GI Joe Classified Series 40th Anniversary Reveals
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GI Joe Classified Series 40th Anniversary Live Stream Reveals

During Hasbro’s GI 40th Anniversary Live Stream, there were some amazing reveals from the Classified Series line so let’s check them out and the lineup includes:

  • Zarana
  • Dusty
  • Crimson Guard
  • Python Patrol Officer
  • Tiger Force Recondo
  • Tiger Force Bazooka
  • Kamakura
  • Dr. Mind Bender

GI Joe Classified Series Reveals

Zarana: Features an 80’s glam rock eyeshadow and high check-bone blush look, red and yellow hair, mullet, studded armor on the jacket, mid-drift jacket, armor on the shoulders

GI Joe Classified Series Zarana

Dusty: Featuring a desert style Tan and Brown camo uniform, camo on face, havolok drape on the helmet. Googles and helmet are removable, sun kissed skin tone on cheeks and nose.

GI Joe Classified Series Dusty

Crimson Guard: Cobra’s elite guard lead by the Crimson Twins features an on label dragon patch sculpted on piece, boot pockets, and is an amazing homage to the iconic vintage figure. The Crimson red harkens back to Tomax and Xamot, plus large silver cobra sigil on chest is a nice bow on a wonderful figure.

GI Joe Classified Series Crimson Guard

Python Patrol Officer: I think they made a mistake calling this one a Viper but the deco will match the vintage figure, but updated with modern classified design. Python grid pattern on chest and arms, black mask and helmet, black pants and grey boots, black wrist guards. Hinted that this will go to Target, with the rest of the Python Patrol sub team. 

GI Joe Classified Series Python Patrol Cobra Officer

Tiger Force Recondo: Features a tan skin tone, sun kissed checks, handle bar mustache, black shirt, tiger force pants, blue Recondo removable hat, compass, backpack, and holster.

GI Joe Classified Series Tiger Force Recondo

Tiger Force Bazooka: Features tiger force pants, red removable helmet, upper sleeve slips over bicep, stepped look, some reused parts, brown belt, brown mustache, distressing on jersey logo with red “14” logo.

GI Joe Classified Series Tiger Force Bazooka

Kamakura: A throwback to the 90’s features green Ninja armor with blue ninja masked head and alt unmasked head with and extra blue hoody, red Arashikage logo on the right arm.

GI Joe Classified Series Kamakura

Dr. Mindbender: Totally ARAH look, with soft goods leather like black cape, purple pants, bare chest, monical is magnified so eye looks larger, has a rim, purple and silver arm bracers, purple bicep straps, black shiny boots, and black gun holster, handlebar mustache, bags under eyes for all his hard work in the lab!

GI Joe Classified Series Dr Mindbender

Be sure to check out our in-depth video review on our YouTube Channel at the link below:

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GI Joe Classified Series 40th Anniversary Reveals

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