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Fang-Or MOTU Origins Mattel Creations In Hand Images

Special thanks to the one and only Pixel Dan for posting in hand images of the upcoming Mattel Creations Fang-Or MOTU Origins exclusive figure! He also did a video review of the “Fearsome Fanged Snake Scientist” on his YouTube channel but he also posted some pics from a photoshoot he did earlier today! Fang-Or’s preorder page went up on Mattel Creations today and the figure will go on sale on August 8, 2023 starting at 9am PT.

Source: Pixel Dan

Fang-Or is looking AMAZING and we can see both sets of Fangs (long and short)! The snake texturing on the figure is outstanding as it truly pays homage to his MOTU Classics design.

Source: Pixel Dan
Source: Pixel Dan

We’ve always thought of Fang-Or as a Snake Men Mechanic but a scientist does suit him better but he still comes with a wrench so he could do some handy work around Lady Slither’s Lair!

Source: Pixel Dan

Additional Details

Fang-Or comes in the collector friendly packaging, like Camo Khan and others before him, where you can easily slide the backer off to access the figure and the mini comic!

Source: Pixel Dan

Fango also comes with interchangeable teeth and Pixel Dan did a demonstration of this in his video and the swapping in and out of the teeth looks pretty simple enough!

Source: Pixel Dan

You simply shimmy the fangs out of his mouth and the other set seats right into his mouth!

Source: Pixel Dan
Source: Pixel Dan

Official Image and Preorder Page

As we reported back in May in our Masterverse Vykron MOTU Origins Fang-or Lady Slither Coming, our friends over at on Facebook confirmed that Masterverse Vykron, MOTU Origins Fan-Or and Lady Slither were officially announced new characters by Mattel! They were said to be Mattel Creations exclusives, coming out in later this year! Well at SDCC, the Mattel team also confirmed that the new “vintage style” Origins figures were going to be Mattel Creations exclusives. According to the Mattel Creations launch calendar, there will be a MOTU drop on August 8th, at 9am. So set your reminders for this MOTU Origins Fang-Or Mattel Creations Exclusive Preorder!

As suspected, Mattel has put up the official preorder page for Fang-Or, which goes live on August 8, 2023 at 9am PT with a limit of 3 per person. Based on the teases in the mini comic and other art, Mattel was pushing this figure as an army builder so the limit of 3 definitely puts a damper on that.


Official Images

Mattel also put up Fang-Or’s official images! This figure is looking amazing and dio images are very well done!


Fang-Or comes on the MOTU Origins single carded figure blister with the an extra illustration of the “Fearsome Fanged Snake Scientist.” On the back of the card features an amazing scene with Fang-Or pouncing on He-Ro with Lady Slither lurking in the background. We can also see Lady Slither’s Lair, another concept that was not produced from the MOTU Classics era.


In these images, we can also see Fang-Or’s short fangs, which is an interesting concept! Rather than making an alternate head, the fangs are swappable!


Some other images include a first look at the Fang-Or mini comic art and a cool scene where Fang-Or is tangling with Snake Armor He-Man.


Pixel Dan also reviewed the figure on his YouTube Channel, which you can also view here:

Fang-Or Preorder Tease

Mattel Creations launch Calendar Aug 8 2023

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