Zartan Eighteenth Scale GI Joe Figure Coming To HiyaToys

The leader of the Dreadnoks, Zartan, GI Joe HiyaToys figure has been revealed and will be hitting collector’s hands in the 4th Quarter of 2024

The Master of Disguise himself is joining the ranks of the already stellar lineup of HiyaToys eighteenth scale GI Joe figures. Announced on their Instagram page, the release date for Zartan is coming in Q4 2024 with a price tag of $24.99 USD. Blending the vintage aspects of Zartan with a touch of GI Joe Classified Series flair, this figure looks like a modern version of the leader of the Dreadnoks! With Zartan coming to the GI Joe HiyaToys line, we can only imagine that the rest of the Dreadnoks will be on their way at some point in the future!


Extensive black eye makeup on Zartan’s face, coupled with icy blue eyes and a sinister smile, adds a unique intimidation factor and an air of mystery.


Zartan is a true chameleon, whose natural abilities in mimicry, acting, prosthetic effects, and disguise have been enhanced by significant genetic modification. He can assume any identity at any time with absolute precision.


The true identity of Zartan is hidden behind dozens of aliases, making it nearly impossible to piece together his history and causing his sense of self to break down and destabilize his already chaotic mind. Zartan is also the head of an outlaw motorcycle club called the Dreadnoks.


Clad in a armor dominated by shades of black and olive green, complemented by a detachable hood and combat boots. Each component, from the gloves to the hood, boasts intricate details, and a snake-skin-like pattern highlights Zartan’s affiliation with Cobra.


This brand-new Zartan action figure stands at 105mm tall and features 19 articulation points. Additionally, the figure includes 4x interchangeable hand parts, 1x pistol, 1x backpack, 1x mask, 1x hood and 1x knife, allowing you to display different poses. Included with the figure is an exclusive base, enabling you to recreate an authentic battlefield atmosphere right in the comfort of your own home!


Zartan History

Released with his swamp skier in 1984, The Chameleon, Zartan was a cool figure for the time and came with a color changing skin!

Zartan Vintage With Swamp Skier Box Front 1984

According to Joepedia, “One of the more eerie operatives in the employ of Cobra, Zartan unnerves both colleagues and opponents alike with his ability to alter his appearance and blend in with the environment. As a master of disguise, he has employed both practical and technological means of deceit, utilizing makeup and holographics. In addition to disguise, he is an expert in ventriloquism, a versatile linguist and escape artist. Zartan is a difficult man to capture and hold as he has shown to be proficient in several martial arts, some of which are believed to be derived from ninja. Cunning and intelligent, Zartan is the complete opposite of the band of biker miscreants he leads, the Dreadnoks who tend to rely on brute force.”

Zartan Vintage With Swamp Skier Box Front Profile 1984
Zartan Vintage With Swamp Skier Box Back 1984

GI Joe Classified Series Retro Card Back

This is the third version of Zartan in the GI Joe Classified Series and they wanted to go with the 80’s Sunbow vibe with the blues, the blacks, and the “weird gray shoes.” The fits and finishes are fantastic, including the silver Dreadnok belt buckle and the armor clips. The face deco is amazing with the beady green eyes and they subtly redefined the face paint to differentiate it from other releases. What is cool about this version of Zartan is that he will be a single carded figure, which we have not seen since the 25th Anniversary 3 3/4″ line so it will be cool to see what the card looks like for this figure.

Zartan GI Joe Classified Series Retro Cardback Front
Zartan GI Joe Classified Series Retro Cardback Front
Zartan GI Joe Classified Series Retro Cardback Figure
Zartan GI Joe Classified Series Retro Cardback Figure
Zartan GI Joe Classified Series Retro Cardback Back

Origins of Zartan’s Illustration

Acording to 3DJoes, “In 1984 Hasbro unveiled artwork of Zartan running alongside his floating mask. This art was shown on the cover of the U.S. catalog and on the back of every carded figure in the cross-sell section. This cross-sell space was reserved for single carded figures, and did not traditionally promote vehicle drivers or pilots. Zartan is the only exception to this rule in the 1980s. Zartan was not released as a single carded figure, and instead was released with his Chameleon. In 1986, Hasbro again released this artwork as part of the 1986 “Action Cards” Trading Cards (by Milton Bradley), and Takara (a Japanese licensee) released Zartan on a blister card and used the U.S. artwork, making this a highly desirable figure. Zartan photo courtesy of Phillip Donnelly.”

Source: 3DJoes

Below is Zartan’s Japanese release which features the artwork for the single carded Zartan, which features the illustration that is being used Soundwave Dreadnok Thunder Machine crossover.


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