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Copper Kid and Unproduced Space Racer Vehicle Silverhawks Super7 Ultimates Announced

The Copper Kid and Space Racer are coming to the Silverhawks Super7 Ultimates line and this is coming from the horses mouth, Brain Flynn!

Special thanks to Toy Hunters Hollow for posting this on his Intagram page! He reports, via Geek-Men Masters of the ThunderNerds from a recent an interview from Brian Flynn that the Copper Kid and his unproduced Space Racer vehicle are coming to Silverhawks Super7 Ultimates line! Brian does confirm that this figure and vehicle will be part of the Wave 5 Silverhawks Ultimates assortment!

Copper Kid

Copper Kid is a character from the animated television series “Silverhawks,” which aired in 1986. The Silverhawks are a group of cyborg law enforcement officers who protect the galaxy from the evil Mon*Star and his gang of villains. Copper Kid is the youngest member of the Silverhawks team and serves as their communication expert. He has the ability to transmit and receive messages over long distances using his antenna-like ears. Copper Kid is depicted as a young boy with copper-colored hair and a mischievous personality. He often provides comic relief in the show and uses his technical skills to assist the other Silverhawks. Despite his young age, Copper Kid is a valued member of the team and contributes to their missions.


His vintage figure was produced in 1986 and cane with his bird May-Day. According to the ThunderCats Wiki, “he comes from the planet of the Mimes and speaks in tones and whistles. He is also the youngest of the SilverHawks. It is noted by Professor Ghemakain that its hard to say his civilian pre-Silverhawk name. He seems to try the patience of Stargazer many times, however he is also noted for being the one to beg Stargazer to stay, for which Stargazer smiled and said he’ll be back.[4] He has a similar type of relationship with the rest of the crew. Kidd and Blueglass seem to share a particularly strong friendship, so much so that Blueglass often teaches him how to drive the Mirage. Quicksilver also is known to defend Copper Kidd’s tardiness at times. His bird partner is Mayday.”


Space Racer

The Space Racer is a Silverhawks vehicle, primarily flown by the Copper Kidd. The design is based upon a Formula One Series race car. The Copper Kidd is a mathematical genius, and is also a tinkerer. He has come up with his own rocket skates among other things. He also has his own ride that he will use for solo missions. In additon to his mental abilities, he also has natural acrobatic abilities as well.


It will be great to see the Space Racer in the line as this is an unproduced vehicle in the Silverhawks line and Brian also revealed that the Wave 5 Silverhawks Ultimates Assortment will be like the ThunderCats Mandora and Electro-Charger wave!


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