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Cheetara Super7 ThunderCats Ultimates Review


Wave 3 is and our team of core Thundercats are finally complete with the new Cheetara Super7 ThunderCats Ultimates figure! ThunderCats are on the move, ThunderCats are loose once again!! We are happy to bring you this Cheetara Super7 ThunderCats Ultimates Hands On Review! The complete core team of ThunderCats come ROARING at you with this new Super7 new Cheetara Ultimates figure! Super7 did an fantastic job paying tribute to the both the cartoon version and vintage LJN toy! Cheetara is beautifully executed with stunning details! We got our Cheetara figure from Entertainment Earth and she is currently IN STOCK and available to ship NOW at the following LINK.

Cheetara Super7 Ultimates running 7
Cheetara Super7 Ultimates standing 3

History of Cheetara

Cheetara, the fastest of all the ThunderCats is the speedy Cheeta like Warrior female lead of the ThunderCats. Cheetara was one of the first ThunderCats action figures produced by LJN in 1985. This 5 POA action figure included a long bo staff and came package both in a single figure card and with a Wilykit companion figures as well. Cheetara featured a lever on her back that activated her action feature. By pushing down the lever with your forefinger, it would then make both of Cheetara’s arms move up and down in the same direction.

According to ThunderCats Wiki:

Cheetara (a.k.a. Cheetara the Swift) can run at extreme super speeds, but can only maintain these speeds for approximately two miles. She also has an ability called her “Sixth Sense”, which gives her the ability to see into past and future events, although this is also very taxing, such that she sometimes considers it a curse; she also can feel danger to others which she attributes to “woman’s instinct”. Cheetara has a fondness for the “useless” metal gold. Her weapon is the bo staff, which is attached to a cuff on her arm when not in use. It can extend to any length, and shoots out energy beams.

Cheetara | Thundercats Wiki | Fandom
Vintage Cheetara LJN MOC
Cheetara LJN MOC
Vintage Cheetara & Wilykit LJN MOC
Cheetara Savage World
Vintage Cheetara LJN
Cheetara ThunderCats Super7 ReAction Wave 1
Cheetara ThunderCats Super7 ReAction Wave 1
Cheetara (toy variant) ThunderCats Super7 ReAction
Cheetara (toy variant) ThunderCats Super7 ReAction
Cheetara Cartoon 3
Cheetara as seen on the Rankin Bass 1980’s Cartoon
Cheetara Cartoon 1
Cheetara as seen on the Rankin Bass 1980’s Cartoon

Product Description

The ThunderCats Ultimates line from Super7 continues with the deluxe figure of Cheetara, the super speedy ThunderCats warrior. Relive the excitement and adventure of the classic cartoon ThunderCats like never before. Each 7-inch articulated deluxe action figure comes straight from Third Earth to Earth, beautifully painted with a variety of interchangeable parts and accessories.

Cheetara Super7 Ultimates running 4
Cheetara Super7 Ultimates running 2

Cheetara’s paint applications look absolutely gorgeous. From the Cheeta prints on her right shoulder and her hair, to the perfectly executed ThunderCats logo, and the gradient coloring on her chest, Super7 knocked it out of the park with her paint apps! Cheetara’s face is also beautifully executed with clean lines for her feline facial features and her eyes are done beautifully as well. Her varying orange colors on her leotard colors look absolutely stunning as well and are reminiscent of the cartoon version of Cheetara.

Cheetara Super7 Ultimates Front
Cheetara Super7 Ultimates right side
Cheetara Super7 Ultimates left side
Cheetara Super7 Ultimates back


Box and Pack Out

Super7 Ultimates truly have the “Ultimate” packaging! These ThunderCats Ultimates figures come in amazing packaging which includes a beautiful slipcover that hides a stunning figure within! Let’s take a look at each of the different parts of the packaging, shall we?

Slip Cover

Just like the other Super7 Ultimates figures, Cheetara’s package design includes a slipcover that is beautifully done. The slipcover is jet black with a very reflective red large ThunderCats logo on it! There is a small cut out on the front near the name of the figure that sets the title off. On the back of the slip cover, there is a large beautiful Thundercats lettered logo.

