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Cheetara Glow In The Dark Super7 ThunderCats Ultimates Preorder

When Cheetara is running at full speed, light itself struggles to keep up with her! This 7” scale, highly-articulated ThunderCats ULTIMATES! Cheetara is cast in glow-in-the-dark material and features intricate sculpt and premium paint detailing to accentuate her ghostly glow, along with interchangeable heads and hands, and a pair of bo staff accessories. When light finally catches up with this made-to-order ULTIMATES! Cheetara figure, it will cast an ethereal glow over your ThunderCats collection!


The packout is similar to the Wave 3 release but with some differences:

  • 2x interchangeable heads
    • 1x Neutral head
    • 1x Fierce head
  • 8x interchangeable hands
    • 2x Open hands
    • 2x Gripping hands
    • 2x Claw hands
    • 2x Closed fist hands
  • 1x Bo Staff
  • 1x Short Bo Staff

It will be amazing to see what this figure actually looks but according to her digital render, all of her accessories glow in the dark too!


Cheetara Wave 3 Release

Based on the digital renders, it looks like Super7 is reusing the Wave 3 buck. The Toy Sorceress did an amazing review of the Cheetara Super7 ThunderCats Ultimates figure so check out the pics!

Cheetara Super7 Ultimates running 7
Cheetara Super7 Ultimates standing 3

History of Cheetara

Cheetara, the fastest of all the ThunderCats is the speedy Cheeta like Warrior female lead of the ThunderCats. Cheetara was one of the first ThunderCats action figures produced by LJN in 1985. This 5 POA action figure included a long bo staff and came package both in a single figure card and with a Wilykit companion figures as well. Cheetara featured a lever on her back that activated her action feature. By pushing down the lever with your forefinger, it would then make both of Cheetara’s arms move up and down in the same direction.

According to ThunderCats Wiki:

Cheetara (a.k.a. Cheetara the Swift) can run at extreme super speeds, but can only maintain these speeds for approximately two miles. She also has an ability called her “Sixth Sense”, which gives her the ability to see into past and future events, although this is also very taxing, such that she sometimes considers it a curse; she also can feel danger to others which she attributes to “woman’s instinct”. Cheetara has a fondness for the “useless” metal gold. Her weapon is the bo staff, which is attached to a cuff on her arm when not in use. It can extend to any length, and shoots out energy beams.

Cheetara | Thundercats Wiki | Fandom
Vintage Cheetara LJN MOC
Cheetara LJN MOC
Vintage Cheetara & Wilykit LJN MOC
Cheetara Savage World
Vintage Cheetara LJN
Cheetara ThunderCats Super7 ReAction Wave 1
Cheetara ThunderCats Super7 ReAction Wave 1
Cheetara (toy variant) ThunderCats Super7 ReAction
Cheetara (toy variant) ThunderCats Super7 ReAction
Cheetara Cartoon 3
Cheetara as seen on the Rankin Bass 1980’s Cartoon
Cheetara Cartoon 1
Cheetara as seen on the Rankin Bass 1980’s Cartoon

Product Description

The ThunderCats Ultimates line from Super7 continues with the deluxe figure of Cheetara, the super speedy ThunderCats warrior. Relive the excitement and adventure of the classic cartoon ThunderCats like never before. Each 7-inch articulated deluxe action figure comes straight from Third Earth to Earth, beautifully painted with a variety of interchangeable parts and accessories.

Cheetara Super7 Ultimates running 4
Cheetara Super7 Ultimates running 2

Cheetara’s paint applications look absolutely gorgeous. From the Cheeta prints on her right shoulder and her hair, to the perfectly executed ThunderCats logo, and the gradient coloring on her chest, Super7 knocked it out of the park with her paint apps! Cheetara’s face is also beautifully executed with clean lines for her feline facial features and her eyes are done beautifully as well. Her varying orange colors on her leotard colors look absolutely stunning as well and are reminiscent of the cartoon version of Cheetara.

Cheetara Super7 Ultimates Front
Cheetara Super7 Ultimates right side
Cheetara Super7 Ultimates left side
Cheetara Super7 Ultimates back

See more amazing pics here by the one and only Toy Sorceress:

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