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Masterverse New Eternia Ram Man In Hand Review

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We have the new Masterverse New Eternia Ram Man here charging at you for a ramming good time for an in hand review! Ram Man was one of the new Deluxe figures I was most looking forward to in the latest Wave! Ram Man was an exciting reveal and a welcome New Eternia version of a Masterverse character! Ram Man, a stout and brave warrior who charges at his enemies with a powerful ramming attack using his metal ramming head, which is attached to a spring that allows him to charge forward with great force. Ram Man has unwavering loyalty and courage, and is willing to put himself in danger to protect his allies and his home of Eternia. Ram Man has made appearances in various Masters of the Universe media, including the original animated series, comics, and toy lines, and now we get the latest version of Masterverse New Eternia Ram Man for this in hand review!


This version of Ram Man blew me away with nods to the concept art, multiple head sculpts and armor! With all of the accessories that Ram Man comes with, you can display him in various different looks. With the additional chest armor and alternate head designs, we get a fresh new take on a very classic character. Overall, the Masterverse Eternia Ram Man is a must-have for fans of the Masters of the Universe franchise. With its superior quality and attention to detail, it is sure to be a standout in any collection.



Look out Clawful, here comes Ram Man!



Ram Man comes packed in the wider Deluxe Masterverse window display box with the Masters of the Universe New Eternia branding on it. The packaging is sleek and collector-friendly, with a window display that showcases the figure very nicely. The box and art for the new Deluxe Ram Man Masterverse New Eternia figure looks freakin’ incredible packed in his box! The deluxe pack out for Ram Man looks spectacular, so check out the incredible Ram Man Masters of the Universe Masterverse New Eternia Box Art Reveal Box! His pack out of deluxe accessories are laid out nicely as well.



Rear Box Art ad Bio

On the rear of the box, we can see an amazing illustration of Ram Man bursting thru some rocks in a cave like setting and other characters behind him. It’s hard to make out who they are. They cross sell includes the rest of the wave with Faker, Buzz off, Grizzlor,and Mer-Man

Art Direction & Graphic Design @manuel_eduardo_caritas
Artwork @eamonodonoghue
Toy Design @lavakaiju
Story @yesreallyrob


Ram Man’s bio reads:

A one-man wrecking crew, the hard-headed warrior known as Ram Man can break down any door, crumble any tower, and even turn a mountain into rubble. For a price, of course,. He is untrusting of anyone, but has a reputation as being a man of his word. The battlecharger and last of the Stoneskulls searches New Eternia for clues to his long lost lineage.


Side Panel Art

On the side panel we can see Ram Man standing there with his signature axe on his shoulder and a red sky in the background. There is also a silhouette of his other two alternate looks with his new heads in the background, which is a cool effect.


The Evolution of Ram Man

The Battle Ram Blog is the go to source for historical Masters of the Universe info and the source of this section so please visiting their website and support them! As we can imagine, the New Eternia version of Ram Man might draw upon inspiration from the early sketches from Mark Taylor. The illustration on the left looks similar to Ram Man that was produced in the vintage line aside from the way the head was rendered. It has very skinny legs and, as you can see in the illustration on the left, the legs and proportions are more true to the Ram Man that released in the Vintage line. A similar head sculpt was also included with the MOTU Origins Ram Man although you can see Rammy’s face through his mask, unlike the concept drawing.

This color illustration is an evolution of the concept art featured above and looks much closer to the Ram Man that was released for the vintage line.

Pack Out

Ram Man comes packed with multiple accessories which include:

  • Axe
  • Shielded Alternate Head
  • Googled Alternate Head
  • Blue Chest Armor
  • Additional Grasping hands

Ram Man Details

Ram Man’s design is a new take on his classic look. His new alternate heads and new chest armor are part of his New Eternia look, and are very nicely done. The figure is beautifully sculpted and painted with intricate details. Ram Man’s articulation is great, allowing for a wide range of dynamic poses. The new design on his legs, with the rubber pants over his joints is a nice addition to this figure design! Ram Man’s size is impressive, standing tall and bulky compared to the other figures in the series. The accessories he comes packed with are well thought out, including his trademark axe and an extra pair of hands. Let’s dive into the details on Ram Man a bit closer, shall we?



