Electro-Charger ThunderCats Ultimates Super7 In Hand Review

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Check out our in hand review of the Electro-Charger Super7 ThunderCats Ultimates vehicle with guest appearances featuring Mandora, Lion-O, and Jackelman.

Ripped straight from the ThunderCats cartoon from the 80’s comes Mandora’s Electro-Charger, and it looks stunning! It is a 7″ scale vehicle and made to to fit the ThunderCats Ultimates figures and the footprint for your display is much less than we thought so it won’t take a up a ton of space. It can fit two figures, with Mandora meant to be piloting the vehicle and although we’ve used her as a stand in for this review, she comes as a separate figure sold on her own but they look beautiful together. Before we delve into the review and photos, we wanted to send a special thanks to Entertainment Earth for providing this Electro-Charger ThunderCats Super7 Ultimates Vehicle for our review.


Box and Packout

The Electro-Charger comes packed in a very compact window display box with the beautiful ThunderCats logo on it. The Back of the box features close ups of the features, which include retractable wheels, a working kickstand, fuel tank compartment, and an authentic dashboard.


The box art on the sides features the same image of Mandora behind the handlebars, and is the same art on the other side as well!


The packout for the Electro-Charger is rather simplistic as there are minimal parts to remove, which is nice as you don’t have to put everything together.



The Electro-Charger is Mandora’s vehicle that looks a heck of a lot like a police motorcycle. I wanted to give a huge shoutout to the Toy Sorceress for providing the history of the Electro-Charger so we can see how the vehicle was based on the cartoon. According to the Thundercats Ho Wiki:

It is capable of seating up to three people. Mandora uses it to patrol the galaxy as well as travel to and from planets such as Third Earth and the Grey Penal Planet. The bike is also capable of carrying and transporting convicts to the Prison Planet. The Electro-charger is an extremely versatile and easily maneuverable vehicle. It is capable of interstellar and surface transport, both on land and in the air. The bike can also be controlled by remote control. Once configured with the correct co-ordinates, it can be sent to any part of the galaxy. The bike is also very fast, capable of of covering a lot of distance in a short while. While the vehicle itself does not possess any weapons, it does have a compartment where Mandora stores her Enzyme Catalyzer. The control panel of the bike has an alarm system which gives out a warning signal if Mandora is ever in danger.

Thundercats Ho Wiki
Electro-Charger Thundercats Cartoon
Source: Thundercats Wiki Electro-Charger Thundercats Cartoon

Vehicle Details

The Electro-Charger is a symmetric vehicle, meaning the design and paint apps are exactly the same on each side. The details are pretty spectacular as the bright white bike really makes the other colors stand out. The large swooping wings looks aerodynamic and you can almost imagine this zooming through the sky!


There are no stickers as the details are printed and painted on. From the front, it has a nice clear window (that reflects a lot of light) and from the back you can see where the antennae plugs into to the red port.


The front end of the vehicle has yellow stars on the side and a very cool red engine intake. It would have been amazing if this came with led’s so it could like up but the way it was designed, it catches light and looks like its fired up!


It even has a fuel tank compartment, which you can use to store accessories! The seats are made of a hard plastic but have a cushioned looked to them. The 2nd seat does have a raised silver back on it when Mandora is giving a ride to one her ThunderCat allies.


The exhaust pipe attention to detail is amazing as it looks like there is actual carbon buildup on the tips of the exhaust pipes. You can also see the kickstand in the down position when it is not in motion.


The back of the Electro-Charger is very detailed with a yellow symbol on the back, a yellow light (that does not light up) and the silver antennae with the red port.


The back compartment folds down to revel the rear wheel, which is odd but maybe this facilitates the extension of the rear wheel.


The bottom of the bike has wheel covers that are very easy to remove and the wheel wells are large enough that you can fit two fingers in them and grasp the wheels to pull them out. The motion is smooth and the wheels retract and come out with ease.


Here is the Electro-Charger with the wheels down and they spin without any friction so if you send this down a long hallway, it will make it all the way (and then some!)


Electro-Charger Accessories

The vehicle comes back with the following accessories:

  • Soap sprayer with canister
  • Soap effect
  • Swappable buttons control panel
  • Radio with cord
  • 2 Wheel/Fuselage removable panels
  • Clear flight stand
  • Center compartment for accessory storage

The two control panels have magnets to secure them in place and it’s cool that you get two display options for her dashboard!


The radio is attached to a rather short cord so be careful as it it does not extend to far but Mandora looks pretty cool holding it!


A curious but necessary weapon is the soap dispenser and canister. Mandora refers to soap as an “ancient formula” indicating that Third Earth is our Earth but many centuries in the future. The gun and canister are painted in a nice metallic silver with black accents and a yellow star painted on one side.


In her dialogue exchange with Lion-O, she says the following:

Lion-O: What is in that gun?
Mandora: An ancient formula, now a closely-guarded secret. It used to be called “soap.”


In Pursuit of Jackelman

When Lion-O and Mandora are not talking about soap, they are collaborating to bring Jackelman into custody. This view shows how a second figure can fit in the rear seat and the scale of the bike.


Mandora comes with some cool accessories, including handcuffs as she radios Lion-O that she’s captured Jackelman!


Mandora also looks pretty badass riding the bike with her boomerang in hand!



Mandora appeared in 3 episodes of the Thundercats cartoon from the 80’s! The Toy Sorceress also dug up this info on Mandora! She is the best partner ever! According to the Thundercats Wiki:

Mandora is an Evil Chaser 1st Class with the Interplanetary Control Force. She does everything by the book and is hard as nails. Her weapon arsenal includes a Boomerang, an enzyme-catalyzer (soap gun), and her bike, the Electro-charger. When Lion-O first met Mandora she was a no-nonsense, by-the-book evil chaser. Mandora did not think very highly of Lion-O when they first met, but he eventually proved himself by helping her recapture all the criminals he had accidentally let escape from her craft earlier. Since then Mandora has been a staunch ally of the ThunderCats. She is known to have captured the likes of Plutar, Burnout, and Quick Pick, all of which were very dangerous criminals.

Mandora Thundercats Wiki
Mandora Thundercats Cartoon 2

Where to Buy

You can preorder Manadara and the Electro-Charger from Entertainment Earth or BBTS:

Electro-Charger Thundercats Super7 Ultimates
Mandora Thundercats Super7 Ultimates

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