Cheetara Super7 Ultimates Outter Sleeve
Cheetara Super7 Ultimates Outter Sleeve rear

Inner Box

The most exciting part of opening a Super7 Ultimates figures is that moment when you slide the slip cover off to reveal the window display revealing Cheetara and her amazing pack out of weapons and accessories inside! The slipcover hides another ThunderCats logo above the name of the figure and then you can clearly see everything that Bengali comes with! Also behind Cheetara is that classic white burst that was used on vintage LJN ThunderCats cardbacks back in the 80’s. The back of the box features an amazing ThunderCats illustration of Cheetara and a bio that reads:

The brave and noble Cheetarais the fastest of the ThunderCtas and possesses the ability to run with lightning-fast speed. Though she is often the voice of reason, Cheetara is also an agile fighter. Her speed is particularly formidible when combined with offensive attacks from her bo staff. Futheremore Cheetara possesses a “Sixth Sense” a mystical pschic ability which enables her to sense evil and have visions of the past and future.

Cheetara Super7 Ultimates Package front
Cheetara Super7 Ultimates package artwork

Pack Out

Cheetara’s weapons and accessories are neatly organized in layered plastic clamshell packs that keep them free from movement. With the size of pedestal, Super7 had to do a secondary plastic shell that sits behind the figure to house all the extra accessories and the extra sets of hands.

Box Contents

  • Cheetara figure
  • Alternate head
  • Head with glowing eyes
  • Extra hands
  • Short staff
  • Long staff
  • Open communicator
  • Closed communicator
  • Mirror
  • Flute
  • Effect part
Cheetara Super7 Ultimates pack out

Head Sculpt

Cheetara’s head sculpt is straight out of the Ranken Bass 1980’s ThunderCats cartoon series! She looks absolutely beautiful and Super7 nailed it when it comes to the paint applications of her eyes and face! She has that classic bright yellow hair with black cheetah prints on it. Her face is light peach color with orange cat prints around the eyes and her eyes loos spectacular! Top that off with her bright red lips and you have one amazing Cheetara head sculpt. They only thing that would have made this perfect, is if they added a little bit of paint was to her hair to give it some variety.

Cheetara face
Cheetara as seen on the 1980’s cartoon
Cheetara Super7 Ultimates head front
Cheetara Super7 Ultimates head rear

Alternate Running Head Sculpt

This alternate head that comes packed with Cheetara looks just like the main head except her hair looks windswept, which is great to use when posing her in running positions. The sculpt on the hair is very dynamic and really looks great to pose and photograph! She has the same look on her face as well as the standard head.

Cheetara Super7 Ultimates alternate head side
Cheetara Super7 Ultimates alternate head rear
Cheetara Cartoon running
Cheetara Super7 Ultimates running 5

Alternate Glowing Eyes Head Sculpt

The third head sculpt is one that Super7 packed in as a freebie extra as this head was not originally planned to be packed in with Cheetara. It is the glowing eyes head sculpt. Now this head looks just like the main head except her eyes are filled in yellow rather than red. But what you won’t notice by just looking at it, is that the eyes glow in the dark! Yes by charging this head under the light and then going into a dark space, you will see that these eyes glow in the dark and they glow a cool green color! It’s as if Cheetara is being summoned by the Sword of Omens and is heading the call! ThunderCats are on the move! ThunderCats are loose!

Cheetara Super7 Ultimates alternate head glowing eyes
Cheetara Super7 Ultimates alternate head glowing eyes rear
Cheetara Super7 Ultimates alternate heads front
Cheetara Super7 Ultimates alternate heads rear
Cheetara Super7 Ultimates alternate head glowing eyes dark
Cheetara Super7 Ultimates running 3
Cheetara Super7 Ultimates running 8
Cheetara Super7 Ultimates close up
Cheetara Super7 Ultimates standing 1

Chest & Back

Cheetara’s chest is sculpted perfectly, with classic proportions that meld the cartoon look and vintage action figure look perfectly. She is dressed in her classic orange leotard with the red ThunderCats logo on her chest. Also, you will notice a very nice gradient paint application at her neck and upper chest area. Her back is to be as expected with the leotard straps in a cross shape on her back and again, the proportions on the figure look fantastic!

Cheetara Super7 Ultimates chest front
Cheetara Super7 Ultimates back close up

Arms / Waist / Chest


Cheetara’s arms are asymmetrical as they have unique designs on both the left and the right sides. Just like the cartoon version of Cheetara, her right arm is skin toned with cheetah spots on her shoulder. She is wearing a bracelet on her right wrist as well which us made of a separate piece of plastic that can be slipped on and off. Her left arm has an orange sleeve on it, with a burgandy colored wrist bracer. The wrist bracer has an indent in it to hold the small bo staff, which is a very creative feature!

