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Action Pilot and Action Marine 60th Anniversary Figures Coming To GI Joe Classified Series

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The Action Pilot and Action Marine will be joining the ranks of the 60th Anniversary GI Joe Classified Series!

Thanks to Chaz the Guru by way of JediJayBird on X, looks like we are getting two more 60th Anniversary GI Joe Classified Seires figures in the future. The 60th Anniversary Action Soldier Infantry and Action Soldier Recon Diver GI Joe Classified Series figures were first leaked a day ahead of their official reveal during the December 2023 GI Joe FanStream so it’s great to see more figures coming to the line. The code names for two more deluxe Classified Series 60th Anniversary figures are “60 Reddy DLX” and “60 Ruff DLX” and while we don’t have official images yet, we’ve dug up some history on the 1964 12″ versions for your reading and viewing pleasure!


Action Pilot

The G.I Joe Action Pilot (7800) was first released in 1964.  He remained in production through the end of the military series in 1968.


There were a variety of jumpsuits found in Action Pilot boxes, both gold and orange, with and without side tabs.

Action Marine

The Action Marine was released in 1964, and, according to ActionManHQ, “The basic vintage GI Joe Soldier figure from 1964 was the forerunner to the Action Man figure of the same name and could be accessorised further by accessory cards. Also available from Hasbro were a GI Joe Action Sailor, Action Marine and Action Pilot. The four original figures came ready-dressed in a simple two piece ‘coffin’ box adorned by artwork by American Sam Petrucci of the US design agency Thresher and Petrucci. Inside were one of four themed ‘Training Manuals’ (Army, Air, Navy, Marine), and variations of brochure / posters, instructions of removal of boot, and Collector’s club leaflet. He became an instant sensation 1964 but anti-war sentiment was to tone him down for the Adventure Team figures that were to follow.”

Source: Action Man HQ
Source: Action Man HQ

1970’s Adventure Team

Hasbro also followed up on these in the 1970’s with the GI Joe Adventure Team. Based on Land, Sea and Air, Hasbro had rereleased them as a Walmart exclusive in 2006, and they included flocked hair and beards! This line has so much history and heritage in the GI Joe line, and it is so exciting to them coming back in yet another new iteration. The Toy Sorceress was lucky enough to acquire the Land, Sea and Air Adventures to her personal collection, so enjoy her photos below:

6 figures were released in the Walmart 2006 line, and they are highly sought after collectors on the aftermarket today.


60th Anniversary Action Soldier Infantry and Recon Diver GI Joe Classified Series Figures

The 60th anniversary Action Soldier Infantry and Recon Diver figures came with a boatload of weapons and accesories and they were a cool way to pay homage to the GI Joe figures from yesteryear!

Action Soldier Infantry

The load outs for these figures are insane! At a deluxe price point, he comes with a soft goods poncho and a pocket which is in the poncho to pay homage to the vintage 12″ figure. He has gear that come off and on his vest!


The amazing gi_shark is batting a thousand today by posting another leaked image of a figure what was digitally revealed at Hasbro Pulse Con 2023. He recently leaked an image of the GI Joe Classified Series Big Boa and now it’s the 60th Anniversary Action Soldier Infantry’s turn! The figure comes packed in the newly returned window display box and what a sight to see! The packout for this figure is outstanding and it’s great to see all of the goodies on display. The packaging is colored like a killer bee and we get to see the illustration that is on the front of the box.


Action Solider Infantry Official Images






Recon Diver

The Recon Diver will also be at the deluxe price point. He also comes with a submersible, which is like a mini vehicle!


Thanks to GI_Shark for posting an image of the 60th Anniversary Recon Diver (along with the Action Soldier Infantry)!


Action Sailor Official Images






Only a couple days ago, we saw the Action Soldier 60th Anniversary Infantry in-box leak so we knew the the Recon Diver was bound to show up somewhere! This image is one of many recent fully produced figure leaks, as we’ve seen Airborne (also pictured below), Big Boa, and Metal-Head.


Recon Diver Official Image

In the spirit of the original Gi Joe Figures from the 1960’s, we also have Recon Diver. He comes with googles, rebreather, googles with a clear lens, flippers, backpack and much more.

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