deployment. All in all it is a very effective arctic environment machine.


Frostbite was released as part of the fourth series in 1985. He was sold with the Snow Cat arctic assault half-track vehicle and was also sold in 1986. Frostbite’s bio reads:

Frostbite was born in a place where summer is a myth and a crowd consists of two people standing on the same acre. He worked briefly as lineman on the pipeline but found the job unchallenging despite the 40° below zero temperatures and hazardous conditions. The army promised to give him a challenge whenever he wanted one. Frostbite graduated from transportation school, Fort Eustis and armored school, Fort Knox. Qualified expert: M-16, M1911A1 Auto Pistol, M-250 cal. MG, and M-607 7.62mm MG.

“Frostbite has to be cool. The environment he works in is too unforgiving. If his Snow Cat throws a piston, he’s got to step out into weather that’ll freeze a hex-wrench to bare skin in five seconds and carry through a repair job that would be taxing under ideal conditions. He can’t afford to panic. Not if he wants to stay alive.”


Snow Cat and Frostbite GI Joe Classified Series Concept

We’ve featured the amazing customs of YoeJoeARAH and this custom GI Joe Classified Series scale Snow Cat is off the charts spectacular! The Snow Cat was designed and modeled by Steve’s Toys @s3d_toys and he sourced decals by Sean Cho @misterxero and yojoearah applied his signature amazeballs paint pp!


It’s amazing to think we are getting a Classified scaled vehicle like the Snow Cat in the line and this custom is most lily what this vehicle will look like.


You can also see Frostbite climbing into the Snow Cat, which will give you a sense of scale for the vehicle.


Inside the cockpit, there is room for two figures so Frostbite can ride around with a buddy!


Looking at some of the finer details, you can see the engine and also the back of the Snow Cat and it has plenty of room for other Joes to ride securely on the foot pegs.


Frostbite GI Joe Classified Series Concept

With the impending release of a Snow Cat, we hope we get a yojoearah!


Dreadnok Thunder Machine

The Thunder Machine was the Dreadnoks heavy forward strike vehicle. It weighed 4.2 tons and had a maximum range of 750 miles. The vehicle’s maximum road speed was 115 mph and it’s maximum cross-country speed was 53 mph. While most of the Dreadnoks prefer to ride on their motorcycles, Thrasher favors his patchwork monstrosity, the Thunder Machine. Assembled from spare parts found in automobile junkyards and airplane graveyards, the Thunder Machine is a hulking mess of armor and weaponry.

Dreadnok Thunder Machine Vintage GI Joe Box Front
Thunder Machine Box Front (source: 3DJoes)
Dreadnok Thunder Machine Vintage GI Joe Box Back
Thunder Machine Box Back (source: 3DJoes)

The Thunder Machine was released in 1986 and included the Thrasher action figure.

Dreadnok Thunder Machine Vintage GI Joe Loose Right Profile
Thunder Machine Right Profile (Source: Joeaday)
Dreadnok Thunder Machine Vintage GI Joe Loose Rear Profile
Thunder Machine Back Profile (Source: Joeaday)

Back in June 2022, for Yo Joe June, Emily and Lenny did a live unboxing of the Dreadnok Thunder Machine. It was a fun way to kick off the event although we think fans were expecting more just judging from the comments. Was this a long tease for the GI Joe Transformers Crossover?

Thunder Machine Vintage GI Joe Unboxing 1
Thunder Machine Vintage GI Joe Unboxing 2
Thunder Machine Vintage GI Joe Unboxing 3

Thunder Machine GI Joe Classified Series Concept

Like the concept for the Snow Cat, we came across a GI Joe Classified Series scaled Dreadnok Thunder Machine and this ride is badass! We discovered this amazing vehicle on Cults3D by JOESJOES.


This larger version of the classic Dreadnok ride looks amazing and has all of the classic features we know and love from the vintage line. Up close we can see the blue grill and the large gatling guns!


The huge jet engine in the back makes a big statement and we love the poilice lights that the dreadnoks scavenged!


A GI Joe Classified Series figure can fit comfortable being the wheel, which also has a really cool cobra symbol with a chain steering wheel!


Here is a look at the scale of the vehicle and collectors are going to have to make room when this gets officially released.


Thrasher GI Joe Classified Series Custom Concept

Thrasher has yet to be released but we expect a version similar to this to be released when the Thunder Machine finally rolls out!


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