Cheetara Super7 Ultimates right arm
Cheetara Super7 Ultimates left arm


Cheeta’s waist is fairly basic, wearing here reddish orange leotard. Super7 did a great job at getting her waist proportions correct.

Cheetara Super7 Ultimates waist front
Cheetara Super7 Ultimates waist rear


Cheetara’s legs are another element that Super7 got right. She is wearing light orange tights and reddish orange boots with tan colored trim on top. The one complaint I have is that due to Cheetara’s small feet, she is a bit hard to stand up.

Cheetara Super7 Ultimates legs front
Cheetara Super7 Ultimates legs rear
Cheetara Super7 Ultimates right leg
Cheetara Super7 Ultimates left leg

Weapons & Accessories

Cheetara came packed with a ton of accessories! They include:

  • Extra Hands
  • Short Bo Staff
  • Long Bo Staff
  • Open Communicator
  • Closed communicator
  • Mirror of Truth
  • Magical Flute
  • Blast Effect

Let’s take a closer look at each, shall we?

Cheetara Super7 Ultimates accessories

Bo Staff

Cheetara’s Bo Staff is her signature weapon, as she is always seen carrying it both in the cartoon and with the vintage figure. This is a very simple accessory as it is a long staff, gold in color. Her short bo staff stores in the indented area on her left wrist and looks very cool there. It was a blast to pose Cheetara in running poses with her staff! Enjoy below!

Cheetara Super7 Ultimates staffs
Cheetara Super7 Ultimates running 6
Cheetara Super7 Ultimates running 1
Cheetara Super7 Ultimates running 9
Cheetara Super7 Ultimates short staff

Mirror of Truth

Cheetara also includes the Miror of Truth mirror accessory. This treasure of Thundera was featured in the cartoon series episode “Mirror of Truth”

According to Thundercats Wiki | Fandom :

Mirror of Truth is one of the pieces of the Treasure of Thundera. The mirror itself has a gold frame with the ThunderCats insignia on its back. As its name implies, the mirror has the ability to show the truth. The mirror eliminates any kind of disguise or illusion and reveals a person’s true identity.

Mirror of Truth | Thundercats Wiki | Fandom
Cheetara Super7 Ultimates mirror front
Cheetara Super7 Ultimates mirror back

Along with the other pieces of the Treasure of Thundera, the mirror was also lost on New Thundera. In order to locate it, Mumm-Ra devised a clever scheme in which he first turned the adult ThunderCats into ThunderCubs. Then, disguising himself as Lion-O, Mumm-Ra ordered the ThunderCub Cheetara to use her sixth sense to locate the mirror. When the real Lion-O arrives, he tells the ThunderCubs to look into the Mirror of Truth and it shows them their adult forms as well as revealing Mumm-Ra’s true identity.

Mirror of Truth | Thundercats Wiki | Fandom

The mirror looks just like it did in the cartoon. It is green with a blue handle and gold trim accents. There is a large ThunderCats logo on one side and the other has a shinny surface that looks to be a sticker. In any case it acts as a wonderful mirror, as you will see below it really reflected Cheetara’s image very well!

Mirror_of_Truth Thundercats Cheetara
Cheetara Super7 Ultimates w mirror 4
Cheetara Super7 Ultimates w mirror 3
Cheetara Super7 Ultimates w mirror 5
Cheetara Super7 Ultimates w mirror 1

Magical Flute

Cheetara also includes the Magical Flute accessory as well. A special looking flute with 2 prongs, this special treasure of was yet another treasure of Thundera. It was featured in the cartoon series episode “Magical Flute”

According to Thundercats Wiki | Fandom :

The Magical Flute is one of the pieces of the Treasure of Thundera. It looks like a normal flute but branches in the middle into two woodwind tubes. It also bears the ThunderCats insignia on it. The flute itself is made of shiny silver metal. The flute gives its player total control over all animals including Snarfs and Ma-Mutt. The flute was found by Cheetara on New Thundera.

