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GI Joe Day 2023 Classified Series Digital Render Figure Reveals

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It’s GI Joe Day 2023 so let’s check out what GI Joe Classified Series digital render reveals Hasbro has in store for us today!

Hasbro is celebrating February 1, 2023 as they know how; by releasing digital render reveals for upcoming GI Joe Classified Series figures all day today! They will most likely be picking from their growing list of GI Joe Classified Series pipeline reveals OR they could be showing us new product as the leaked list of retailer exclusives is growing with unnamed and unknown figure codes, so tune in all day and keep checking back for new digital render reveals. Here is Hasbro’s official press release that they announced via email and social media:

YO JOE! It’s G.I. Joe Day!

“That’s right, all day today we’re celebrating G.I. Joe in all its epic glory. Head over to Hasbro Pulse to shop the entire G.I. Joe collection and be sure to watch our Hasbro Pulse social channels for some action-packed render reveals!”


GI Joe Day Digital Render Reveals

REVEAL #4: Tele-Viper & Trubble Bubble (Flight Pod)

The reveals just keep on coming fast!!! The fourth reveal of the day is the G.I. Joe Classified Series Tele Viper with the Trubble Bubble! This figure /vehicle pack gives us our first retail release figure vehicle pack (not counting the Hasbro Pulse exclusive Serpentor & Air Chariot) that isn’t another RAM Cycle! This new set harkens back to the vintage A Real American Hero Trubble Bubble and Tele-Viper design! This set is definitely getting the deluxe treatment with 2 alternate heads, one with a different skin tone and one with a techno visor, giving you the opportunity to army build this sucker! You also get several accessories with this set, a futuristic looking rifle and backpack. The Trouble bubble looks amazing with a set of seatbelts, missiles and a couple guns attached to the flight pod!

Here is the announcement from Hasbro: #GIJoeDay is in for some trouble…wait, we mean TRUBBLE! That’s right, the final render reveal for today is none other than the G.I. Joe Classified Series Cobra Tele-Viper and #TrubbleBubble vehicle! Available for pre-order later this year!

Continuing with the NAME ONLY REVEALS, Lenny and Emily introduced that the Cobra Flight Pod (aka Trubble Bubble) will be coming to GI Joe Classified Series along with Televiper as a figure pack in! We have not seen what this will look like so we provided some concepts and references to the vintage vehicle to refresh your memory!

Televiper and Cobra Flight Pod GI Joe Classified Series Reveal
Flight Pod GI Joe vintage
Vintage Flight Pod GI Joe
1985 Cobra Flight Pod Complete twins

The Televiper is an amazing figure to have packed in with the Trubble Bubble and below is a concept of what this figure could look like in the GI Joe Classified Series! It will be intersting to see if they reuse some form of breaker’s helmet, like this custom did, and finally make a removable helmet for the Televiper.

Televiper Classified Custom
Tele-VIper Custom by r/gijoe
Televiper Classified Custom 2
Tele-VIper Custom by r/gijoe

Hasbro Pulse (@hasbropulse) • Instagram photos and videos

REVEAL #3: Steel Corps.

The third reveal of the day is the G.I. Joe Classified Series Steel Corps. and now this connects the dots with what Lenny and Emily alluded to a pipeline reveal Troop Builder 2-Pack that could “handle land or sky.” This pack harkens back to the Steel Brigade and what an amazing pack out with weapons, blast effects and jet packs! Hasbro is on a roll today! It also looks like we are getting a female Steel Corps figure too, which is great as we need more lady Joes in the line!

Here is the announcement from Hasbro: “You didn’t think we were done, did you? The #GIJoeDay celebration is still in full swing and bringing some reinforcements in from the sky! The G.I. Joe Classified Series Steel Corps. are the next render reveal we’re bringing you. These Joes are coming in hot with their jetpacks, alternate heads, and an array of weapon and blast effect accessories that are sure to turn up the heat in their battle against #Cobra! Pre-order later this year!”

REVEAL #2: Scrap Iron

We got our second digital render reveal of the day is Scrap Iron! Announced as a pipeline reveal back on June 22, 2022, we finally get to see what Scrap Iron will look like and he comes with an amazing pack out full of blast effects, and a drone missile launcher! He is totally rockin’ his 80’s vintage look! Way to go Hasbro, you nailed it on this one!

Here is Hasbro’s announcement: “We don’t want to blow up anyone’s spot, but that’s exactly what this next #GIJoeDay render reveal is about to do. Check out the G.I. Joe Classified Series #ScrapIron! True to his name, this figure brings perfection, metal, and destruction to a whole new level with his lazer-guided, rocket-loaded, piezo-electric Anti-Armor Drone, complete with blast effects and other character-inspired accessories! Available for pre-order later this year – stay tuned!”