Standard Head

The standard version of Ram Man’s head looks very classic in design and style. Ram Man has a very youthful look to his face, and his eyes are nicely painted on. His helmet is a wonderful worn metal color, with a very cool metallic texture and look.


Sheilded Head

On his shielded head sculpt, you can only see his eyes, which looks very menacing, like he means business! The blue paint app on the mouth/nose guard as well as band around his helmet are well done and give his helmet a ton of depth and dimension. The color nicely matches the chest armor as well.

Also, you will notice he has a yellow key sculpted on the back of his head. This is said to be the key to Castle Grayskull. It’s so cool how Mattel hid this little Easter egg on Ram Man’s extra head.


Googled Head

The newest of the 3 alternate head design for Ram Man is his googled head design. He is sporting some new Ray Bans, and he knows he rockin this new look! His shades look really cool on him, and you can still see his nose and smile peeking out from under his helmet. His helmet is a metallic blue color that matches his chest armor, with a nice bright red trim. He also has 4 silver spikes at the top of his helmet that make him look bad ass!


Chest and Back

Ram Man’s chest design is very reminiscent of his vintage character design. With his large silver shoulder armor, and red shirt with the stiches in the middle, he looks like the Ram Man we all know and love. He has wonderful details on his shoulder armor. The shoulder armor is part of his torso mold and is a very cool worn metallic look to it. You can see the large chains molded into the front, along with rivets along the neck line.

The back of his shoulder armor has some additional details with more molded rivets, and even two large springs are molded in the back. These springs are supposed to be for his Ramming action, which of course this figure does not have, but it’s nice that they molded this detail into his shoulder armor.


Blue Metallic Chest Armor

The chest armor is a nice metallic blue that is highly detailed with dents and battle damage, large spikes, and an orange skull in the middle of the chest. It almost looks like it is a manhole cover that was welded on his armor, but it all came together to look amazing! He is donning his alternate head sculpt where he is featuring his open face helmet with dark shades covering his eyes with the orange outlining his face.


You can also see that his chest armor has clips on the back to hold onto his trusty axe! Ram Man looks very cool with his various head sculpts and his chest armor.



Ram Man’s arms are very reminiscent of his classic look. They are big and chucky, with silver wrist bracers, and silver shoulder sleeves. His hands are large and chunky, as he comes packed with fists, but comes with alternate grasping hands.



Ram Man’s waist design is also a great homage to the vintage character. He is wearing a brown leather like belt, with a silver belt buckle. The buckle has the classic skull design on it. Then his shirt comes under his belt and has the fringed design at the bottom and is spayed in 4 places and is a flexible plastic in order to allow for ease of leg articulation. You can get some wonderful poses with Ram Man as we will see below.



Ram Man’s legs are where this New Eternia design really shines! The vintage version of Ram Man did not have even have leg articulation. Well, this New Eternia version has fully leg articulation with bending knees, and ankle articulation as well. But the neat thing about his leg design is his ribbed pant legs. They are a soft green rubbery material which hide his knee joints but allow for wonderful articulation. You can pose Ram Man in all sorts of poses, and its super fun to do!

Mattel even gave us a great nod and tribute to the vintage figure’s action feature by adding a faux button to the back of his right foot, to look like the ramming button of the vintage 1980’s figure!


With Ram Man’s great leg articulation and large feet, you can pose Ram Man in all sorts of poses, and even get him to balance to make him look like he is ramming someone!



Ram Man comes packed with:

  • Axe
  • Shielded Alternate Head
  • Googled Alternate Head
  • Blue Chest Armor
  • Additional Grasping hands

MOTU Classics Comparison

In comparing the MOTU Classic version of Ram Man to the New Eternia version, you can see that the new Eternia version is smaller in stature. Also, the Classics version is very big and chunky and really resembles the vintage figure. Whereas the New Eternia version, is a little slenderer and has a smaller head as well. The New Eternia version has improved articulation with it’s use of pin-less joints and has added points of articulation like double jointed elbows and knees. The face design of the Classic version has very squinty eyes, which I think the New Eternia version does much better. The new leg design of the New Eternia version with his rubberized pants which hide his knee joints are very cool. In the end, with his added chest armor and alternate heads, the New Eternia version gives us so much more display options.


Where to Buy

Ram Man Masters of the Universe Masterverse Deluxe
New Eternia Ram Man
Clawful Masters of the Universe Masterverse Deluxe
New Eternia Clawful

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