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GI Joe Classified Series Cobra Eel In Hand Images

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The latest wave of GI Joe Classified Series are starting to ship out to collectors and we got our hands on the new Cobra Eel and could not wait to share these in hand images! These are exclusive first hand images brought to you by yours truly, The Toy Sorceress! This new Cobra Eel is so freakin cool, I can’t wait to pit him up against Torpedo in my swimming pool! So let’s literally dive into these GI Joe Classified Series Cobra Eel In Hand Images!

Using a similar body to that of Torpedo, the Cobra Eel too has a skin tight wetsuit with a red chest and silver Cobra insignia. His wetsuit is mostly grey with some black accents. He has a removeable face mask that has air hoses that come out and attach to his air tank he wears as a back pack. He also comes with a harpoon gun and flippers! He also has a knife that is holstered to his left ankle.


Here you can see the windowless packaging he comes in with some incredible artwork on the front.


The Cobra Eel is number 81 for those of you who are keeping track. Wow 81 GI Joe Classified Series figures already? Where did the time go?


You can see his pack out. He includes his face mask with air hoses, an oxygen tank backpack, harpoon gun, flippers and a knife.




His oxygen tank backpack has a very cool eel wrapped around an anchor insignia on the back.



Official Reveal

During week 2 of Yo Joe June, Emily and Lenny revealed Desert Commando Snake Eyes, The Cobra Eels and Tunnel Rat! We covered leaks for Tunnel Rat and Desert Commando Snake Eyes on our Tunnel Rat Desert Commmando Snake Eyes Images Leaked (, so check that out as well. So let’s dive into each figure and check them out!


Cobra Eels

The Cobra Eels were Amazon Exclusives, but they were also available in limited quantities available on Hasbro Pulse.


The needed some villains for Torpedo to battle against! He comes with:

  • Backpack with a jet that you can put blast effects on.
  • Harpoon gun
  • Clear mask you can see his face thru, and connects to the backpack
  • Comes with flippers so he can swim through the water
GI Joe Classified Cobra Eel dio 2
GI Joe Classified Cobra Eel dio 1
GI Joe Classified Cobra Eel dio 4
GI Joe Classified Cobra Eel dio 3

GI Joe Classified Series Cobra Eel 5

GI Joe Classified Series Cobra Eel 7
GI Joe Classified Series Cobra Eel 2

Where to Buy

You can get this latest wave at the following retailers:

GI Joe Classified Series Cobra Eel 4
Cobra Eel
GI Joe Classified Tunnel Rat 2
Tunnel Rat
GI Joe Classified Series Desert Commando Snake Eyes package
Desert Commando Snake Eyes

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