A favorite of Michael’s growing up, Scrap Iron was introduced into the line in 1984 and I think we would consider this a deluxe figure by today’s standards. He appeared with a black helmet and visor, a blue shirt with open collar, blue pants, a dark red vest, a belt, holster, and boots. He has black gloves and kneepads and a red Cobra insignia on right shoulder! Scrap Iron’s pack out makes him unique as he came with a six-piece black missile launcher with 2 supports, a pivot, a box top and bottom, and activation switch with cord. To top it off, two red finned missiles fit snugly in the missile launcher and of course, they had to be red given how outlandish Cobra Commander is! If that wasn’t enough, he also came with a black RAR pistol.

Scrap Iron Vintage GI Joe Figure
Scrap Iron Vintage GI Joe Figure (via 3DJoes)
Scrap Iron Vintage GI Joe Figure on Card
Scrap Iron Vintage GI Joe Figure on Card (via 3DJoes)

Scrap Iron was verbally revealed to be coming to the GI Joe Classified Series in 2023 during the Instagram Live Stream on June 22, 2022 so we are providing some concepts, again, from Stronox! Using the GI Joe Classified Series Cobra Island Firefly as the base for the figure, he created a new head sculpt and used the classic red, blue, and black paint scheme that we all grew up with. Although this version was made with a rocket launcher, we could very well see some of these types of updates done as a deluxe figure for the Classified Series. The technique that Stronox uses really makes the figure pop and weapons look like actual metal.

The only figure so far to be specifically called out as a deluxe figure, Lenny said it was “Scrap Iron and drone” so this could be a modification to his classic rocket launcher! We are drawing inspiration again from Stronox customs as he has already reimagined what a modern version of Scrap Iron could look like. This cersion, albeit in 3 3/4″ scale, gives us a look at what a missile drone could look like. The jury is out whether this is a rolling or flying drone, we can’t wait to see how Hasbro reimagines Scrap Iron for the Classified Series.

Dumas and Pet (Scrap Iron)

As far as we can tell, Scrap Iron has been linked with the code name, ‘Dumas Pet’ and, looking at the screenshot below, the price for this set is $44.99. We know from previous information that the Joe Team at Hasbro disclosed, Scrap Iron will be coming with a drone so it makes sense that this set is at a deluxe price point

GI Joe Classified Series Dumas Pet – DCPI 087-26-9048

Gi Joe Classified Series Dumas and Pet Target

REVEAL #1: Snow Job

The first digital render reveal of the day is Snow Job! Announced as a pipeline reveal on June 15, 2022, we finally get to see what Snow Job looks like and he comes with an amazing packout with a full ski load out, two head sculpts, and some cool 80’s shades!

Here is what Hasbro dropped on their Instragram page: “We’re not one to let #GIJoeDay get cold, but in this case it’s just our first G.I. Joe Classified Series render reveal! Introducing #SnowJob, tricked out in his arctic combat uniform and stocked up with character-inspired accessories to beat Cobra into submission as he skis down the slopes to victory! Available for pre-order later this year, so stay tuned!”

History of Snow Job

He was introduced to the line in 1983 and he has red hair and a red beard, large black goggles, a white hooded snowsuit with gloves, boots, brown backpack straps and belt and black pockets on legs. His weapons and accessories included a white backpack with handle, holes for skis, and clips for ski poles, a black XMLR-3A laser rifle, two white skis, and two black ski poles.

Snow Job Vintage GI Joe Figure
Snow Job Vintage GI Joe Figure (via 3DJoes)
Snow Job Vintage GI Joe Figure on Card
Snow Job Vintage GI Joe Figure on Card (via 3Djoes)

Drawing upon inspiration from the customizing community for concepts to see what these figures could look like, this custom comes from yojoearah, and extremely talented customized who is on Instagram! The original Snow Job figure was pretty much all white and yojoearah did an amazing job with the black washing and adding fine detail to make the paint app more exciting, giving the entire look of the figure a fresh look that has a lot of depth to it. He pays attention to smaller details, like including a reflection coming off of his goggles, some white at the bottom and top of the ski poles, and he even mounted a Walkie Talkie on his left shoulder strap, which we could definitely see the Classified Series doing something similar.

Snow Job GI Joe Classified Series Concept Front
Snow Job GI Joe Classified Series Concept Front
Snow Job GI Joe Classified Series Concept Back
Snow Job GI Joe Classified Series Concept Back

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