Mirror of Truth Flute | Thundercats Wiki | Fandom
Cheetara Super7 Ultimates w flute

Initially the ThunderCats in the form of ThunderCubs used the flute to play tricks on Snarf and Snarfer, but later on they used it to bring Ma-Mutt under control and stop him from attacking Lion-O. Even Snarf was able to use the flute on Ma-Mutt. Later on, Lion-O used the flute to make Ma-Mutt take him and Snarf back to Third Earth by piloting the Mumm-Raft

Mirror of Truth Flute | Thundercats Wiki | Fandom

Here you can see Cheetara playing the magical flute in her apperance in the cartoon series.



Super7 always comes up with some neat accessories. The ThunderCats often used communicators to talk to each other while exploring Third Earth, and Cheetara comes with both an open communicator and a closed one. They come on a string, so Cheetara can hold them in her hand or wear them around her neck. Another fun accessory to pose her with!

Cheetara Super7 Ultimates communicators
Cheetara Super7 Ultimates w open communicator
Cheetara Super7 Ultimates w closed communicator 2

Blast Effect

This blast or flame effect is probably the one useless accessory Cheetara comes with. It’s a neat idea, but the blast effect is so heavy that if you try to place it on Cheetara’s bo staff, it just bends it downward and falls off. So not much to say here except this accessory is meh. Nice of them to include, but not executed well.

Cheetara Super7 Ultimates flame effect

Alternate Hands

Cheetara includes 3 sets of additional alternate hands. She comes with a pair of horiziontal gripping hands. But like many of the newer Super7 ThunderCats Ultimates figures, she also includes a pair of the new vertically hinged gripping hands, a pair of flat palmed hands and a pair of open grip hands. These make for some nice variation when posing Cheetara in a variety of looks.

Cheetara Super7 Ultimates alternate hands

Vintage Comparison

This new Cheetara Super7 Ultimates is beautifully executed and a wonderful homage to the vintage 1985 LJN action figure. The vintage Cheetara figure had 5 points of articulation and came with a long bo staff. She came packaged both on a single figure card and with a Wilykit companion figures as shown below. Cheetara featured a lever on her back to activate her action feature that would make both of Cheetara’s arms move up and down in the same direction. The color scheme of the vintage Cheetara was a lot brighter than the look she had on the Rankin Bass 1980’s cartoon. Her liatard was a redder color with a much brighter orange tights. The Super7 Ultimates Cheetara reflects the look of the cartoon and of course has 20 points of articulation, and a ton of really cool accessories. Ther will always be a special place in our hearts for the vintage Cheetara, but this new version is truly the Ultimate!

Cheetara and Wilykit Vintage Thundercats Figure
Vintage Cheetara & Wilykit LJN figures
Cheetara Vintage Thundercats Figure
Vintage Cheetara LJN figure
Cheetara Super7 Ultimates standing 2
Super7 ThunderCats Ultimates Cheetara

Toy Photography fun

If any of you follow our Toy Habits Instagram page and The Toy Sorceress Instagram page, you will see the Toy Sorceress loves Toy Photography, so here are some photographs for your enjoyment and inspiration! 

Cheetara Super7 Ultimates w Snarf 2
Cheetara Super7 Ultimates w Snarf 1
Cheetara Super7 Ultimates w Tygra
Cheetara Super7 Ultimates w Liono 1
Cheetara Super7 Ultimates w Jaga
Cheetara Super7 Ultimates w Panthro
Cheetara Super7 Ultimates w Thundercats group 1
Cheetara Super7 Ultimates w Thundercats group 2
Cheetara Super7 Ultimates w Thundercats group 4
Cheetara Super7 Ultimates w Liono 2


Rating: 6.5 out of 7.

Rating: 6.5 out of 7.

Toy Sorceress


This new Cheetara Super7 Ultimates is beautifully executed, great paint applications and a brilliant blended tribute to both the vintage LJN figure and Rankin Bass 1980’s cartoon Cheetara. Her body proportions were very well designed and suit her look perfectly. At times, Cheetara was alittle bit hard to stand and balance, but I think that is due to the nature of her small feet. That being said, this is a solid figure and gets a 6.5 out of 7.0 stars! It’s great to finally have the whole ThunderCat team assembled! If you are a Super7 ThunderCats Ultimates collector, Cheetara is a must have for your collection!

I am totally looking forward to the new Super7 LJN Inspired Thundercats Ultimates Wave 6! Can’t wait!!! Super7 give us more THUNDERCATS! Meow!

Where to buy

Cheetara is CURRENTLY IN STOCK on ENTERTAINMENT EARTH at the following link: Cheetara Super7 Thundercats Ultimates Wave 3

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